Arianne 253 En - Hexa 04 - Heaven and Hell

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An invitation from Janema and Jarusa to Hexa and Annaria.

An invitation from heaven

An invitation from Janema and Jarusa, the lighty love couple.
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"You told us, there is a hell, we know it now. But what is about heaven?"
A question that Hexa not expected. What should she say?

It was not always easy, with these questions. What kind of ideas these little finite beings sometimes have ...
However, the question was not answered. Coming from hell ... the heaven, she must explore it.

Well, if an Orpheus had found his way into the underworld, and a Faust there took out his Helena, why should she not be able to reach the sky?

Orpheus? Faust? Fantasy items?

Maybe, maybe not. Different fantasies, different worlds.

For the heaven a Walpurgis Night did not help. She had to ascend, not to fall, figuratively. Where are all those angels to raise her up?

She had to do it alone. No ghosts would help her. But wasn't she a little bit more than a helpless and defenseless creature?

"Annaria, I must take a long journey."

For a while nothing happened. Whether Annaria had lost her self by this announcement? Suddenly Hexa felt so bad. But then, finally, an answer was given.

"I will not let you go alone!"

"But ... the river of time?"

"Hexa, we both are one. Please never forget it. Time stands still when I leave the stream. And then it is unprotected. But I will not do so. I'll carry the flow of time inside me. Please help me, it is too big for me alone.

I think we must not pass through all the possible and unlikely worlds, when the hell is accessible from anywhere, why should it not also be the sky?"

Hexa: "That sounds plausible, we need a little research about myths..
And since the time has access everywhere ... "

Annaria:.... "Anything what happens is inside me. And the myths? There are so many of them but they are usually not real. I do not see what is happening behind the horizon of the world ... there could be further dimensions of time to give it an unlikely but no zero existence ... but I do not know. A zero existence ... maybe it is possible ... or a negative existence."

Hexa: "The heaven will not be a negative existence and also it will not be zero."

Annaria: "I am not sure. It could be a shadow-like-domain in zero dimensions."

Hexa. "The hell is not zero, why the heaven should be?"

Annaria: "The hell is a thought, raised by the devil. What dimensions a thought can occupy?"

Hexa: "The devil's thoughts, he or she or it, the gender identification fluctuates sometimes."

Annaria: "Let's choose a male entity."

Hexa: "He is a higher level being. Any thought of him raises complete areas of existence for lower level beings."

Annaria: "Maybe a relative existence."

Hexa: "Maybe. And I? Are I a maybe for you?"

Annaria: "No, you are" *smiling*. But don't forget, we are lower level beings relative to the devil."

Hexa: "We are. But even his thoughts are not strong enough to occupy parts of the existence. He is a hidden entity inside his transcendent domain. And in this domain existence is relative to the devil."

Annaria: "And the devil was strong enough to transfer you into the real existence."

Hexa: "Only, because the existence allowed it. I don't know, why. And are you sure, that your existence is real? Couldn't it be a dream?"

Annaria: "I don't know. We know about Arianne. And we exist relative to Arianne."

Hexa: "Arianne has welcomed me."

Annaria: "For example, look at the Twin Peaks mythology. It indicates a way ... a way to the White Lodge. We should find a dimension in which Laura exists, maybe a paranormal area in the unlikely time ... there such dimensions could be embedded. But I do not see them ..."

Hexa: "One of these dimensions exists, the dimension containing the Hell. Even if it does not appear visible here."

Annaria: "For the beings of the real world it is invisible."

Hexa: "Do not say this. The beings of the world know very well when hell comes to them."

Annaria: "But ... this all can be explained physically."

Hexa: "And the Spirit? You're a spiritual being of infinity. You can see connections that finite beings are not able to perceive. Don't you see the paths that these connections raise?"

Annaria: "The spiritual, I am alive. I live but I do not see the transcendence of the other side. It is not made for me ... not for my consciousness. Maybe, if I was going to die?"

Hexa: "Annaria, please do not think about your death. A higher being, thinking about her heath, it is very dangerous for you."

Annaria: "Yes, I think you are right. My dreams, nightmares, especially ...".

Hexa: "And you say, that you have no contact with the transcendence? Look at me, I'm coming from a region in the afterlife."

Annaria: "Then ... you ... can you see the ways that I can not see?"

Hexa: "There are ... paths ... not visible and yet I can feel them..."

Annaria: "And where do they lead?"

Hexa: "I do not know ... therefore I want to travel ... and yes, I am fear for you, I can resist the fire of hell, but thinking about you, you're so fragile, so terrible vulnerable..."

Annaria: "I can fight and defend myself, you have already experienced it. I even can stand against higher and more powerful beings ... But it hurts my soul ... it's not why I am. Hexa, will you leave me alone?

A very fearful looking Annaria was standing in front of Hexa.

Hexa. "No, I can not do it. I will stay with you. This decision stands. Then not all questions can be answered, not by us, maybe an other mighty gives us a solution."


<< Lovely greetings to you >>

Annaria and Hexa. They saw a little fairy, a beautiful little angel, with big eyes and large wings.

<< Don't look so horrified. Just because you don't know where I came from. >>

That's just like that. The infinite beings, they think they have to know everything what happens in their fields.
<< Hexa, you're not from here also. >>

Hexa: "And you? You took one of the invisible paths ... But it doesn't go to hell..."

<< Not all roads lead to hell. Even though the devil may see it differently. >>

Annaria: "But then ... where are you from?"

<< From heaven >>

That infinite beings can be so speechless ...

<< Janema and Jarusa, they have invited you. Will you come with me? >>

What a question.

Hexa: "... But I ..."

