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Arianne 143 En - Erotica 02

Love for the physical body

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She preached love and this not only in words. A woman of unbelievable beauty. How could a mortal being get such an amount of beauty? And she was so sweet and lovely and intelligent ... and she cared so much about her followers.

Nevertheless, she was considered differently. Some regarded her as a whore, others saw in her a saint. A goddess or not, what all the people could see, she was beautiful and she loved her body. She talked about it and she showed all of its beauty. And there was more, she loved the body of all human beings. There were moments of tenderness ... she was a preacher which could be touched, carefully and lovely, and she touched the human beings which followed her in the same way.

You think this is not possible? There is violence between human beings, some want to get all, to reach power over others and there will be men who will try to rape her. Even if she allows them to have sex with her.

But she is not alone. There are always people around her and they protect her. A problem may be be the acceptance by authorities, who create social rules that have to be followed by everyone. Rules which often only fix the status of special characters, or those who mean. they have an option to get power over others.

Not only authorities, there are a lot of people who think that these rules are indispensable. So her art of life will raise conflicts. ... Then the day came when the authorities no longer tolerated her free love.

She should be catched and crucified immediately thereafter. It had to happen very fast, because resistance to her arrest will be expected. These were the requirements of the imperator.

That will show the people significantly what is right and what is wrong, in a much more realistic way then the prayers to any god could show. What was the name of her God? Arianne? No, that's wrong. The name of the god is Mightyfire and he is a man, not a weak woman. Praying to a a Goddess! No, that is a sacrilege. A superstitution. It must be beaten out of the heads and the bodies.

The soldiers picked her out of the crowd, dragged her to a large wooden cross. She struggled, but there were too many strong men. Several soldiers tied her.

4 tied her hands, 4 her feets. 30 men were needed to fight off the excited people. And they were well armed.

She screamed: "Please, do not fight. I am afraid that they will hurt you. I can not live any more if this will happen."

And the people? They followed her words. Standing still. Waiting for a wonder to get her back.

And the soldiers? She was naked now and ... they failed to inflict her injuries, she was just too beautiful. Don't think that beauty has no power.

Naked? She was a Lady Godiva. The wind seemed to play with the hair, just to cover her body. It really looked like magic. They didn't dare to touch the hair.

In view of all of this beauty ... but ... if she was nailed on the cross, she will look different. These were the thoughts of the hangmen, and not only their thoughts. Some people have no sense to perceive beauty.

Why these thoughts? What has she done? She only gave love. Why has this beauty to be breaken down?

Hammer and nails were in the hands of the soldiers. To nail her to the cross. Why do they kill people who love their lifes so much? Why are they so cruel? It is not the devil, who is responsible for that.

A commander was shouting at the soldiers, threatened them with death. "Do your work, and do it quickly".

The military routine, it worked.

One soldier tried to push a nail to her wrist ... and the hammer crashed into the back of his head. Motionless he collapsed. Unbelievable astonishment. Such a thing had not yet experienced. One soldier has killed himself with his own hammer.

No, he was just unconscious. Erotica did not kill other beings. What the people have seen, it was not was really happened there.

Eventually she loved his body like the bodies of all human beings, but because he tried to violate her seriously she had to do something. Or should she sacrifice herself? A possibility, if a goddess is beaten to death, she not really dies. But in this shape she had to suffer like a human being.

No, she refused this fate. She was preaching love to the human beings and she liked these feelings of tenderness and sensibility, and she had the power to refuse. It was her own life. She couldn't help the people being a martyr but she could give them the essence of love.

But she intervened in the run of the world, changing things to the good. Wasn't it a request of Arianne existence that infinite beings, doing so, have to get the pain they have prevented?

Yes, but Erotica does so much for the lost beings. She has no problem to sleep with an outlaw of the streets ... if it is her will and the will of the being, then it happened. Which God would do such a thing? To be considered as a whore, given up any feelings of greatness and sublimity? To go down to the dirty people, to give them something of the higher life? In this life, not in the paradise of the after world?

The confusion did not last long. Another soldier grabbed one of her feets, a third had hammer and nails in his hands. He reached out and ... the hammer slide from his hand and crashed violently on his foot ... Ouuuuuuuchhhhhhh. ...

How they cry if the own self is affected. Yes, he should feel the pain that he wanted to cause her. Stolen from his punishment in the afterlife? He was not seriously injured. Erotica not felt like a devil fairy.

