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Arianne 256 En - Darky and Photonia 03

Photonia inside the plane. The first contact.

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Photonia following her curiosity

Photonia and curiosity. Yes, she was curious. And these many unexplored tunnels ... something outside her ego, which had not created by thoughts of her.

<< Darky, I will enter the tunnel. >>

If you want it. But, Photonia, that plane, it will try to hold you, if it perceives you. I do not want to lose you again ... there is so much we can explore together.

<< How can I be detected by the plane? >>

If you are using paranormal energy, and if you only try a single thought with telepathy, then you're inside the plane.

You can not separate small things from the whole. You are the atom for the plane. The whole plane, down to all elementary particles inside, everything will get yours. And that's not all, you will assimilate all levels of infinity ... and believe me, such a level is very very large. Even for an infinite being. There is no completion at infinity.

<< No completion at infinity. Yes, I know. It pulls and pulls ... for all beings, it is absolutely deadly. Even for those who reach in higher levels of infinities. So I ask myself sometimes, I am a being at all? >>

Photonia, you include all infinities, but not in a conceptual tangible sense. It is a change. If you understand the set of all sets, the power set of it draws you into the next higher infinity. This is the source of your creativity. You try to fill things with content, it happens by your thoughts. But you can never come to a completion, there is an ever following infinity that you have to fill next.

<< Now I understand gradually that someone may ask you for forgetting. >>

You know, I myself have no creativity. I can not create things, as a Goddess like you does it always. I can just see, look, and evaluate and let someone forget everything again.

<< I am a Goddess? What does it mean? Can I pray to myself? Many of my created beings do so. But I do not want it. I try to evolve, to get better, to learn, not to be praised for being a Goddess. No, there is no absolute power that I want for me. I am as I am and I am in movement, changing. And if I see you, I do not envy you for being in this way, not really. Let the Gods stay outside.  >>

Photonia, the being of existence, it comprises all the joys and sorrows, birth, death and destruction.
If I were you, I can not envy you for the joys, I also see the shallows, which may form.
No, the being of existence must find and accept it and live with the contradictions.

And being a Goddess or not, for you followers you are. They should love you, as I do. You shine brighter than anything I have ever seen. Why are they so limited not to see it?

<< Darky, I suffer and I have joy. What you say is right. Only about my own death, I know nothing. But there was something before I was born, so there will be something after my death. Even if everything looks stretched to infinity, it is still fragile and breakable.  >>

Everything and Nothing touching each other on the meta-level of existence, they accompany me in all of my infinities. Also for me it is possible to die at an completely insignificant place and then it's over. >>

Photonia, please do not think about your death. For an infinite being as you that can be fatal. The death may feel called so as you called me. But death is not the end for you, it means that you cut yourself into pieces. You are not a being, that other could split.

Death will make you swoon. You will lose you creativeness and then you can do nothing anymore, only destroying your memories. And the spirits of the miscarriage, they will come out of you. They are your nightmares. They will eat your feelings, your past, your soul. Where the dead souls could flee? You are the home for all of them. Nothing you can do about it, only falling and falling and falling ...

<< Darky, I do not wanna die. I'm just a little bit tired and disappointed. I have given so much and taken so much pain to me, so that my little creatures can live and are not lost in their conflicts. They cursed me, scorned, denied all my goals and destroyed my loved ones. To show me that I'm wrong. It hurts me. >>

Surely it can not be that all your creatures negate your existence?

<< No, there is a diversity in the behavior and in the emotions. Beings are different. But in the whole the negative playback got too much weight. The energy of life, I gave it to them, so that the resulting force could help to overcome the despair. But if it is used only for pleasure ... they experience a moment of ecstasy and then ... nothing remains that could help them in their darkness. >>

Photonia, I know what happens in this darkness.

<< Oh, Darky, I have to cry ... >>

The two unequal beings, light and darkness, they kept silent for a moment.

<< Darky, I see the plane. It is huge. >>

Infinitely huge. It is as tall as you. And there is no completion in the infinities.

 << What a kind of light I am seeing there? >>

A burning river of time. The potential of destruction has been realized there.

<< I could blow it out. >>

Photonia, then you're inside the plane. You would not prefer to research a little bit what is happening in the plane, at other places? Without becoming it as a part of your self?

<< Mmmh. I do not like the fire. It remembers me of destruction and annihilation. >>

Not every fire is a Ragnarök, which destroyed a world. And sometimes, sometimes it cleaned up and clears the way for a new beginning.

<< Ragnarök? What are you talking about? >>

In the existence of Arianne, a paranormal event, as the Gods  must die ... but ... please forget it now, I will tell you the story at another time.

