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HAIR in Fulda

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The Island Musical Theatre

For HAIR exists a German version "Haare", but today (2008) everybody speaks about HAIR, although some HAIR events are performed in German (like the one in Halberstadt, see the "History information about events" link above).

The German Lyrics are not always one to one translations, but oriented on the English contents.

The lyrics for the "Deutsche Originalaufnahme" (1968) were created by Walter Brandin.

Hair is a musical. The music was created by 
Galt McDermot. Book and lyrics were created by Gerome Ragni & James Rado.

The first events were performed in 1967. 

The musical HAIR describes the feelings of people around 1967 when long hairs were symbols for love, freedom and self-determination, but also against society requests, especially against the conscription for a war.

HAIR gives a view about the Hippie culture.

Many young men let their hair grow, women often had free long flowing hair.

In some school classes teacher couldn't distinguish girls and boys anymore, and many hair stylists closed their business.

The answer coming from society was very restrictive, longhairs were harassed as layabouts (or people who bum around). Many jobs couldn't be done by long haired men, hair cuts were forced with power, childs lost the love of their parents, if they growed their hair long.

Women with long hairs were admired by the hippies (maybe this is just about me, how I remember the days).

The enthusiasm for long hair was not only protest against the establishment, it also expressed feelings for the beauty of long hair:

"give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair" ... "There ain´t no words for the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of my HAIR" - Hair

HAIR admires real long hair, that means not only the best and healthy hair that is possible. Any long hair is beautiful, and the song comprises all the different appearances of hair.

Parts of the male population tried to get beautiful long hair like women. It was the try to get a little bit more feminine beauty aspects in life, not only the male dominated society rules.

The fear that an atomic war could happen was much greater in 1967 than in 2004, and especially the Vietnam War had influenced the life feelings of a whole generation. The refuse to participate in this war is one of the central themes of HAIR.

At the beginning of the 21th century long hair is not a symbol for a revolution against the establishment any more, nevertheless HAIR is still living and it gets popularity and appreciation. In 2003 HAIR was performed in the Deutsches Theater in Munich.

A production from Wolfgang Bocksch.

I refer to the Link "History Information about events"

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