After 360 additonal failed tries all the former active soldiers were without consciousness, leaving the commander alone. He had no address for further requests, so he went away.

Maybe coming back with a new brigade?

I guess then Erotica will lose her patience ...

For the others it was now but obviously, they had a real witch tied to the cross. And she was untouchable.

Untouchable? And all this tenderness around her life?

Not relevant for this situation. ...

The crowd formed a circle around the wooden cross. No one dared to approach it closer than 10 meters. After all, that was very close. At least they were not running away in panic.

The people around her, they wanted her no harm. Just being there, because there was something that made ??them curious.

It was also her beauty that was attractive. To look at her, some ot them got endorphins of happiness. Deep inside they were glad that this beautiful body was not covered with running blood.

She was just extraordinarily beautiful. You could look at her and forget everything else, even to close your mouth. And if she spoke, looked at someone, how could anyone want to kill such a being?

"Why do you want to kill me?"

Silence. Yes, the sound of silence took place.

Then, somebody. "You're a witch and witches are to be crucified, or burned of, or teared into peaces by wild animals, or ... forgot all these additional things, it is written in the 311th high level request of the Emperor."

"How important is such an Emperor? His power exists only because you follow him, just because he is the Emperor. About me he has no power. That's why he wanted to beat me to the cross and to kill me. See, he does it not himself, he uses his slaves."


"But it is still in the commandments of God and to whom are we to believe, if not him?"

"Do you believe in God, or in the interpreters of God? There are always people who tell you what God wants. Does he even exist?"

"Yes, I believe in him."

"Your faith is honest, but believe is not knowledge. Has God allowed you to kill me? What if I do not want that? I want to live and I am afraid to suffer from your torture tools."

"It is written and therefore the will of God."

"I think you do not believe in God, only in a paper that is written about God, or in someone who told you something about that paper. Have you ever seen it? Do you have ever had a touch with God? Has God ever touched your souls? Have you felt him?"

"I believe in God. And I believe in the rules of the holy book."

"That's no answer. But I understand. You would kill me because you believe it must be so. But see, I am still alive. Those who wanted to hurt me, they did not make it. Do you want to continue like this? Don't you see how beautiful I am? Do you want to destroy it, for what?"

They looked at her. Yes, she was beautiful.

One of the women ran up to her, hugged her body and thus the cross. She touched the bare skin gently with her hands, kissed her with his mouth. So much beauty, the tears were running down her face.

She clutched the body and wept.

"Please, please, let her live, she is so beautiful"

The others were confused but also touched. They felt the feeling of tenderness for the beauty.

"Come to me, touch me."

Timid they approached the cross. Touched her very gently with the hands, caressed her hair.

Just as the people were doing who are familiar with her sermons.

Somehow it did not fit the situation that she was still tied on the cross. Someone pulled out a knife. An outcry. "Please, please, please ... do not hurt her!"

No, he cut only the shackles.

Now she could move freely again. Naked as she was, she walked up to the people embraced one after the other.

Not really naked, don't forget the hair. The hair reached down to the floor and it was so thick that she could hide herself inside the hair.

So much tenderness! Even the sun could not resist the magic of this moment. The cloud, which was moving in front of the sun, where has it gone?

But the gentle must also be able to defend itself.

A new group of soldiers was approaching the crowd.

They saw a woman covered by hair who should have been crucified, just walking freely inside a group of people.

No, that was not to tolerate. They drew their swords ... another request of the commanders? To kill her and all the people around her?

Erotica hold up one hand. They did not see the energy that went out of it, but they felt the impact. With no look in their eyes they collapsed. Time for soldiers to sleep.

"You're a Goddess."

The people fell on their knees, praying to her.

Whether that was all she could reach?

"Let it be, this spiritual actions. We touched each other already and caressed us. Think of these beautiful feelings. That's what makes life."

"But you're so powerful."

"Yes, more powerful than your emperor. But why are you always looking for the Mighty, after the greatest? You must believe in yourself. I know it is difficult, but that's why I'm here. It is my attempt to try to change things. You also should know with whom you're dealing, I'm Erotica." ...

Erotica. Even 150,000 years after these events, there were monuments of stone that had been baptized Erotica. They outlasted generations of kings and emperors, from whom we didn't know very much. The Book of Erotica was a landmark for the legislation. Her thoughts and words, they had been handed down. Not quite as written in the original letters, but looking at the statues, you can imagine what has been important for her. ...
Erotica, the cosmic being of physical love

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