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Witchy saved victims before being burned and a guardian of the laws of nature intervened.
Arianne helped to find a compromise.


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A witch? Yes, she is a witch, but that's not all. Her hair shines like fire and like the blood, that was shed. The blood of witches from torture. Nothing of these crimes has been forgotten. And none of these events will be forgotten as long as she exist.

And she is an infinite being.

At which level?



She comprises everything that has been done to witches. The torture, the burning, the suffering, the pain of death. Everyone who gets to see her, he sees the mirror of these misdeeds in his mind. She conveys reality, how it was.

HIS mind?

Not only. There is no proof that women are the better half of human beings.

You speak about the past? And currently? No crimes happen against witches anymore?

They are. Would she otherwise exist? She is! And the burning of witches, it happens everywhere, count in billions of events. Don't thing that burning is always related to open fire. The burning of souls. It is often not seen, hidden behind the written and unwritten laws of so called civilizations. Crime on the spirit rising.

That it is. Witchy is the protector of the spirit rising.

Sometimes, sometime it is too much for her. Then she intervenes in the run of the word.

On the village square, 13 wooden pegs were driven into the ground. The delinquents were tied, lost souls that should be burned. Around them a huge pyre. The fire, it should engulf them all.

Behind the soldiers and henchmen there were onlookers, 300 in numbers, who had gathered temselves there. Not only men, women also. And dignitaries. The mayor, the preacher, the senior teacher and the philosopher. But no children and adolescents. Were they banned? No, they hated it to see what will happen with these lovely human beings.

Their crimes?

Joy of life, for each other, joy for love. No joy remaining for the alpha monsters. They refused to surrender to old ugly men which claim to rule over their lifes. From those guys they are considered as revolutionary and they will burn them as witches.

Not only women were affected. There were 4 young men under the victims. And 4 women with their love relationships.

And the 13th?

The thirteenth.


An intellectual who disagreed, where it was not allowed to contradict.

They were beautiful people, existent for the enjoyment of life, for love. That was their undoing. The crowd wanted to see them burning, and they take delight in it.

Taking delight?

Yes, feeling pleasure when flourishing life is destroyed. Some of them feared nothing more than their reflection in the mirror, once they are woken in the morning. There are also those below, that have been rejected by the victims. The crimes: if you do not want me, then no other will ever get you.

And there are these witch-believers. A dead pig, a broken pot and what else they are thinking about. For all of this the witches are responsible. Even for the dispute with the neighbors. The devil is got into him. And this was raised by the witches.

And someone has seen a poodle running around.

The fear of the demonic. Everyone who felt the joy of life, he or she must be driven by the devil.
Sometimes it was just the idea that their own transgressions were taken away by the punishment of others. For if nothing happened to one's self, the others must be guilty.

And that they were celebrating very often .

After the beauty of life has been eliminated, what, then, remained?

The guardians of virtue! They take care that nothing like that will ever happen again.

The major executioner held a torch into the fire. Cheers of the crowd appeared. Finally, finally it was time. Joyful anticipation filled the candidates of the devil.

Wasn't there someone in the background, almost invisible?
No, it must be an optical illusion.

An optical illusion, in the Arianne fairy tales?

The flames, they found their way. They roared already 2 feet in the air ... but, what was that?
The fire seemed to take shape. Burning clothes? Burning hair? A human being who was ablaze?

A creature of fire was forming, in the shape of a human being. The fire seemed to be alive. And it stopped expanding. Blood ran from countless wounds, surrounded by roaring fire.

A demon. A fire demon. With open mouths the crowd looked on the spectacle.

Noone has ever seen a real demon. He stood directly in front of them. It was so unreal. A fire demon. Whether he will devour the guilty ...

A face formed, then eyes, anose, a mouth ... and everyone heard the message.

What have these people done to you? You want to see them burn and why? Because it's fun for you. You like it, when others have to scream in pain and die. It is fair that you feel it on your own body.

Fear found a way in the consciousness of the onlookers. All the pain, if it came to themselves?
Some got guilty feelings. What were they doing here? Why do they act so vile? That must be the devil inside. Go, go, go away, .... but he did not move.

Some of them got panics. They ran towards the fire to burn their selfs and ... boing. They ran against an invisible wall.

Why wanted they to run into the fire?

To escape the punishment by the devil?

No one left the place. They just stood there and waited ... for what?
The fire being began to take shape after it had swallowed the fire. That was extinguished. Not even smoke was present there.

I'm not a judge. Justice, you have to see it by yourself and learn to understand it. These beautiful people, I prevent it that you kill them. They are valuable human beings. Because you do not recognize it, I will protect them.

This demon. He seemed to be responsive. Whether one could talk to him?

"Are you a demon?"

No, I'm not. I am Witchy.

"Witchy? A witch goddess?"

Something like that. I protect witches if they are in danger to be destroyed as defenseless victims.

"But witches, they are out of the devil, they bring evil upon the world."

A superstition, which is wrong. I disagree with this view.

"You contradict the scriptures, who preached the truth for thousands of years?"

I see something more than you can do. If you do not believe in my words ... what shall I show to you. Miracles?
Everyone his own bag of gold? No, I do not abuse my abilities doing this. I will leave you ... and I will take these 13 wonderful people with me. You even do not know what you have lost.

Parallel worlds. A paradise for the lost souls. Witchy gave them a new home. And they were not alone. There were billions of lifes that had been saved from a cruel fate by Witchy.

A universe with its own evolution. The Witchy-Stream.

Something changed inside Witchy. Things seemed to reverse themselves. What happened there?
Manipulations at the time. Changes are going to be undone, which she had caused.

