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Inside Twin Peaks

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Arianne: << Oh >>

Herold: "Arianne?"

Arianne: "An infinite being ... you will see her in a moment"

All found themselves suddenly at a well know-place. The environment around the Black Lodge.
The same place, where Dale Cooper disappeared and was found later by Sheriff Truman.

A woman with colorfull superlong hair was seen.  All of the hair was in movement. It broke the light, sent it out, like a floating diamond. She seemed to be virtual and real, at the same moment, interchanging between dream and truth. An infinite beauty with a touch of eternity ... and ... they felt the spirituality of this being ... pure love ... and ... an infinite sadness behind the light.

Lisa: "She is moving very purposefully. But ... there is nothing to be seen, only trees."

Arianne: << What is the key for entering the Lodge? >>

Laura: " Fear and pain ..."

Arianne: "And?"

Laura: "You spoke about the lodge, not about the Black Lodge ..."

Arianne smiled. << You pay attention very exactly to the words choiced. >>

Laura: "You mean ..."

Maddy: "What are you talking about? I do not understand your talk."

Laura: "The gate to the White Lodge can be reached by ..."

Maddy: "Love!"

Lisa: "This being is looking for an entry to the White Lodge?"

Arianne: "Are you seeing the red curtains? And now, she is inside. I will show it to you."

Maddy: "But ... this is the red room."

Arianne: << The waiting room. See what happens. >>

The << Man from another place >> was seen. He looked in the direction of the being and then he stood there ... with wide open eyes ... motionlessly.

Bob appeared. He wanted to say something, then he saw the being. He seemed to be frozen. Stared at her.

Arianne: << What they see there, is is not, what it seemed to be. Your souls, they see her in her real form. Being alive, you would see there something very different. >>

Laura: "SHE? She has the power, to enter the lodge, the domain, which belongs to Bob? And all the ghost are frozen, if they see her?

Arianne: << They see something, what they want very much. Hidden wishes, that lay open suddenly. Their inner self, their own souls. See what will happen, if living beings see her. >>

Suddenly Dale Cooper was in the room. He saw the being and he cried ... "Annie!" He run to her and embraced her. She let him do, then she pushed him softly away.

<< I am not Annie. Your soul knows me, I must not introduce myself. Annie is waiting for you. The way is free for leaving the lodge, for both of you. >>

With a finger she showed toward the red curtain.

Dale Cooper: "You are ... our ... love?"

Laura: "Is she a being, protecting love? Something, that we missed so much?"

Arianne: "She is the love."

Maddy: "The being of love, the love entity?"

Arianne: "Yes, she is. She is protecting the love between living human beings. In this tale too much much people died already. The ghosts in the Black Lodge have exeeded their paranormal limit. Now she is taking back, which does not belong to them."

Herold: "The love, is she a being more powerful than you?"

Arianne: << She is not a part of me. But she is very important for the existence. Without her everything could burn to ashes, like it happend in the former dead plane. There is only one requirement of her, SHE wants to be seen. And I say to you, I see her. She and I, we are the first incarnation of the lovers of eternity. >>

Laury: "And we? What happens with us?"

Arianne: "Your destiny has been fulfilled already. All of the pain has been taken away from you, by the White Lodge. But now, I want to take you away with me, to an eternal life that will never be frozen. Are you ready for that?"

Maddy: "Eternal life? Isn't this to big for us?"

Arianne: << I don't know. You have been born as mortal beings and you died, but your souls, they are able to understand the infinity without getting lost. It is you decision, if you want it. If you get tired, then you can get inside me and noone will ever disturb your resting. >>