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Arianne 01 autotranslated is a 1 to 1 mapping from the German Part into the English Part, done by the Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Why doing this? The autotranslation is much quicker und it shows weak points in my own translation effort, it also gives hints how to translate something. It also shows weak points in autotranslation, but this is not the major point for me. The reader may have different points of interests. The Arianne stories are fairytales in German, I don't know how they look in English.

Lets start with the autotranslation.

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A Fairy picture of Arianne
The picture is not mine. I like it. *****
It meets my fantasy picture of Arianne very good.

01, 02, 03: Akadia,
04: Arianne lost hair,
05: Arianne and infinity,
06, the photon ship
06a: some reflections
for movement with the ship's photon
07: The vessel 02 photons
08: Janine (picture)
09: Janine,
09a: Image of Janine
10: universes, parallelism, natural laws (picture)
11, 12: Julie
(One long hair story Akadia, Janine and Aphrodite),
13, 14: the dark side of existence
15: Akadia-Janine
(Akadia and Sarah, two love Janine's safety),
16. Janine 02 
17: Arianne,
18: death,
19: Vampire,
20: Arianne home
21: Arianne home 02,
22: Jasmin (picture)
23: The Archivist,
24: a small Janine,
25: Etienne
(One long hair story with Arianne)
26: the journey
27: the gray wolf,
28: essence and Alexa,
29: The PSI ball
(Successor 04,06,07,08),
30: Arianne home 02,
31: the fighter,
32: the level and the spaceman,
32 a picture of the spaceship
33: Interlude
(One long hair story)
34: Juliette 
(One long hair story),
35: Juliette and jasmine,
36: Juliette and Jasmine 02,
37: Arianne 02,
38: Muse,
39: Black Dog (picture)
40: Arianne dream
41: The love
42: Love 02,
43: physicality, the nature of death (picture)
44: Julius,
(One long hair story with jasmine),
45: Julius and Jasmine,
46: The dead level
46a: Images and descriptions
of levels
47: The School of Janine,
48: The School of Janine's 02,
49: The School of Janine's 03,
50: The School of Janine's 04,
51: The asylum seeker,
52: The refugee in 2002,
53: The white woman,
54: Singular worlds
55: cat eyes,
56: The Nature of Love (picture)
57: Dreams of Love,
58: Dreams of Love 02
59: Dreams of Love 03
60: Strangeness,
61: Jasmina (picture)
61: The Crystal Princess
62: Fairies
63: Inside (images)
64: being 02,
65: essence and Arianne,
66: The court,
66: picture of the earth,
67: Arianne and Alphatos,
68: New Start,
69: past (picture)
69a: Image: Janine and her one time being in the burning plane
70. The second stage of infinity,
71: Sensity (picture)
71a: Sensity 02 (picture)
72: visit;
72: Heaven's Gate,
73: The Devil (picture)
74: The student
75: The time being,
76: The time being 02,
77: Alexa and the fire system (picture)
78: Student 02,
79: Student 03,
80: Devil 02
81: War
82: Devil 03
83: Devil 04
84: The diabolical network
85 / 85a: Hippie Dreams (Erotica)
86: the final bang (relativistic flight)
87: The Muse 02,
88: XX
89: Hypatia,
90: Transcendence
91: Transcendence 02
92: Transcendence 03
93: The eternal life
94: Weepy (picture)
95: Arianne between the existence (picture)
96: Joshua and Joan (a love story),
97: Weepy 02,
98: The program,
99: Weepy 03 (picture)
100: XY,
101: Jasmine 02 (picture)
102: Alana (a long hair story),
103: Darwinia,
103: Entropy,
104: Persephonia,
105: Losty,
106: Losty 02,
107: Losty 03,
108: Negative Worlds (picture)
109: Rapunzella (picture)
110: Rapunzella 02,
111: Rapunzella 03,
112: Rapunzella 04,
113: Ennaira,
114: Rapunzel
115: hair love
116: Arianne home
117: Rapunzeljanine,
118: Persephonia 02 (picture)

The story begins in a temple. A woman with very long hair will sacrifice their hair. As it is commonplace today. Here I run the thought of what would happen if the goddess Arianne, to be sacrificed for those who would replace himself suddenly appear? Will they sacrifice at all?

Link: Start of stories

Interpretation of Stories

The main characters

Arianne is the essence of existence.

Janine who distribute and life, they shape the cosmos.

Jasmin is the being of light. It creates space, time and matter and the laws of nature.

Alexa is the most advanced being that the existence emerged is made directly. She is the confidante of Arianne.

The love , Sensity and Weepy are independent cosmic beings.
They give the existence of spiritual content and they stabilize.

These are the good guys.

Link : The colors of the cosmic beings

There are other higher cosmic being, infinite being, known as positive forces that have developed through evolution from out of existence.
They are creatures of the Positive worlds.

The devil is a part of Arianne. He does not what is happening in the world, it documents the characteristics of the diabolical nature of existence.

And there are the "evil forces" (dark forces). These include conservative forces that want to make the existence reversed. There are creatures of the negative worlds.

