Arianne 175 En - Silent running


Silent running

A group of young people, 10 girls and 10 boys. They had found themselves, in a world of  the superlatives, in which everything seemed to be possible. Almost more, than somebody could imagine himself.

But something must be different at them. They were happy. Happiness, without being forced to pay for it.
An absurdity in this world, in which any feeling was determined by money.  Something, that could not considered as a ware ... it was not possible to transform it in a quantity offered for sale.

It was love.

They knew it, without it having been taught to them. A feeling, that was not present during thousands of years. Lost in the centuries of the expanding empire.

They sat together, forming a circle, stroked themselves with the eyes, touched each other and smiled while doing this. There was nothing, that was able to disturb this luck.

Janus: "What we request for ourselves, they will not allow it."

Julia: "Yes, I think so. But it is making us so wonderful independent. We can resist in ourselves and we do need the environment around us. Even we can forget that we need money and that we have to buy something to get it."

Anna: "That we have to sell our hair to get money for it."

Julis: "What a nonsense. We shall get money for our natural hair to buy wigs and extensions, only for fashion."

Anna: "And some of these stupid play games to be part of the playing community."

Juliusa: "And last not least, to give organs for some of these artifical products."

Anna: "At the end we are cyborgs. And then? Shall we end up in the great machine? I do not understand why so many people give up their natural body for doing this."

Welcome to the machine.

The idea was, that this machine will reach a higher level of evolution. And that the machine must be build to survive in the universe. There are too many empires but not enough sky for them.

There was a lot of hair in the room. And all of it was connected with it's natural roots. Something very seldom in this world.
All of them had hair down to the floor. For this, they will get enough money to pay rent, feed, fashion and a lot of these useless things that are considered as very important for a civilized life.

Hario: "That is the problem. We do not distribute to the flow of wares. Our genes are naturally, not adapted to some requests of usefullness, as if they have forgotten us. We want our bodies for us, but for the market place. We are something like a hole that gives nothing back."

Janus: "What will they do with us? They will seperate us, included in closed networks, so we will lose each other from the eyes."

Juno: "No, please not. Our bodies, our souls, embedded in love,  we love us so much. Therefore we live. If they take it away, we will die."

Jimmi: They will brainwash us, manipulate our genes,. At the end we will not recognize, what we have lost."

Enya: "Can't we behave us how they expect it from us? Our itelligence quotient is much greater than the usual one. It is about 1580. The paranormal limit is 1590. Oh! The normal quantity of 130 avoids unhappiness. Therefore we must be very unhappy *grin*. If we don't stand out, they will not perceive us. Our commen meetings, once a month, perhaps only once a year. Not as now, every day."

Heinjo: "Yes, and the intelligence quotient of the central government is 1200. That we have more, that is already a sacrilege *grin*. I think it is simpler not to stand out with more intelligence than with too few intelligence *grin*. We can be glad, that they don't have reached the paranormal limit. Otherwise they would control us by telepathy.

Jx: "And the central unit? It shall have 20000."

Willi: "Yes, but this is artifical intelligence. It doesn't matter. Paranormal is not possible with this."

Julia: "Let us try."

So the years went by. The meetings, for our people it was the greatest of all. They had success with hiding their common love.
Then the great crisis. An intergalactic war seemed to be unavoidable. No place was secure any more. The people were called to arms.

The last meeting, before they went to war?

They took off their clothes quickly and laid down on the mattresses. Not clearly seperated after gender, mixed and in love.
Ecstasy of emotions, all got lost in the feelings. And this over the whole night.

The dawn was coming. Time to sleep? No, they must put their clothes on and go the collection point.

The bell was ringing.

They were shocked. Are they detected now? But what will this change still?

Some officers of the space fleet. General Ababas introduced himself.

"Don't worry. You are very special. We will not seperate you. The space ship X-R-238 has been prepared for you. The best of all spaceships that our civilization ever has built. It's databases contain all the knowledge of our culture. We hope that you will be already thousands of lightyears away, this evening."

What happened there? They had been observed all the time, but they had friends, mighty friends. These friends helped them to hide their outstanding life.

"We wish you good luck, trying to survive, inside the infinity.  Maybe you will find a place, where it is possible to live and to make a new start. You are the most valuable beings that we have, that our species has produced in all these years of try and error. Therefore we stand for you. The rest of the world ... we think it will go down very quickly. The great war, noone will survive. All the planets will burst and die. But to give it a sense, the evolution of our universe, we try to help you to give it a trace, that not all of the effort was senseless.

The spaceship will start at 4 pm. After leaving the solar system it will accelerate to a high relativistic velocity. No transfer to the hyper space. You will fly in silence, giving no signals to the outer space. Silent running, to escape to a time that can be measured in billions of years. Even the devil will have problems to detect you in this running. We hope it is far away enough to escape the desctruction of our universe.

Julia: "And you?"

"We will die in notime. Don't worry about this. You are what we wanted to be."

Link: Relativistic flight

They were moving through space and time. For the outer world, the space ship was reduced to a small string. And the matter inside? No problem, cosmic strings have relativistic matter inside. And it is very dangerous to approach them.

They lived in their proper time and did't get older.
  The last success of their doctors?

From the inside of the space ship, they perceived the distruction. Burning galaxies. As more as they went to the future, the destruction increased.
After 140 years of relativistic flight the infalling light disappeared. There was only darkness around, no orientation possible.

Leaving the universe? Or now inside the big empty? They knew, it reached more than a billion lightyears away.

The databases, they contained so much knowledge. There was no time to get bored. And the factories of the spaceship, they produced else and everything. The space ship increased to a sphere with a diameter of about 50 kilometers. It was compressed at the starting point to a sphere of 100 meters.

And all the love between the girls and boys. What about children? Inside the range of 140 years?

Yes, the space ship had already 6 new generations. And a population about 200 people. But all of them are lost, in an infinity of darkness.
Sometimes they had to cry ...

Then it happened. An encounter of the third kind.

She called herself Bluewhite.
And she was not alone.