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Arianne 184 En - Sweety 03

Sweety and Lovely.

Sweety in a human frame, lying in a bed in a hospital. The nurse Lovely is looking at her.

Sweety and Lovely


Sweety felt sick, very sick. A paranormal shock wave had killed her almost.

To be dead, what does this mean for an infinite being?
The eternal dead? But there is no monotony in infinity. There must be something more than only eternal silence.


It echoed through space and time.

Sweety is almost dead.

The shock wave was infinite strong. Too big as to be perceived by finite beings.

Was it her illness? The shock seemed to be positive. Only the endless suffering inside her self, it does not fit together.

What happened there?

The world changed. Something big has arisen, but she felt also something has been lost. She did not feel the being of existence any more.

Did she have no place in the new world?

Sweety in a human frame,  lying in a bed in a hospital. As her end may come, she wanted to spend her last time together with beings she loved so much.
Lovely,  a nurse, was sitting at the edge of the bed.

"Sweety, you look so ill. The black spots on your skin, they have become larger. Some are almost as big as a dime."

"Yes, Lovely, I know. I feel so weak. The doctors can not help me. The black spots, they are dead parts inside me."

L: "But Sweety, you can not be dead and alive at the same time?"

Sweety had to smile. "Are we not all that a little bit?"

L: "The doctors, what did that say?"

S: "They do not understand it. The dead inside me, it may have to capture my whole life, but the life is stronger. Until now. I have become so weak ... I have decoupled me already from my time streams. They will exist also without me."

L: "Time streams? What are you talking about?"

S: "Oh, you do not understand. I am sorry. Please, let it be."

L: "Your beautiful long hair, you have lost a lot of it. I fear it all will go. But what is the hair regarding your life? I want you to live, I want it so much."

S: "The hair ... it goes first ... I decouple myself from the hair ..."

L: "The hair, you loved it so much. It is terrible to see it go. Sweety, how long can we hope to have you still here?"

S: "Maybe two days. Then I am bald and ... No, let us not speak about the death. I will not let you see me dieing. I will disappear inside the next 8 hours. Let me simple go."

Lovely looked at Sweety with big sad eyes, and then she had to cry. Rivers of tears were floating out of her eyes and running on Sweety's bed.

The sadness of tears.
Isn't there any powerful being reacting on tears?

A new doctor? Yes! A woman in white. Strange. Sweety believed to remember her. But there was a kind of nebula around her consciousness. She couldn't think clear.
The woman in white approached her bed, putting a hand on her breast.

"Sleep, little big Sweety, please sleep. No, we do not let you die."

The 8 hours passed ... and Sweety was still there.

L. "Sweety, the black spots on your skin, they have become smaller!"

S: "Yes, Lovely, I had an encounter of the third kind."

L: "What ever it may have been. I am so happy to see you alive :-)))"

Sweety looked smiling at Lovely, rose from her bed, hugged her.

"Ah, little Lovely. If I could only be a good doctor for you."

L: "You think about my lost leg? Yes, it hurts a lot. My soul is crying. But I'm so happy that I have you back again."

Sweety seemed to be very thoughtful at once. Yes, but who she was? If the foreign doctor did not help her, she probably would already be dead.

S: "Lovely, if I turn back the time, then I eliminate the time after your accident. If I help you directly, I do not know if you can afford it."

L: "Sweety, you talk so strange."

S: "Lovely, I have the power to help you. But if you have a touch with something that is not understandable for you, which you can not work in your environment, it could kill you. And removing your memories, no, that would kill parts of your personality, I can not do it. What shall I do?" *sign*.

L: "Sweety, you are suddenly so strange and so helpless. I fear for you. Is there something wrong with your brain?"

S: "This reaction of you I feared. Please, forget my talk. It is the fantasy inside me. I imagined to be a Goddess which could help you."

L. "Ah, it's only a game of thoughts. Sweety, you have such beautiful fantasies, I love you :-))."

S: "Yes, I know. Please, let me embrace you."

Sometimes it can be very difficult to have the power to be able to change something, and then not do it, because the consequences could reverse all negative.
Maybe, if I am found as a gin in a bottle by accident ...

Yes, our Sweety. She let not heal her completely. The suffering, the experience, her existence, she did do not want to give it up.

The pain? She will not give it up?

It is a part of her self.  And Sweety is an infinite being. It is not possible to capture her with a finite scale. The pain is a part of the existence, and a part of her existence ... who of the higher beings can ever experience, what pain means for finite beings, if all of this will kept out?

The finite beings, isn't it possible for her to help them?

It is very different. Sometimes she intervenes, sometimes not. Who knows the consequences for the river of times? She is infinite, she must see it. But if something is won, other things will get lost. It is difficult to decide. Can a life be more important than another life? And isn't it possible that the bad can change to be good? Who will prove this if not the time?

Lovely is a being who she really likes. But just lovely she can not help ...


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