Positive nature of worlds subject of evolution, the nature of the state seeking the worlds negative zero. Zero is the original state of being, existence led to the splitting of the zero in the negative and positive environments.

But not everything is only between "black" (negative) and "white" (positive) decision. The positive powers have negative properties that can be expressed as in lust for power and absoluteness. The dark powers sometimes help to sustain life.

Arianne includes existence. It includes the good and evil, order and chaos, positive and negative entities.
Arianne is a positive as a whole entity. It is the consciousness of existence. She is suffering from the pain which can cause the existence of times. Weepy, love, Sensity and other beings of existence to help her to cope with this pain.

The idea behind it: we are composed of billions of parts which we understand only a very small fraction. Nevertheless, we have a consciousness. The stories imply that life in its entirety, and the existence itself, has a consciousness. A spiritual awareness that ours includes. Since this awareness is developed very far, it can intervene in the affairs of the world and Arianne knows what is going on in each of us.

And infinite parts of Arianne can develop its own consciousness, they include the various cosmic nature of existence, which in this story.

Since we ourselves can experience very different Constitution in, I suppose, that the cosmic beings can have properties very different. Might have regarding the "archetypes" in us a to do so. About archetype can be in CG Jung read a lot.

The main characters are infinite beings who stand behind the things of our world. Not only behind the things of our world. They are very far removed.

There are infinite being, that they exceed any conceivable limit. You make an infinitely extended space in infinite time.

The concept of infinity is the framework of the story. Some of stories refer to the mathematical and physical thoughts, but in part also. It is science fiction, not a scientific treatise. The stories are constantly being revised, it is a dynamic in which I communicate with myself. Suggestions I am happy to :-). What the end result comes out? I do not know.

The "infinite being" and people or characters are introduced in each story, other stories they use then.

The importance of the infinite is the excess of any limit that can be drawn. A cosmic being who can perceive the feelings of many different life forms, has thus been a cross-border horizon. A single man knows only his own thoughts.

The infinite nature of these stories are able to exceed this limit. You know for example what is going on simultaneously in many different beings. And since there are infinite beings, their capacity for it is unlimited.

Besides the existence of death is also the area treated, the beyond, transcendence.
Persephonia Arianne is the essence of transcendence.

The stories are not limited to Arianne existence, they go beyond.

The stories are an experiment that does not have to end successfully. Infinity is something that basically is not tangible and there in the physical reality may not even exist. As already indicated, "infinity" has the meaning that any arbitrarily drawn boundary can be exceeded. Thus, the concept of infinity in mathematics is used or defined. Infinity in physics is usually a means to simplify calculations, or it describes borderline cases, which have not yet been explored.

Link: mathematical considerations

Some thoughts on the characters of this story

Janine's are infinite being, being the first stage of infinity. You can infinitely extended space-time include.

Janine is derived from Johanna. Motivated me and especially the song " Janine "by Juliane Werding. Janine in her boat, with which it an "infinite" distance travels in the sea. Janine is vulnerable as Johanna, because it represents life. You must not share the fate of Johanna, for Arianne watching over them.

Janine's move within the time streams . There, create and make them universes and distribute life.

The time in these streams is itself a living being, a time being . A time system is a part of Janine.

Arianne is everything and everything is a part of it. It is also a part of Janine Arianne. The people are a part of Arianna, a self-conscious expectant part.

" ALL " is the title of a song by Juliane Werding. In this song she is looking for the harmony of creation.

Arianne includes all levels of infinity, all of mathematics. Your thoughts determine reality.

The mathematics which is considered here is contradictory or incomplete , in this sense is not completely Arianne. Thinking on the subject can be found eg in Godel .
(Search on the Internet: Godel incompleteness of mathematics)

To endure the contradiction in terms, you must Arianne is in constant development. This is the essence of life that we feel in us. Arianne is not perfect and it requires no perfection of her creatures. It calls, however, that they try to overcome the contradictions of existence. Not always does this, and this can make them very sad. It sometimes provides the existence as a whole into question. We can help your little one to overcome the contradictions, because she feels with us, we are a part of it.

All we can define scientifically, such as the cosmology of our universe, is a part of the sphere, which makes a Janine. Every form of life in this sphere is part of Janine. This includes higher beings that can exist in a universe.

The higher forms of infinities are no longer accessible to our intuition. The cosmic nature of these infinities to be aware when they reveal themselves. They will appear in human form, because we are human. In a body that is perfect. Thus we see Arianne and Janine as human beings.

Arianne can be very human and sometimes it is very sad, because their creation has a dark side that you do can hurt. Then it may happen that the sky is crying. "The sky is crying," a phrase that I've found song by Loreena McKennitt one in: " Beneath a Phrygian Sky ". The song also provides the key to how we can handle it.

The free will of man, he is responsible for the misery in the world? It is a song by Tori Amos, on which I am referring, " Devils and Gods "(safe and inside).

Death, even of this I have a song. " We will sing "by 2raumwohnung. It is my interpretation.

Hell and hell are concepts of our imagination, so they are also a part of this story.

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