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Vampires in the interior of Sweety, part 2

Vampires 2

Caroline and Elena, a love couple, living in a beautiful house, together with a dog named Tyler. No, no, Tyler is not a werewolf or a hybrid. It's only a name, a name for a dog.

There are analogies.

Yes, in this area, parallel individuals exist, different incarnations of the same names. Think about Rose, she got lost in a parallel Universe.


A companion of Doctor Who, somewhere in the world of fantasies. And there exist a dog named Rose ...

"And a story called Vampire Diaries."

So it is.


Where are we now?

A domain inside Sweety. Between life and dead.


Caroline: "Where is Tyler now? He must be outside the house. I will look after him."

Elena: "Please be careful. It is dark ... and ..."

C: "You fear that ..."

E: "Yes, this area is not closed in it's physical state. Mystics lies in the air. And if a Vampire is longing for blood ... I ... will not miss you, I love you so much."

C: "I love you too ... but ... I think Vampires are only a legend. I never have seen someone."

E: "Sometimes, I feel a touch with mystics, inside me. No, I am not crazy."

C: "I do not invite a Vampire to come in. Please calm down. The dog will protect me."

Caroline opened the door. No Vampire could be seen ... and no dog. "Tyler, who are you?"

No reaction. Caroline went some steps outside the door and ... suddenly she was not alone. A foreigner stood just in front of her.

"Please, I need a telephone. I had an accident and I need a doctor for help."

She saw blood in his face and on his hands.

"Please, wait a moment. I will bring the telephone out to you."

"You will not let me come in?"

"I ... I am careful. I don't know who you are."

"It's not so important, if you know it or not. It's just the right time for you."

He opened his mouth and he grabbed her arm. Canines could be seen ... in his mouth ...

Panic came up inside Caroline. But then she heard a bark ... and a dog attacked the stranger.

He was a big dog. Much stronger than a human being could be and he grabbed his teeth into the skin of the foreigner.

The foreigner lost his balance and the dog attacked him very strong. They fought with each other, a fight for life and dead. Then a stroke with his hand ... and the dog flew away. It must be more than 10 meters. How strong this creature must be ... But the dog came back ...


Suddenly mystics was in the air. And a whispering, a voice. The words took over the power.

"This is not the end. They are a few minutes too late. So I have to control the situation."


The dog stopped the attack and laid down. Did he understand the voice? And the Vampire? He seemed to be frozen in time.

"I freeze the time, with the exception of you and your lover and the dog. Otherwise the missing savior must perform a time paradox, but this is not an easy thing."

Caroline: "Voice, please ... who are you. Are you a ghost?"

"Not a ghost. Wait a moment ..."

And suddenly a beautiful woman with super long hair stood in front of her. No clothes could be seen, only hair. If she was naked under the hair?

"The hair ... it covers me and you. They are time strings. My name is Fragile. I am the spiritual content of the life inside these streams."


"Fragile? There is a legend, a very old legend ..."

"I am very old, compared with your proper time.

In the latest years many things changed.

"The dead part of Sweety tried to overrun her self, but there was help, coming from cosmic entities. I believe that the Love entity was involved. But she is too big and too far away from me for understanding her.

Now I am here to protect the life inside Sweety, I intervene directly in the cosmic flow of time. You were in danger. This vampire out there is one of the creatures who kills human beings, because he thinks, his nature gives him the right to do it.

But what does it mean, the right?

He feels not responsible to anyone. This is not correct. Sweety feels with the living beings he kills. Vampires with this behaviour have no priorities. If they kill human beings Sweety is hurt, she gets pain. "

Caroline: "Sweety feels pain, if it comes to me?"

"Yes, she does.

But believe me, this is not the only event that gives her pain.

Living beings with a consciousness can be as cruel as any Vampire. Especially human beings. Any devil could learn by them.

Think about the big wars, whole populations have been killed by individuals. It makes the killers very low, although they do not perceive it.