<< This fire. I believe I understand it. It seems to be the ultimate destruction without a new beginning. If I do not stop it, it will spread and spread ... >>

I don't see a shadow of firefly, so I don't share your fear. Please let us first explore the plane. For a fire often exists a reaction to delete it. If such a reaction does not exist ... then the plane is lost. You can not save it if you try, you will be drawn to their doom with it.

<< Then all optimistic thoughts are pushed aside. If I delete the fire, there still may exist a defense which I can help. And how much disaster I can prevent ... >>

Photonia, please do not intervene if they can do it alone. I do not want to lose you. I love you.

Well, the fire continued to burn.

The first contact.

An army on the way to their battlefield.

But what was that, right on the way to the valley, where the light believers are waiting for their fate ...
A ... a woman! Covered with long hair. Underneath she was completely naked !! What a blasphemy !!!

But this could not be seen.

Albert the commander, he saw what he thought and he thought what he saw. Not always. But this time he was sure. It had to be. The moral failure invited to a ... And since she was already naked, no one had to take off her clothes.

How this was called? ... Lady Godiva! A term that came to mind. The question should be, where it came from?

There was something not as it should be. But what? The woman was not a little bit afraid. And she looked at him, directly into his eyes.

What a provocation! For this she had to be punished with dead ... but ... How could she just stand there and waiting, waiting for being killed?

34 riders had set in motion. They wanted to ride her down, to make the way free again.

No, this time he wanted to do it by himself ... so, what did he want? He called the riders back. Never he had seen something like this. A single woman stood there, blocking the way for 20,000 heavily armed soldiers.

Two meters in front of the woman he stopped. On horseback, from above, he looked at the manifestation.


Well, she looked a little bit mystical. Like a being of the imaginary worlds.

From above he looked down at her ... but he felt as she looked down on him.
No, he could not just kill her.

He felt awe, admiration. And this for a woman! He never hat been in a situation like this before.

Behind him it became uneasy.

He turned around. "BEEEE QIIIIEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!". Oh yes, he could shout very loud. That was certainly one of his qualifications for the job.

Quiet it was now, even the cheeky animals in the trees were silent. So still, it hurt the ears, so quiet it was!

A: "Who ... who are you?"

"A being, a guest, passing through."

A: "But ... this is our way. Why do you block it?"

"You ask me why? I do not want that you kill the beings in the valley."

A: "How will you prevent this? Only with words? View the power that stands behind me. One word from me, and they will crush you. If 20,000 men are drawn across you, not even an atom of you will be found later. "

"I do not believe in numbers, and why do you not use your power?"

A: "I ... I ... I ..."


A: "I can not."

"Just because I'm standing here? What do you see in me?"

A: "Something very ... I can not formulate it. You look like a fairy from the world of the shadows ...
But you're not a fairy. The magician would have otherwise blown his horn. You look perfect as the embodiment of all our longings. And that's more than we got in our evolutionary genes. "

"For a commander you seem amazingly taught. Atoms, genes, evolution. I don't have expected this, looking at your state of civilization."

A: "You do not talk as a maid before yesterday."

"I am more as I am. Perhaps you do not understand, but that's my nature. In order not to articulate myself in confusion, I am a stranger here. My nature is not from here."

A: "You are more than you are ... it seemed to be a description of infinity.  But as you stand there, you look like a normal woman, with no special power and magic. But there is more ... more than I can see.. . please, can you tell me, what you are? "

"I'm surprised that you understood me. Well, then I will unveil myself, I am a being of existence."

Thud. Albert lay sprawled in the dust in front of her. And the whole army, they all had seen it and heard the words  ...

How much dust such an army can blow into the air!

<< Darky, what are they doing? >>

This is a sign of their veneration for you. You are for them the divinity in everything they think and feel and perceive. Something for which they have longed so long. But it is much more than just an individual feeling. In this behavior, you can find the whole history of the plane.

"Stand up. I do no want to see you laying down there."

No reaction.

"You are soldiers. I command you, stand up!"

... it took less than 2 seconds, and they were. An army of 20,000 men, in 2 seconds!

Someone must helped them out.

"Thank you."

But so quick! There must be something behind. If only she had ... no ... she wanted to stay outside, not going into the plane. Even if all her questions should be answered. If the soldiers know that she has no power, standing here without a paranormal protective shield? A single of these warriors could kill her, blowing her into the shadows of her own infinities.

Or? No. Also she could wield a sword.

Darky: << Photonia, you're scaring me. You react like a finite being, they could kill you ... >>

Photonia: << And you? You can not protect me? >>

Darky: << I could, but then I would come here as a devil in appearance. And they hate him even more than they fear him ... It would change the history of the plane. And I do not know if the plane would accept this. >>

Photonia: << The plane? It can operate independently? Has it a consciousness, it lives? >>

Darky: << Not in your understanding. It can achieve effects that we can not limit. Never challenge a plane, if you are a guest in it! >>

Darky in the light of Photonia
Darky im Lichte von Photonia

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