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Dido is a female British Pop Singer.

In 2001 she had her first great success with the title Thank You.Thank You is a  song on Dido's first album No Angel, which was the most sold album in Great Britain in 2001 and which has been sold worldwide more than twelve million till now.
Her second album Life For Rent was published in September 2003.

Also in Germany Dido was very successfull. Her single White Flag was a number 1 hit in Germany in 2003. For the year 2004 she has planned a world tour at which she will sing also in Germany
(e.g. on 7-17-4 in Munich on the Königsplatz).


In Great Britain Dido got the following awards in the years 2002 and 2004:

* Best British Album (BRIT AWARDS 2002)

* Best British Single - White Flag - (BRIT AWARDS 2004)

* Best British Female Solo Artist (BRIT AWARDS 2004)

Dido's lyrics
Dido writes a lot about feelings of women into love relations, euphoria, hope, despair, loneliness, depression, and she always wants to get out of negative feelings, so her music is very positive. She refuses to surrender and to give up her love and so sometimes she shut her mouth although she feels quite different. I think she knows about the problems in human relationships and she tries to find compromises to let the love be alive.

Besite this she analyses situations in life and she gives advices, after my opinion her insights are sometimes really philosophical (life for rent).

To translate the lyrics of Dido correctly it needs a better understanding of English than I have. I can only give some impressions here. Her music is really worth for listening to it and it is something new. I think it is very valuable and the texts motivate me to think about them. They allow different interpretations, which can be expected from good poetry.

The following sentences are a subjective selection of her song texts (only a tiny part of her work).

"Here with me"

 "I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breathe, until you're resting here with me"

A love song :-))

"White Flag"

"I will go down with this ship and I won't put my hands up and surrender, there will no white flag above my door, I am in love and I always be"

She is fighting for her conviction.

"Life for rent"

"I haven't ever really found a place that I call home"

"I apoligise at once again I'm not in love"

Yes. We are running for things that are often so plain and forget love. But love maybe is the only thing it is worth to live for.

"But if my life is for rent and I don't learned to buy well I deserve nothing more than I get
cos nothing I have is truly mine"

I think this is a very interesting question. We got our lifes, but what have we done to earn it? Especially in the context of our material thoughts?
I believe in Dido.

"While I am afraid to fail so I won't even try"
I think this situation is well known.

"This land is mine"

The song tells about a wall where she is localized behind, but it gets a little bit smaller and smaller while she is falling in love with a sweet song.

It is her country, but she would like to let him in, even if he determines the rules, but it must
always be clear that it is her country.

"this land is mine but I'll let you rule..."

"...just as long as we know this land is mine"

I think she relates to her personal domain. It is not allowed to overrun this.

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