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Hexa feels the pain of love, to make a decision between two beloved beings.
The love entity helps personally to find a solution.

The pain of love

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Hexa: "Erotica, do you feel it also?"

Erotica: "What do you mean? Oh no!"

H: "Erotica?"

E: "The time, the nature of time, she has found you.
You look like a Janine for her and this time entity is lonely, very lonely.
But I do not want to lose you *cry*, I love you so much *sad* *sad* *sad* *sad* *sad*.


A thought coming from nothing? No, directly from time.

E: "Hello, it sounds like hell, without that 'o', it is a greeting to you, Hexa *sigh*."

H: "I can not see you."

<< A little moment please, I crystallize >>


Now she was standing there. A very young being, young as Hexa. She looked so fragile and she seemed to be lost ... she won Hexa's sympathy, very much sympathy.

Protective instincts. Hexa liked her immediately and ... fall in love with her.

H: "Please can you tell me your name?"

<<Annaria ... oh ... in this form I can talk. >> I'm Annaria.

H: "Hi, I am Hexa and here beside me ... ? ... who are you? EROTICA!!!"

Alone again? No, Annaria stood there, two meters away from her.

Annaria: "Imagine, there is a being, to which belong eyes and ears, but the ears, they are not present. And then they are directly before you. They want to you and you want them so much."

Do you understand that wish .... and ... do you want me?"

H: "I ... your ears? But I am not from here. Are you an incomplete being?"

A: "I am a time entity and a time entity without a Janine, she is deaf or blind dumb ... Both belong together and together they can form a river of time.

H: "But why does this time stream don't have a Janine?"

A: "Janines, they are very special beings. There exist not many, only a finite number. Compared with the infinity of the continuum, they disappear.  It is not possible to make copies of them. They are individual.  A time stream without a Janine is terrible rational and causal. It is cold. Not a warming spirit exists, which could help the little finite beings in their difficulties. I can only archivate the facts and must accept, how the dices fall. And because I can not get love for myself, how can I give it to all the living creatures in my river of time?"

H: "But ... I love Erotica and she loves me."

A: "And I love you ... don't you feel this love? Is it not possible for you to love me? ... But ... I feel your love for me."

H: "It is too much ... I almost died of loneliness and abandonment, even the hell seemed to be easier to me ... and now? More than one love! I want to be together with Erotica and I want to be together with you, exploring the worlds with Erotica ... to be free ... learning ... enfolding ... and you, you offer me a home, I was longing so much time for a home ... the hell never was ist ... I hated it, the only feeling this domain always gives is hate ... but ... if I go with you, it will break the heart of Erotica ... and if I go with Erotica ... I feel so much with you ... no no no ...."

A: "I ... I ... I ... all of my life, I have such a deep longing for you ... and now I will loose you again? No, I will not break, and I do not blackmailing you. It's just that if my desire is not fulfilled ... No, I have to accept what you say.

H: "If I go with you, Annaria, I will break Erotica's heart. If I will give my love to her, I'll leave you alone in your pain. Can love be so cruel?"

At another place, where Erotica was.

<< Erotica, you will go to her now and you will give her free >>

E: "But ... I love her! And if we both can be lovers of eternity?"

<< Listen to this dialogue between Annaria and Hexa >>

After listening to the dialogue above, which has taken place above ....

<< You got already two ears, do you need the two of Hexa too? Annaria than has nothing >>

E: "Mmmmh. Yes. Shit. It hurts if desire for love breaks."

<< Erotica, You are the personalized eroticism! Look intoa mirror, then you will love yourself and you're a higher cosmic being, not a nobody who tries to use the last chance. >>

E: "And you? Who is talking with me here?

<< Do you not see me? >>

E: "I see Hexa"

<< I'm not Hexa, so who am I? >>

E: "Arianne ... no, the mirror ... you're ... No, I do not believe it!

<< Yes, it's me. In this situation, not another one can clear the frontiers.

E: << The Love Entity?!?!! That ... skips all stages of the cosmic hierarchy. The Love Entity comes to me ... unbelievable.>>

<< Love comes to those who need it, if she can. Also to very simple beings.>>

E: << Yes, I am a very simple nature. >>

<< No, that you're not. But why should I not be allowed to come to you? Would you like to feel the love how she really is? * grin * >>

Erotica was speechless ... feelings came up ... longings ...

E: "Please, please show yourself."


A beautiful woman with super long red hair was standing before her. She smiled at her. Spontaneous Erotica embraced the Love Entity ... and she did not let her go ...

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