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The following text relates to the contents of the series Vampire Diaries. I saw parts of the series in TV on Tuesday evening randomly and I wanted to know more details about the characters, so I started at the beginning with season 1, episode 1.

I saw the episodes from season 1, episode 1 to season 2, episode 8, ...

Edit 24.03.2017

I saw the series until the end of season 7.

My individual view

The series shows a view of the world from the position of Vampires. And they are different. Some of them kill human beings and other try to survive with blood from animals.

The Vampires must not kill a human being, they can drunk blood, remove memories and let the human being alive. It then looks similar like milking a cow, or shearing a sheep.

There existed a relationship between a Vampire and a woman where it happened in this way.

What they do, it depends from the individual character. There is made a difference between good and bad. I have seen a transformation of a woman into a Vampire, the Vampire killed her first ...

The transformation of a human being into a Vampire requires the dead, before this happens the human being must drink blood from the vampire.

The Vampires live between human beings and there are exist hunters, who want to kill the Vampires.

The Vampires are much stronger than human beings, but they have weak points. And so it can happen, that they can be killed by human beings. Or by other Vampires.

And they can not enter a house if they are not invited to come in.

Usually they are burned by the sun, so they can only be active in the darkness. But there exist a ring that allowed some of them to exist also in the daylight.

The series shows the dark side of the spirit, but it is not absolute. The characters can change their selves. And it has a lot of love relationships. Problems occur, if there is love between Vampires and human beings. The Vampires try to hide themselves and this can lead to lies and loss of confidence, if the human beings can not speak with their friends about their relations.

There are also love relationships between Vampires, and friendship between different characters.

Sympathy for Vampires

I wonder that I have developed sympathy for the Vampires. Not for all .... but some of them are very sympathetic. If they try to live and do not kill others ... and if they try to help ...

I had a problem with the series as a good Vampire was killed by a bad one, because I liked this character.

So I left the series ... for the first time ...

In between times, I wanted to know more details about her further fate, ignoring SPOILERS. The Internet is really informative.

And I jump sometimes between the episodes, because I see parts of the series on Tuesday evening in German TV randomly.

... after a week of abstinence I continued with episode 9. I like the characters with all their tries and errors. Most of them are very young, still going at school. With episode 9 I felt good, no further characters died.

And it goes on ...


Beside the Vampires Witches exist. They even can take over other Witches and they have sometimes forces stronger than the force of a Vampire. But I have also seen a witch killed by a Vampire.


Now I am at Season 2, Episode 8 (finished). I know Rose and Elijah now. And some stuff behind the SPOILERS. Nevertheless I continue the series step by step.

Rose remembers me to Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. A name analogy. There is also a Tyler in Vampire Diaries, and he is a Werewolf. Isn't this something like a bad wolf? Bad Wolf, that's the second character of Rose Tyler. As Bad Wolf she is not a Werewolf, but similar like a supernatural goddess. A mystic being.

I wonder if the Tardis or Bad Wolf can not find a way to Mystic Falls.

Currently I love Vampire Diaries :-). It is the way how the characters try to find solutions, despite all these difficulties. And how bad characters change sometimes to the good.

The characters are sympathetic and beautiful.


The bad appear sometimes very strong, but they have their weak points and the love stories are very sweet.


Now I have seen all of it, until the end of season 7.

There is a lot of mystic in the series. Mostly it is related to vampires, witches, werewolves. Or mixed characters of vampires and witches, of werewolves and vampires. I also have seen beings who could suck in magic, but I have not seen entities like demons, devils or gods. There existed another side for supernatural beings, after they died or after they have been destroyed. A vampire is already dead, hold together by mystic.

And there were transfers between life and dead. There existed also a domain in which beings could find peace. Lexi and Jenna found piece, but Catherine was dragged in something like hell.

And there existed other magic worlds, in which the consciousness of a dead being could be captured.

The characters changed sometimes from good to bad, or from bad to good. There is no single black and white view in the series. Even diabolic characters got sympathy of me over the time.

Sometimes the series allowed me to be happy, but there are also a lot of scenes which made me sad. The friendship between the characters was really strong, but sometimes it collapsed. There were scenes which have driven me to tears, and these were not only the bad or sad ones.

With the end of season 7 I am not really satisfied. It has an open end, but also a lot of problems were solved. And the main characters are still alive. I think this is a concession from the authors to the wishes of the spectators.


If I check my current memories, then the characters I liked most were Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Lexi, Rose, Anna, Joey, Alaric, Matt. With the exception of Alaric, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt they faded away ... Stefan and Damon are ambiguous and Elena? I don't know if she will return again.

And I remember that Damon was weeping as Rose died. For me it was one of the saddest scene in the whole series.

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