No! Witchy kept her memories together.

A crack appeart. The world started to change, whether she remembered what has been done or not.

Ouch! Don't tear me apart.

Did there someone threw her out of the space-time?
Witchy focused on the cause of these changes.
Aha. An infinite being.

To be more accurate. A guardian of the laws of nature!

That is was. He made the changes back.. This meant the 13 young people should burn.

Witchy threw a large amount of paramoraml energy to the guardian and forced the wave-being to materialize.
Ups. Both faced each other now. In a finite shape.

Witchy is able to force an infinite being of the 6th Level to materialize?
Well, her own level is undefined.


Guardian: Who are you? You're disturbing my circles.

Witchy: You do not know who I am? A being that it is so much bigger and more powerful than me?

Guardian: You are 4-dimensional, and you are missing some dimensions, in order to play a role in the circles of infinite beings.

Witchy: Oh, and for what do I need the missing dimensions?

Guardian: In order to leave a river of time. You can not even switch to a parallel time stream.

Witchy: And you?

Guardian: I watch a continuum. Including all the rivers of times and parallel worlds inside

Witchy: You, let my parallel world in peace! This is no fun. I do not want my witches must burn ... and you, you kidnap them from my paradise and you destroy my memories. For a fate that they have not earned.

Guardian: I take care that the laws of nature are respected and no higher cosmic is allowed to cause changes in the run of the world. The world shall develop ifself after the laws o nature, not after the laws of some individuals.

Witchy: No, that's too cruel. Why do I exist? If I can not help? Am I just an observer of misery?

Guardian: You have paranormal energy inside you, an infinite amount of it. And you did not develop yourself from the time stream, how is this possible?

Witchy: Yeah, you know, I am. I repeat, I am I am I am.

Guardian: Yes, I agree with you. But, you violate the laws of Arianne, I can not tolerate this.

Witchy: Do you want to kill me? And are you sure you have the power to do so? Shall we always play the same game? I do not accept your intervention, in my world.

Guardian: Your World? Who gave it to you?;

Witchy: The misery in it, it is infinite and it does not change. No potential will it prevent forever. A world with such an option? It will go down. Even diabolic characters already appeared and they subsisted on the agony of the living creatures. Maybe the world itself has created me, as their consciousness of pain, so that I can help it to prevent that.

Guardian: An assumption, a very vague guess. And if you're an aberration that should not even exist?

Witchy: Development failed? Me? I feel all the misery of my world, my poor witches have to burn because their environment forces it. I ask you where the development failed?

Guardian: These things will pass with time. The spirit rising ...

Witchy: That's me! You do not understand that? I am infinite, that means, the pain is infinite and I exist to change the things, therefore I exist! And I exist only, because this river of time is something very special, it should not destroy itself. Your laws of nature, they force him to do it. You're so big and so powerful, why don't you see it?

Guardian: I can not act against my destiny, I have to keep the laws of nature.

Witchy: Not at any price. You are a being with a spirit which can see the things differently. Why is your task not done by a machine? If you are so inflexible, I have doubts on the justification of your existence. The laws of nature exist without you and paradoxes, I have never caused a paradox. The beings who are suffering here, they do not deserve it. They do not exist only to be teared into pieces.

Does this lead to a fight? Will the guardian destroy her?

Guardian: Anything you want to change, it happens but, in one of the parallel worlds.

Witchy: No, it does not. I am unique, I do not exist several times. And the beings of my time stream are unique, they have a consciousness, a soul, they live. What happens in the parallel worlds, there are other beings with different initial conditions.

Guardian: You are mistaken. A being is the totality of what it experiences in all parallel time streams. Only considering all of this allows an assassment.

Witchy: &Assessments, judge. I want to live and my witches want it too. They are not made of asbestos. I will not let you destroy them, if you do so, then you must destroy me also. Ha, a witch goddess that burns! Is this the thing that you want to achieve with your ultimate laws of nature?

Guardian: You are strong. If you're not a negative development, it would be a pity for you. Whether I want to burn you? If I have to do it?

Witchy: An officer, a technocrat. At this stage of development. Arianne, why have you forsaken us!




Yes, I am.

Guardian, she is lovely and adorable and she is beautiful from the inside and in the outer shape, you can see her beauty and her sadness. I like her. She helps me in the throes of the existence.

Guardian: But ... Arianne, what I am if I do not have compliance with the laws of nature as the highest priority?

You are a being, a spirit, you have an ego. You can feel and sympathize for others.
Decide inside this framework. And let the voices of contradiction not be unheard. I respect you and your work. But none of what I have created and what is, none of this is absolute. Think of the fate of the dead plane. They tried this and they failed. Guardian, you too are a member of my existence, please help her. Please help her in this difficult way to the light.

Guardian: Arianne, you're the light.

I am far away, very far away. The fact that you can perceive me here, it is my will, just as the laws of nature and all of the existence. When the light speaks to you, it was only not to lose the way to the light.

Witchy: And I, Arianne, what am I?

You are what you want to be and it is a good thing. Go your own way. I will seal your river of time, to avoid influence of cosmic powers coming from outside. If it should be too small for you sometimes, call for me. I like you and I love you.

Guardian: Our Arianne. She has resolved the conflict and it is a good thing. I leave your river of time and I leave it to you. Please help the little creatures in their problems and ... take care not only about your witches. There are so many others who need your help. The spirit rising has so many difficulties to overcome. Please, be the protector of the spirit rinsing.

Witchy: Thank you guardian. I will do my best. I've never had contact with Arianne, she is inconceivable beautiful. And this beauty inside me, I'll pass it on.


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