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Arianne En 184a - Sweety 03a

Vampires in the interior of Sweety.

The stories use elements of the description of Vampires how it is done in the stories of Buffy and Vampire Diaries.


A lonely young woman walked in dark streets. The street lamps were off,  and the moon was hidden behind a cloud. She seemed to have no fear, although dark shadows moved between the walls.

And suddenly he stood direct in front of her.

"Where do you want to go so quickly, beautiful young woman?"

"You perceive my beauty, here in the darkness?"

"So clear as I can see it."

"Well, I am beautiful. But ... where I want to go. Why do you want to know it? Is it only a question, in order that I recognize you, or do you want to accompany me?

"You have questions, here inside the darkness. Do you have no fear?"

"Why? Should I?"

"Yes, you should."

"No, I have no fear."

"And if a killer faces you, a ripper, a ..."


"A Vampire?"

"I know that you are a Vampire."


"Then you must know, what will happen now."

"Not all what could be must happen."

"I am hungry. I thirst for your blood. I want to dig my teeth into your bare neck."

And he opened his mouth. But ... it was dark, the canines could not be seen."

"And if I am a Vampire Slayer?"


"You do not look like a Vampire Slayer."

"How do you think she has to look? I am sure you never met a Vampire Slayer in your proper time."

"She? Must it be a she? And why should it not be?"

"You know what her profession is. But ... your question is correct. Love is always in the air and it may happen ..."

Suddenly he got problems with his self. How was it possible that she has talked him into such a conversation. There were feelings ... he was speechless.

"I want to bite you, but I can not do it."

"You felt in love with me. And beloved beings will not be killed. This is also valid for Vampires."

"Love ... yes I remember .... but it so long ago. I must not kill you. If I am very carefully, I only get some blood from you and if I remove your memories, you may think about an accident or to be bitten by an animal."

"I do not allow you to get blood from me. And do not try to use any magic skills on me. I can reflect them back."

"Okay, I give in. You touch something inside me that makes me thoughtful and I do not fade out any of these thoughts. I must think about you. Are you a witch applying a love magic, that protects you from being killed by Vampires?

"A witch ... that could explain a lot. But it is not so that you can understand it. I am not a part of dark magic. I am ... something different."

"Now I am curious. Because you have influenced my feelings ... I do not want to risk ..."

"For a Vampire you are wise enough to come through such an event. You have made it a date. Know, that does not always happen that way. For this world I am a Goddess, but only a tiny part of a girl that is real. She is the essence of all.  I will give you a little bit light, in order to learn you something."

A loud voice could be heard, with a spiritual touch inside. Like a Goddess may speak.

"There be light."

And it was light around both. Where does it come from? Oh, it was sent out by the hair, the hair was shining bright in all the colours of the spectrum. And the light moved away, along hair strings, that reached far away down the street. They seemed to reach until the horizon of perception."

From one to the other moment the whole environment was bright as the day. Also dark frames could be seen ... they tried to hide themselves in the edges of houses ... Vampires, Werewolves, Demons?

The light, it made them stunned. But it did not destroy them, like the sun does it with unprotected Vampires.

"You hair, it shines ... and they are so very long, it is supernatural hair. They reach down the whole street and that are miles and miles ... how ... long is your hair?"

"Do not ask for things for which no end can be found. Enjoy the light. It is cold and warm and it does not harm you, like the sunlight will do it."

And the for the first time a Vampire had a bath in light.

"The light. It is so beautiful. It is more than only illuminating the dark ... I feel it's spiritual site ..."

"The hair, they live. They radiate the life energy outward. It is pure vital energy. You are not only dead, you are an undead with a spark of life inside. So you former life will not get lost completely."

"But ... I am not dead?"

"You are and you are not. That is a consequence of your existence inside a being that carries life and dead simultaneously. The girl's name is Sweety. And I am her living soul, my name is Fragile."

"And the shadows, where do they come from?"

"The frontiers between life and dead are unsharp, like an uncertainty relation in quantum mechanics. So you have undead and living creatures in the same domain. And the reflection of the dead, there is no life inside the shadows. Avoid being touched by them, they can nip out your life. I will help the living beings against these creatures of the dead. Therefore I am here. I will protect the life."

"And who protects the Vampires?"

"I too"

"Then you protect the hunted and the hunters at the same time?"

"Yes I do. The frontier is not static. It can expand the domain of death and it can reduce it. I want to give this movement a direction to life. And I need your help. Vampires can fight against the dead, because they have it also inside.  You are not at the end of your evolution, just in the beginning. Your force will grow until the end of time."

"The end of time? You told me something about infinity."

"You are finite beings, and they always have a begin and an end. But their actions inside these frontiers are important for the evolution afterwards. And I want to heal Sweety inside these wounded areas."

"But why should I take care about what will happen after my dead?"

"The death has several facets. It must not be the end of your consciousness. So it is possible that you can think about your living time inside a very different domain. Believe me, what you feel there can be complete different from the limited facilities that you own here. It even can push you back inside a new existence, it open questions remain."

"Mmmh. I want to act on reality not on undefined spiritual possibilities. I do not believe in the afterworld."

"With me you had already a touch with the infinity. This is much more than only living longer as a usual life. Think about that, it started to be a part of your life. You can refuse it and fall back in your habits. But remember, the Goddess asked YOU for help."

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