Little long hairy story 01

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She loved her long hair. It gave her a feeling of softness, security, happiness, a feeling she loved so much. It was powerful hair. It framed her body, reached to the ground. She was able to cover her nudity with the hair, and she could roll up herself into the hair, it felt like a second skin.

Now she was standing before this hair dressing salon. Was it the age, the grumbling of the neighbors, colleagues, bosses, relatives, or the general social "Hair Standard", which has taken her to this place? She wanted to be like others, not an exception. She thought, no one really liked her hair, only she does it for herself. She didn't want to be selfish.

It needed a lot of time, the long hair. The detangling, combing. Nothing said about washing, the time for drying. Less time for the hair gives more time for business, or for relatives, friends, this was probably the bill. But, in her loneliness, the hair was her friend, something that only belonged to her. She could find peace with the hair, in this troubled world, for herself.

Now she was sitting in the styling chair, the hair hunging everywhere around her, it touched the ground. A photographer was already there, he did'nt want to miss this makeover, something he could sell for money. A part of this money would go to Aphroditee, but how important was this for her?

She felt that two hands touched her hair, ordered it, moved it to the rear. She looked in the mirror. She couldn't see the mass of her hair anymore. She just felt that something happened with it. She saw a hand with scissors.

This situation moved tears to her eyes. She wept quietly and intensely. The tears streamed down her face, dripping onto the white shroud for the hair on her lap.

The female hairdresser saw her face in the mirror. No, she couldn't do it. It would brake Aphroditees' heart.

Suddenly, Aphroditee felt a touch of hair on her lap, very gently put on there. Now, the result of this visit? Her hair, seperated from the roots? To be taken home in a plastic bag? Many tears are coming, she couldn't see anything. It was burning her eyes. She wiped the tears from the eyes with a handkerchief. Frightened, she looked at the hair, the other loose end searching.

She could't find it.

The female hairdresser put the whole mane on her lap. None of the hair has been cut and she was glad because she liked the long hair.

An intense feeling of happiness flowed through Aphroditee. She felt her hair and stroked it lovely. Then the two women embraced.

So she was leaving the room again, with all of her long hair.

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