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On the other site of the White Lodge

Warning: this site contains Twin Peaks References - Spoiler -

All 4 common in a new dream again. Joined together :-). Two love couples or only one? That is the question.
The darkness disappeared and a city was seen. Twin Peaks.

Wasn't there a story about ... ?

Romeo: "Evidently we are inside the story of Twin Peaks."

Lisa. "But this was a tale, a fairy tale ... an image of fantasy."

Romeo: "Why shouldn't it be impossible to get real? Maybe the story is a reflection of real events."

Lisa: "Real? Twin peaks has characters that do not exist in the real world."

Romeo: "How many worlds exist? Our world must not be the only one. Think about our dreams and about Arianne."

Lisa: "Mmmmmh. Part of a fairy tale. Why not. Shall we save characters inside a fairytale?"

Romeo: "Even the tales only exist if there is a thought of Arianne to think them. And any thoughts of Arianne may get real, somewhere ..."

Lisa: "And catastrophic stories? A paradox? Inconsistent stories?"

Romeo: "I don't know. Maybe a thought must prove it's existence."

Lisa: "That's rather speculative. If we become a part of the story a new release is born."

Lisa realizes that she didn't know the names of the 2 other people.
"We don't know your names. Please can you tell us your name?"

"My name is Laura."

Romeo: "Laura??? Here in Twin Peaks????!"

Laura: "I recognize it now. Where you have found me, it was a re-materializing, inside a living body.  But inside? I am the living body. A new start? I have memories to the time before..."

Lisa: "Before? A re-incarnation of life?"

Laura: "Not really. My memories are related to the White Lodge. It was so beautiful. Have I been thrown out? I am not the Eve in paradise. There was no tree with forbidden apples of wisdom. All the wisdom of  the Universe, the White Lodge shared it with us. There were no rules that I could violate, all was in harmony. I don't know, why."

Lisa: "Maybe Arianne knows more."

Then Lisa spoke to the remaining unknown person:
"But now ... please can you give us your name?"

"I am Josa, the friend of Laura ... I met her in the White Lodge."

Romeo: "The Lodge allows new born relationships? Interesting. Than it can not be static or only a dream, it may have it's own evolution. But why are we now in Twin Peaks?"

Laura: "Bob. This problem was never solved. I fear him. If he will find us here ... ? Maybe he sucks in our souls."

Romeo: "I understand. We are only simple mortal beings. And if Arianne is not with us ..."

Laura: "You spoke already about her. She must be a real great goddess."

Lisa: "Arianne is our world, our story. She is the being of the existence and we all became a part of her. The stories melt together.
If this event is real now, I don't know."

Josa: "Arianne is a writer who makes new stories by melting different stories?"

Lisa: "That is possible, but she is the being of existence. If she makes stories, they are reality for the beings inside. More I can not say."

Romeo: "The existence of Arianne. What do we know about it?"

Josa: "Now we are here. We have an identity and a memory. But where are we now? The environment looks like ... we are inside a forest. And this long hair, where do they come from?"

Laura: "I never had long hair like this. I wonder if I am my own self still."

Lisa: "Our world, it is hair related. Consider the hair as symbols, to approximate things that are not imaginable. If you don't want them, they will disappear. It only shows, that you are inside our world now."

Laura: "Mmmh. I am thinking about it. If I wish them away ... it is interesting to see, how long I am not bored by the hair, and if they are irritating me."

Romeo: "This hair reacts sometimes paranormal. It can detangle itself and it goes out of the way, before it can irritate you."

Laura: "Let's see. It is beautiful, but hair in this length? I never had an intention to let it grow so long. Can I ask it to make a bun?"

Lisa: "Yes, you can speak to it."

And now Laura has a  bun.

Laura: "Mmmh. This should be the real world? Already this hair exceeds natural laws."

Romeo: "It is an imprint of Arianne. I guess it would have protected you, if we had found no way to get you with us."

Suddenly a light appeared and electricity was floating around. Like a wave of current was coming. But our four friends were left out, no spark touched them. Then a frame was seen, getting clear ...

Romeo: "A woman! A woman with very long hair."

A telepathic message appeared in their minds.

<< Hello little beings >>

Laura. "Arianne?"

<< Laura. What they have done to you, I am so sorry. Human beings and spiritual characters in a bad unification. That's not my intention. I want it to be separated. Life, transcendence and fantasy should not be melt. You are a fantasy item, but you got an existence, a consciousness and a soul. All what they were thinking about you, it got real. For you, it was your own reality. And now to your question, yes I am Arianne. >>

Laura: "But, if I am a fantasy item, how can I live then?"

