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Hypatia, references and interpretations.

She was a popular ancient philosopher and mathematician.
Murdered by Christians, by a so called fanatic mob. But what were they doing?

The christians replaced ancient research by a bible full of miraculous stories, and they tried to hide their wrongdoing by a legend of the holy Katharina.

A religion based of murder and lies?

I believe the human species lost 1000 years of development by these Christians.

But this maybe is a too short thinking. There are other vandals in history.
The film Agora, a review

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Her fate is described in Wikipedia. She was so beautiful, so smart and so wise. A human being as one could ever wish for.

One can see the desperation in her face, fearing to be murdered.
This is an interpretation, how I see it.

She looks directly into the face of her murderers. A mob that wants to tear her down. Her killers are noted as "fanatical Christians" , but who has fanatical them? They are Christians who want to obey the commandment to love. For witches these rules are not valid.

But the picture also shows all of her beauty, spirit and body. It will be remembered as long as this image can ever be considered.
It is presented as she would discuss, for her live. Naked, for robbing her virtue ? Perhaps her killers thought so.
And the picture ? For the viewer? No, the nudity belongs to her , I think. It shows a woman, one in body and mind , frail and fragile , but beautiful as in the representation of nature . The image expresses the brutality of this murder.

It happened in a church, in the face of God.
Reference to the Church:
They have torn her clothes off and then she was killed.

And the sky, witnessing the murder here in the church? I believe the sky is crying.
Jesus Christ if you believe in him as Son of God , will he take her in his arms? None of what is known about him speaks against it. I think he will love her.

When the sky is crying, an idea which I found in a song by Loreena McKennitt : Beneath a Phrygian Sky.

There are different descriptions of her death.
After a historical reference her flesh was scraped with shells.
Other authors argue that it was done with shards of broken bones. Her flesh was teared away from her bones, as it should be done with witches.
References Wiki_1 Wiki_3 PS01
How can so much beauty generate so much hate?

Wikipedia quotes the " Coptic Bishop John of Nikiu ", the words " magic " and " bewitched " have been used ( Article Hypatia , Sept 2010). He expressed it 200 years later. Wiki_3 What is left of her scientific work ? Nothing is mentioned by this bishop. He only wrote there was a witch, which has been eliminated, by orthodox followers of Jesus Christ.

I think these people never got any touch of Jesus Christ, but it shows the vision of a church leader.

I am thinking about Hypatia for a long time now . Along with her things have been destroyed, which I truly believe. That hurts.
I do not refer to the movie Agora. It is this picture , her expression and my emotional relationship with Hypatia , for more than 35 years. Yes, for the first time I heard of her when I studied mathematics and physics , and that's more than 3 decades ago . So I feel a little bit into her. I myself have studied these subjects of interest to learn to understand things. I know of the struggle for knowledge , and sometimes the joy of having made it. And I have also taught . Rather modest, at the university, as help assistent or tutor , and sometimes school students , it was not always easy but has also made fun . It is the joy of culture participate, acquiring knowledge , distributing it,  to talk about how to achieve more spirit, to philosophize .

And all of this was meaningless as the Mob destroyed her naked existence.
It's like gravity. Everything is reduced to mass. The final result is a black hole.

The killer survive, bear the next generation , then the one after that. At some point it may be forgotten. The internal structures that have caused such barbaric practices, do they continue, are they inherited from generation to generation ? Has each new generation to deal again with it? Or does it lose importance if the environmental conditions have changed just enough ?

There are also personal experiences received here . I know from my childhood and youth violence and the helplessness that can arise when physical force is dominant. My own university studies have put one or the other result, but they are stuck somewhere too. Of what constitutes a Hypatia , I am very far away.

Therefore, it takes me down when I think of this murder , what a brilliant , beautiful and intelligent being she has been and it was the naked physical violence that has dominated at the end.