<< I know your origin, Hexa. Hexa, and you, Annaria. You are invited by the heaven. >>

One step ... and they were on the blue-white-red-yellow-green planet. Right in the middle in a sea of flowers. Spirituality, waves of happiness flowed through them. A happiness that just would not end, and it was so beautiful in it's infinity.

But isn't this Arianne's planet?

It depends from the sight of view. Heaven is always present, and how it is perceived, that lies in the eyes of the individuals.

Two fairy like beings, or spirits, or both? They approached them. They seemed to glow from the inside, they were transparent and yet not. It was confusing to try to understand the impressions.

Lighty love couple, Janema and Jarusa
lighty love couple

<< We both are Lighty and we welcome you, lovers of eternity. >>

Lovers of eternity? We are lovers of eternity?

<< Yes, you are. >>

Hexa: "But ... how is that possible .... with me?"

<< The hell is a part of the existence, also. It's out comings are embedded in the All-Encompassing-Cosmology. And if the influence of the environment can be negated ... >>

Hexa: "Can be negated?"

<< The negation of minus ... in your case it is Positive. You have been attached by the Love Entity, inside the hell!
Hexa, you are a very strong character. In your strength lies the force for a change. With your creation the Devil has exceeded his own limits, without knowing, where this can lead to. >>

Hexa: "But then ...?"

<< We must not take the hell absolutely. See it relatively, and change the point of view. That's what you have done. Your perceptible reality is anchored in different dimensions of time. Each of them implements a different view. In the unlikely time, impossible things are real, and hell is only one of these things. >>

Hexa: "It is not so easy to change the point of view."

<< Most beings can not do it. They often can only react or die and dream about something better. But you, you are a higher level entity. That makes the difference. You can change it.

There also exists a strange time, but ... it is really weird, let it be for this time.

Before the great union there was a part of the existence without a hell, the realm of Ennaira. It was below the surface of the plane in the depth of negative energy, including domains lower then zero. The counterpart of the existence. >>

Hexa: "The great unification? How can unify something which exists with something lower than zero? The result can only be nothing."

<< Ennaira, Arianne and Ari0nne together constituted the ONE. >>

Hexa: "Creating an existence coming from nothing?"

<< That's the power of thoughts. An infinite nothing is an infinite monotony. But an infinite monotony is impossible. It fluctuates in a thought reflecting about it's own, and this thought is able to create an existence.

In mathematics, there exists the idea of an empty set. It's power set contains just one element, the empty set. So the concept of power sets constitutes from nothing a set with one element. And the power set of this set with 1 element contains 2 elements, the power sets of the set of two elements contains 4 elements. This goes on at infinity. >>

Annaria: << The origin of the divine? >>

<< The origin of the ONE. It comprises the whole existence, its negative part and it's zero part. >>

Annaria: "Hell, if it does not exist any more, what will become of the sky?"

<< These things are not interdependent. One can exist without the other, or not. They are parts of the whole, not the whole. >>

Hexa: "And the whole thing?"

<<She has already spoken to you. >>

Hexa: "Oh."

<< See, the heaven, it is important for the existence. The belief in the good, the effort to reach it, it is immanent to all beings of the existence, and the possibility to fall, to lose the own self and to deny. It's the reflection of the existence in the individuals, and they contribute their part to prove or to disprove it. The more intelligent beings are, the more they are aware of this dispute. And so as hell can come to them, we help them whenever it is possible. These are things that we can take from Arianne and we do it. >>

Annaria: "And the kingdom of Ennaira?"

<< The negative part of the existence, before it united with the positive part. Ennaira was EVERYTHING in her self, devil, god and nature of existence. It depended on what point of view could be chosen for her.
Once she was the mirror image of Arianne, but she has now been reflected back into herself. She is one with Arianne and yet her own self. >>

Annaria: "And Ari0nne?"

<< The common dream of Ennaira and Arianne. Overcoming the zero. >>

Annaria: "The infinite beings of existence, they can do it all alone, why is there a hell and a heaven?"

<< If they capture everything and respond immediately, then there is only one movement and finite beings with an own individuality can not exist. The finite beings are important for the existence, they are rooted in life. Their potentials, the possibilities of development, they can be very strong.

The infinite beings learn from them. As the finite beings must constantly renew their selves, they also form the basis for the dynamics of the life of the infinite beings. The main difference is, that infinite beings comprise the life of multiple finite beings. So they can compare and they learn multi-dimensional. Much more than any finite being ever can do. All the tries and errors, they know about it and they can trace the life over an infinite long time. So they know what is coming out, and they know all the alternatives in different worlds.

Without these roots the higher cosmic beings were very volatile, existence and non-existence would overlap. At the end they will not know, whether they exist or not. >>

Hexa: "And they have a soul, the finite beings, some of them end up in hell, I know it ..."

<< The spiritual continuations of a finite existence are very diverse. We offer a form of fulfillment that must be wished.
How and why or why not this performance can take place, it is the individual relationship that must exist to us.
Consciously or unconsciously. There is no religion, no faith in the higher sensibility, which we exclude.

Each path in the sky comes out from the free decision under demonstration of all possible alternatives. This must be so, because there are individuals who reject our way into the transcendence.

Thus, they are not automatically related to hell. We show them the spiritual possibilities that exist.
Which also includes the dissolving of existence in nothing, or a reincarnation, if the knowledge to make a decision is not yet available.

There are also beings who want to serve the devil. It is then not up to us to revise their decision. >>

Hexa: "I will not serve the devil."

<< We know it. >>

Hexa: "But ... how?"

<< Everything you are, it is accessible to us. This includes your past, as it is present inside you. >>

Hexa: "And ...?"

<< As we have already noted, we like you. If you want to stay here, you're welcome. But we see, you want to live inside the existence, that is your desire. There you will find fulfillment, as an infinite being. And you will find it in your love for Annaria, you never would give it up for a kingdom in heaven. >>

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