<< Millions of people know your tale, it accompanied their lifes, again and again. Over decades. And it is a reflection of reality. Therefore it got objectivity in the existence and objective things realize themselves. In your story spirituality is an important item. Because millions of people have perceived your story under different views, you got real. >>


Josa: "Arianne, can you stand against Bob?"

<< Don't be afraid. Everything that exists is a part of me. I am the being of the existence. >>

Laura: "And Bob, if he is a spiritual black hole ... which sucks in the life. If he does not belong to the existence?"

<< He is something like this. An entity that feeds on the feelings of living ones, mostly pain and fear. But he has also another side, there he lives from fun and joy. He does not comprise everything, love is not reachable for him. For me he is only a thought, a thought that I think but I must not do it. >>

Laura: "But, if you have so much power, why are you thinking these thoughts? They raise so much pain and desperation."

<< Laura, I do not believe in power, I am powerful for protecting the whole existence against it's destruction. Bob is raised by the spiritual behaviour of many people. A reflection, it is not the source, it is a consequence. I can remove him completely only if I remove the source of it's existence, or I must change my own rules and this could lead to a paradox, in which a free will for limited beings like you is impossible. This could happen because I share all outcomings of the existence, and too much desperation, that is not carried by other characters, could kill me. >>

Lisa: "That sounds worrying."

<< Don't be afraid. I do nothing, that I will not do and I want to preserve you. >>

Laura: "Arianne, you are too mighty for us. I begin to dissolve myself, if I only think about it."

<< Laura, no, please not, I stabilize you. I want you to be alive, with a body that can be loved by your soul. >>

Romeo: "If the Gods speak to us ... now I know, why it is so difficult, to hear something from them."

<< It they are visible to the human beings, they try to incorporate them in their hopes and wishes. That's the human nature. Some people want to reach more, to dominate the Gods and rule the world. It is the art of evolution and the incompleteness in their minds. Therefore the Gods don't speak with the human beings. But you, you have already exceeded the limits of life ... I like you ...  and I still have something for you. >>

"Maddy, lovely Maddy!!!! "

Laura and Maddy embraced each other and both were crying with full hug. Litte earth quakes happended in their souls.

"Harold ... !!!!"

Laura: "Do you have forgiven Donna, Arianne?"

<< Donna, she still has her own life. Therfore she is not here. I will lead her to you, if the time is come. >>

<< I have given your lifes back to you. The White Lodge, she must doing without you souls now. >>

Laura: "But ... she was so final. I remember, all my wishes ... the whole longing of my soul ... all was fulfilled there."

<< The White Lodge, for you it is all you are longing for. And she is an eternity. But this eternity, it is only feeded by the incomings. These are souls of the Universe. The Universe is finite, it was born and it will die. The White Lodge is seaching for an infinity, that will get monotone at one point, repetetion of all what has already been.  An eternity, that preserves the beauty, but it will be frozen, static. The evolution inside will stop at one point. An infinite monotony will be the consequence at the end.

Spiritual fluctuations prevent this. These are fluctuations, that can raise infinite beings like me. An infinite monotony is therefore impossible. So the White Lodge will dissolve at some point, before it can be frozen by monotony. Also it seems to reach eternities, it is only finite. And your souls, they go back to me then. >>

Herold: "But you? Doesn't this happen with you also?"

<< I am infinite and not closed in my infinities. I know that I am incomplete and I know, that the goal of being perfect and closed can never be reached. The price, that I have to pay for my infinite life. It affects my self, my soul, she suffers with all the bad things that happen in the existence and I suck them in. Only for doing this the dead souls can find their peace. Therefore it also depends from you, if I can live or if I have to die. >>

Noone said anything. All were concerned with the thoughts of their own. Arianne, she suffers with all the bad, what happens ... and if we do not help her, in the existence, than she can lose her life?

Lisa: "Lovely Arianne, we do not want to lose you. We love you so much." All the other agreed.

Arianne smiled.

<< Thanks, lovely people >>

<< Laura, Maddy, Josa and Herold. I offer you a place in my home. There you can be lucky as in the White Lodge. You will miss nothing. And if you want it, you can help me by helping the beings in the existence. Laura, wouldn't you like to be a lovely angel? From my home you have access to the whole existence and to all of it's events. For being able to do this work, I will invide you in the school of the Janines. Alexa will tell you, what it means to be a Janine. It's your decision. If you want to go back to your paradise, it is only a thought of me.

And ... Romeo and Lisa. Don't be afraid to be a love couple. There is no biological reason against it. You both were adopted by your parents at very young years. >>

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