But human beings are protected by the Love Entity. She believes in them and accompanies their evolution. And not all of them are bad.

Many of the Vampires decided to help Sweety as she asked for help. So they got a right to exist.

These Vampires are hold together by mystics, because the frontier between life and dead is unsharp in this domain, and because Sweety radiates paranormal energy. There are witches who think they made the laws, but they are embedded in a greater spiritual area. These areas are not closed. Sweety is not reachable in a final sense, but she exists. Although it seems to be impossible.

I give you an an analogy. Consider the set of all sets, and than ask for the power set of this set, which must be a larger set. But this contradicts the original definition. The set of all sets must contain it's power set, because the power set is a set.

And so is Sweety. She comprise all living beings and she is a living being."

"Please, I want to know more about Sweety."

"Sweety is the being of existence, an existence which gives you a life. And I am the living soul of Sweety."

"I have to think about that. You told me, that someone is too late?"

"The life saving express. A space-time-machine that helps people who are in danger to be killed. Especially love couples like you are. No, it is not Rose and Doctor Who. The pilots are Romeo, Lisa, Laura, Herold, Josa and Mary."

"So many pilots for one space-ship?"

"It is not moved mechanically. They interact with the soul of the spaceship, which is a living being."

"Like the Tardis ...?"

"Time and Relative Dimension in Space. That's doctor Who. Our space-time ship is similar like a hypersphere which is blown up in a one-dimensional-time.
Than you have a 5 dimensional space-time-machine.

It is an image of a model, which describes a Universe in the large. And this image has a spot light in your space-time, to make the dimensions more manageable. Think about a focus of a lens.  But if you want, you can consider the space-time-ship as an own Universe.

A space-time-ship built up in a parallel Universe. No, no, not the one in which Rose lives. There exist so many ...

It has a touch with a parallel existence of Twin Peaks."

"Twin Peaks? I heard one of the passengers is named Laura ..."

"Laura has experience with the other side and here we need people like her. She is a twin of the Laura inside Twin Peaks, a parallel peak in the Multiverse. The term Twin Peaks has a lot of different meanings.
Ah, I hear them coming."


Something that seemed to be composed by two saucers materialized in the garden. With a flashlight on the top. From the bottom to the top it must reach 1 Meter, and from the left to the right ... 4 meters.

"It does not look like a sphere. And it is not very big. Are there 6 persons inside? Little beings?"

"The frame is a 6-dimensional hypersphere. Four dimensions in space and two dimension in time. What you see here is only an illusion. It you approach the space-time-ship than you became smaller and smaller, and for you it seems to grow. If an foreigner approaches the ship than this process continues to infinity. The ship can not be reached. Think about the story about Achilles and the turtle."

"I don't know this story."

"There was a race between Achilles and a turtle. Imagine the turtle started 10 meters before Achilles. If he passed the 10 meters, than the turtle moved already 0.01 meters away. If he passed this 0.01 meters, the turtle moved 0.00001 meters away ... if he passed this 0.00001 meters, the turtle moved 0.00000001 meters away, so Achilles can never reach the turtle."

"Something must be wrong with this reasoning..."

"Maybe, but this space-time-ship just realizes the story. It is surrounded by a shield excluding the time components."

"And ... it has two dimensions in time?"

"To pass the frontiers between parallel Universes."


Now the space-time-ship sent it's passengers out into the garden.

"Hello, I am Laura and here you can see ..."


Fragile: "I am fragile, the girl beside me is Caroline. Caroline, please can we go inside your house?"

Caroline: "Yes, please come in. I hope you are no Vampires ..."


Fragile: "You are some minutes too late."

Laura: "I am sorry, but there was a hyper storm raised by dead entities, first we had to control them."

Fragile: "Okay, now you are here. I will reactivate the time flow. And this Vampire outside .... He was not invited, so he can not come in."

Laura: "I think he will see that he has to disappear very quickly, otherwise ..."

Herold: "He is gone."

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