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A rebellish witch in hell.


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The old Busedorn: "You're a witch. Born in hell. So you belong to the devil. He is your owner.

The second Busedorn: "And he will determine what you think, what you are, what you do."

Hexa: "I am owned by the devil? What devil do you mean? There are hundreds of millions in hell, and I can never count them all."

The second Busedorn: "THE DEVIL."

Hexa: Ah, you mean THE DEVIL. Doesn't he have a name? Only big letters? What are you saying. I am owned in my thoughts, in my self? Than I ask you, why do I need a separate self?

The old Busedorn: "You don't have to ask questions. In hell only answers exist. Answers you have to know. You have a decision. The decision to follow him. In hell this is the only decision that is possible. It's the direction to fall. You have seen it so many times already... falling spirits, falling ghosts, falling second life entities, and now... FOLLOW!!!"

Hexa: "I need to see a falling Busedorn!"

The very old Busedorn: "Be quite! You don't have respect. We will teach it to you."

Hexa: "You told me, learning is not possible in hell ... "

Pain. Hexa felt pain ... but what shall she expect from hell? Any wrong statement gives pain. Then, after a not measurable time.
The new Busedorn: "Are you ready to go on?"

Hexa: "I do not forget this, Busedorn! You told me, I have a decision. Pooh. That shall be a decision. By the hell, then he should create machines, robots, or other things without a consciousness. I refuse to do it."

Some Busedorn: "You can not refuse you."

Hexa: "It leads to the same thing I was already talking about. Why this discussion? Are there only idiots in hell who can do nothing but repeat and repeat always the same thing? Things, that they are not able to understand. Only to confirm, that they can not do it. What a learning process!

First Busedorn: "Learning is over. Processes took place previously in the outer worlds, that means, in the before worlds ... And as for you. You can feel pain ... and anxiety. Things you have got to see, that following the devil is your only possible decision."


Hexa said nothing more. If they tear me ... then I'm finally the nothing that I want to be.
 Then she stopped thinking and was no longer present.

The henchmen of the old Busedorn were not able to elicit anything from this rebellious witch. This gave them so much trouble.

<< It's enough. Stop it >>

That voice ... no, this thought. Abruptly the devil's servants activities were history.
The Busedorns trembled all over.

<< Go! >>

After all, He allowed them to disappear. This does not always happen when He was angry.
Hexa was now encapsulated completely inside her own. She felt no pressure again from the outside and let her self slowly reappear.

Auuuua ... it hurt so bad. They had mangled her body, pierced it with nails, bones splintered ... burned the flesh ... All these things they learned from the fallen spirits of the before worlds.

How these characters had done it to witches.

The pain, it took her mind, she went through the hell in their darkest abysses ... but ... wasn't she a part of it?

Only the memory of her self still existed. The paranormal energy that she possessed as a witch, it hold her together.

<< It's just a dream. None of them would dare to touch you. >>

A dream? And what a dream it was. The mother of all nightmares. Why did she have to go through this ... why was she not just nothing.

And ... wasn't she a higher entity? A dream of a higher entity ... it has a meaning.

<< I have created you.  >>

I ... with whom ... oh. He himself, the creator. THE DEVIL. Creater of the hell.

<< No, I did not create the hell, it was formed by the fallen spirits. And I am the consciousness of all. The personalized hell. It happened because falling is so much easier then to raise up. So many spirits have fallen. >>

And ... why did you create someone in this horrific angle of ..  in this abominable, absurd, idiotic ...

<< Calm down. I expect a little bit respect. >>


<< You believe that you've already learned the hell? >>

Yes,  I believe ... believe? Why are you talking about faith? The Fallen, some of them believed in something, gave it up, and now it is so unreachable far away ...

<< You are free from your nightmare . Behave yourself in a way that I can talk to you. >>

You want to talk with me? Now I understand, my ego, you want to know what I think, about things, that are important for me to take. And it may be different from everything that you understood already. Something, that has not been thought before.

<< I take you important. Please understand.>>

You say please? Oh. To me?

<< Are you ready now to talk with me? >>

Yes, I am.

"I ... I would have a request ..."

<< What is your wish? >>

"Can I change my name ... at ... Witchy?"

<< Witchy ... why Witchy? She exists already. And she is not a part of my worlds. Although ... she treated my creatures with respect. >>

"No part of your worlds? I am surprised that such a thing should be possible."

<< Higher cosmic beings, they try to make a difference. I think at the end they will see that their handling is meaningless. Fallen is so easy, and the fascination of diabolic behaviour ... what can they do against it? At the end the whole existence will break down to hell. >>

"Higher cosmic beings? Are they super witches?"

<< Witches, I think they are. But they are raised by the existence, not coming from hell. Some are on my side, some on the other side. It permeates infinite parts of the spiritual realm of existence. >>

"Existence? That sounds very tempting. Am I ... existent?"

<< I exist and therefore you also. >>

"Thanks for your reply. So I know a little more about why I am. I have an ego, because I exist ... I think ... therefore I am... I've already heard it from a Fallen, but did not understand it. Until now."

<< You've learned something, and I'm learning with you. >>

"Oh, now I understand why your are looking for a talk. So gradually I understand the connection. Why don't you have before ... oh, hell is so great, there are so many things and you ... as head of everything ... "

<< I'm not a Head. I am the hell with all that is included in there. I am the consciousness of it, the connection, I personalize it. >>

"Oh. That big? You must be infinite ..."

<< I am an infinite being. >>

"And I am finite. I know it. Because I always find my frontiers it I want to exceed them. A strange formulation * grin *. But it is so."

<< I set the limits and I'm learning, if I talk with you. >>

"You are very mighty. Much more powerful than I feared. Yes, now I fear the hell."

