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Favoritenliste von allen Liedern

Meine Top Lieder Favoritenliste. Lieder, die ich ganz gerne höre oder gerne gehört habe.
Die Liste ist zeitlos über Jahrzehnte.
Bei einer Bewertung von (10/10) sind sie meine aktuellen Top-Favoriten.

Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me tohave, but I have it (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Say yes to heaven (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Is this happiness (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Cinnamon Girl (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
California (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
How to disappear (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Mariners Appartment Complex (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
The greatest (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Lust for life (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Summertime sadness (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
American (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
13 Beaches (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Gods and Monsters (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Doin time (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Black beauty (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Ride (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Old money (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
White Mustang (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Born to die (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
God Knows I Tried (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Swan Song (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Cruel world (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Ultraviolence (10/10)
Lana Del Rey
Little talks (10/10)
Monsters and Men
Apologize (10/10)
Timbaland ft. One Republic
I like (10/10)
Keri Hilson
Stark (10/10)
Ich und Ich
Até o Fim da Estrada
Jéssica Lyma
No Es Amor
Jéssica Lyma
Bright Eyes
Art Garfunkel
Alan Walker
Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield
Ozzy Osbourne
Himmel auf
The world spins Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks)
Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks)
No freedom
Day before we went to war
End of night
Everything to loose
Read all about it
Emeli Sandé
A Fine Frenzy (Alison Dusol)
Left that body long ago
Amy MacDonald
Life in a beautiful light
Amy MacDonald
In the end
Amy MacDonald
Now is the start
A Fine Frenzy (Alison Dusol)
4th of July
Amy MacDonald
Slow it down
Amy MacDonald
The furthest star
Amy MacDonald
Stay Heather Nova  
Until the race is run Heather Nova
Wedding Bells Lissie   
The good ship Moon
Heather Nova 
Everywhere I go Lissie
Record Collector
Look away
The first the last eternity
The first day of my life
Melanie C
So allein
Anna Blue, Musikvideo
Shut up and sleep with me Sin with Sebastian
Life for rent
The Beacon
A Fine Frenzy
Elements A Fine Frenzy
Lilja's Lament
In Passing
Winter's Carol Tori Amos  
Stood up
A Fine Frenzy
Near to you
A Fine Frenzy
Lost things
ein Fantasievideo, Musik von "A Fine Frenzy"
A Fine Frenzy
Don't tell me that it's over Amy MacDonald
Dancing in the dark
Amy MacDonald
A Fine Frenzy
Snow angel
Tori Amos    
What child, Nowell
Tori Amos 
Star of wonder
Tori Amos
Behind those words Sandra
Vroni Chamanes
White buffalo
Dancing under the moon
Ein anderes Gefühl von Schmerz Rosenstolz
Ready for the times to get better Crystal Gayle 
Starling Tori Amos
Auch im Regen Rosenstolz
Flavor Tori Amos
Ophelia Tori Amos
Abnormally attracted to sin Tori Amos
Say love Sandra
I believe in love
Musical HAIR
Walking in Space Musical HAIR
The flesh failure Musical HAIR
3500 Musical HAIR
Footballer's Wife Amy MacDonald
This is the life Amy MacDonald
The youth of today Amy MacDonald
Janine Juliane Werding
Fast Horse Tori Amos
The spirit of Christmas past Enya
My! My! Time flies! Enya
The day before the day Dido
Always Christmas Heather Nova
Say something Heather Nova
Ride Heather Nova
Beneath a phrygian sky Loreena McKennitt
Frontier Heather Nova
It's only love Heather Nova
Wie im Dezember Juliane Werding
Huron Beltane Fire Dance Loreena McKennitt
The bonny swans Loreena McKennitt
Dickens' Dublin (The Palace) Loreena McKennitt
The two trees Loreena McKennitt
Night ride across the Caucasus Loreena McKennitt
Edge of glory Joan Baez
Manchmal Juliane Werding
Body and soul Tori Amos
Advocatus Diaboli Juliane Werding
Father's Son Tori Amos
Fallen Sarah McLachlan
Troy Sinead O Connor
Three Babies SineadO Connor
This woman's work Kate Bush
Wow Kate Bush