The Musical HAIR in Fulda


Deutsche Version

Fulda 28.12.2009, Orangerie, Hotel Maritim

The Island Musical Theatre

The event was performed in English. It presented some changes against the usual hair performances, which I have not analyzed in detail yet. As support, there was a video screen on which falling bombs and known pictures about the Vietnam War were shown. From my point of view, the actors tried to enthuse the audience and they have incorporated some members of it. I enjoyed the music, the songs and the acting scenes very much and I saw beautiful long hair.

Some of the scenes have touched me very much, for example, as the song "the flesh failure" started in front of the gravestone of Berger.

The song "Hashish" and the movement around was performed very well, after my opinion. I liked the expression of tenderness and eroticism, and I liked the song performance of  "I believe in love", I think it is one of the best HAIR songs.

HAIR worked interactively. 2 Spectators were invited to the stage and they moved on to it. Before the performance started the actors went through the theatre, outside the stage, demonstrating for peace and against war. Very popular peace songs were sung, if I remember correctly "Imagine" by John Lennon was one of them. I do not understand all parts of this HAIR event, but this was not my last visit to the Germany tour.

"Let the Sunshine In" was splitted from "the flesh failure", "easy to be hard" was put into the middle of these 2 parts.

I saw beautiful long hair up to waist length.

Some men changed into complete nudity during the performance of "I believe in love". Only a little female nudity was shown.

Since English was the performance language, I did not understand all of the textual parts. Unfortunately. But this is my own language understanding problem. However, I did not lost very much because I analyzed the HAIR event quite extensively many times before, and since it followed the guidelines (with some exceptions). Therefore,  my focus was the performance of music, songs and scenes, not the spoken words.

Standing ovations at the end with some encores. The event was finished about 22:10. A 20 minute break was done in the middle of it. Before the beginning at 20:00, the actors went through the audience. They tried to show the spirit of anti-war demonstrations. They had shields for peace.

At the beginning I had some problems with this interactions, but finally, I felt myself as part of the whole.

Overall I am very pleased with the evening and I will repeat it for at least 2 times.