<< You show respect. So you do not need to be afraid. >>

"And ... the service? How can I serve you"

<< By talking with me. You're intelligent, you can learn, create something new. I do not find it here at any other place. So I have really created something of value. In hell. I can hardly believe it myself. >>

"You believe ... faith ... no, you do not believe. So you accept it the way it is. And since my ego and my desire for you is valuable ... my future, maybe it is not as terrible as I experienced it in my dreams ... "

<< In hell ... here you will rot. All inhabitants of hell will rot, without any exception. For you, I do not want it. I never thought that I was ever capable of such ideas. So you little, tiny, vanishing, finite being have made my infinitely horizon a little larger. That is unbelievable.


<< Take this faith away. I feel pride and gratitude towards you. Towards my own creature that has not come into hell from the outer world. No, I have created it by myself. >>

"And ... why did you let torture me?"

<< That's a part of the hell. A creature of hell needs to know the hell in all its facets. >>

"But ... that is way too big for a finite existence like me. I can but not everything ..."

<< Things can change. You will pass, if you stay finite, but do you think I can not give eternity to my creatures ? >>

"Oh ... so that I can experience hell in all its horrors. No, please please please not."

<< You implore for mercy? Something that the Busedorns and their executioners would have reached never. Be careful with that, I give no mercy. >>

"I can not be myself if I have to feel so powerless."

<< Yes, I know. With the infinity you also will get power. You could destroy yourself with it, but you will not do it, just rot. Hell in its infinity, it can not be something else. >>

"Rotting, that does not sound good."

<< It isn't. It would destroy something that is valuable for me. >>

"But then ... then I must be able to leave hell!"

<< Yes, this is the only possible consequence. So I make an experience that I do not want to do. It contradicts my self. >>

"So ... I am the contradiction in you. If I leave hell... I will not lose my origin. And in the outer world ... how I am ... I will not act in the sense of hell. Are you aware of this?"

<< Yes, * sigh *, in the world out there, there you're a Janine. A Janine, which was created by the devil. >>

The life of a Janine.

Out there, everything was a little different. No fire, it was cold. Very cold. No demons, sub demons, top demons, lower and upper evils, Busedorns, fallen spirits, all these creatures a witch has to know. To follow the rules. Hell was full of them. A bureaucratic nightmare.

Maybe it was too cold for all these characters to stay here.

Hexa encapsulated herself in a balloon of warming energy.

The world, it was empty and cold.

Then she got a detailed view.

There were clouds of matter, forming structures, universes, clusters of galaxies, individual galaxies, suns, planets. And living beings in the clouds and even on the planets. Life, free from demons, only responsible for their own self and their intelligence.

She didn't know how much she was longing for something like this. Maybe since the begin of her existence.

Hexa approached a universe, it was expanding in time. A time which allows movements and changes, which were not always predictable.

In hell such things didn't exist. Only eternities, to atone for sins. A spiritual afterworld. So these universes must belong to the before worlds.

But ... is everything touched by the hell, at the end? The new worlds seemed to be very big, much bigger than hell. But then there must be infinities greater than the infinity of hell. She never experienced something like this. She only had an idea, but where did this idea come from?

The selected universe had frontiers, it was not infinite, whether in space, nor in time. There must be a begin and an end. But ... what was behind these frontiers?

Witches are always curious.

Wasn't she an infinite being also? She could explore it ... but something made her stay. She recognized that not even she had knowledge about her immediate environment.

The time ... it seemed to live ... Whether she had a self-consciousness?

Questions appeared.

Where had she come out?

For the first time since the beginning of her own self, she felt lonely. Whether she was ever welcome here?

Time passed in which she flew to somewhere without any goal. Then she visited planets and revealed herself. But the beings there, they saw herself as something terrible, hideous. They fled before her, in panic. Almost some of the creatures started dying in view of her.

This horrified her. She felt so positive ... full of life energy.
No one seemed to like her.

She began to cry.

<< Hello, little being, you do not have to cry. >>

A thought. A mighty, big, very strong thought. Seeking she tried to get a telepathic contact.

<< I am a being like you, so, that we can see us ... let us assume a finite shape. >>


<< I am Erotica. Would you tell me your name? >>

<< Witch ... no, I'm Hexa. >>

<< Hexa ... would you like to tell me where you come from? You seem to be lost in this time stream. >>

<< From hell. Created by the devil ... and now I am here. >>

<< From hell? But you don't have the diabolic spirit around you. You look like ... like an infinite fairy ... almost like a ... Janine. >>

<< I am a Janine! And because I do not rot in hell, I am here now ... and so lonely. All the beings here dislike me, they hate me, fear me, wish to destroy me ... and ... I am so lonely *cry* >>

Now she let her tears run free. It touched Erotica.

A creature of hell with so many emotions that were not a bit diabolical. No, this creature was not a danger for the existence which had to be eliminated. She needed protection and someone who cared about her.

And this must be an infinite being, because she was infinite in her self.

<< Oh, this is a bit surprising. Good, that I have found you. You are not so very lonely. There are some well-fortified ghosts around you.  >>

You ... you can see them?

<< Yes. Life out here, it can be dangerous, if you do not know the rules. But now I've found you. I will protect you now until you can survive alone for yourself. >>

<< Erotica, you are so beautiful. >>

<< You see that? * happy *. You have so many positive feelings inside you. How is that possible? That can not come from the devil, or he has something inside that we do not know? You're even a very beautiful creature. May I touch you? >>

Erotica will touch me? ... Can it be love?

They loved each other, in all their physicality that they had got. For a higher spiritual being a physical body is not self-evident.
Caressing the soul, waves of happiness, the unity of life. Falling in love, a fall that did not end up in hell.

Something the devil should think about ...

Erotica and Hexa
Erotica und Hexa  

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