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Erotica, making love with Arianne.


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Erotica tried to keep the diabolical network as small as possible, by supporting the positive attributes of the beings. So many didn't knew about the potential they have inside. Sometimes she made the beings aware of these things. She intervened in the evolution of the world. In this way, she acted like the counterpart of the devil. But to describe her as God, no, this goes too far.

The devil wasn't allowed to change the world. He only observed and archived.

That's theory. Sometimes Ariannes rules were handled like a rubber band. And she didn't act always like an absolute administrator or a dictator. She allowed sometimes that cosmic beings intervened, to change the things to the good. But this had an effect, a counterpart. So she refused not everything that came from hell. Otherwise the whole existence could be unstable or frozen. And the hell is formed by the beings, it comes from the inside. The devil entity is only the consequence of all of this.

And don't forget, the devil entity and Erotica were parts of Arianne. That means, also Arianne had the devil inside.
She needed him not to be broken down by all the conflicts that the existence raised up.

But don't be afraid. Erotica was as strong as the devil himself. He couldn't rule over her.

Erotica conjured a little bit, mostly it was enough to meet low-lying hidden desires.

A little? What means a little for an infinite being with an infinite amount of paranormal energy?

She had to avoid paradoxes. Paranormal changes of the world can cause this.

Erotica, thinking about her name, yes, she fulfilled sexual desires, especially for those who otherwise had no chance.

Is she a whore by doing this? Sometimes she revealed herself if she liked a being very much.
She looked for physical nearness, to make love.
That's her self. She wanted to have physical love with the little beings of Ariannes existence.

As a being of the fourth stage of infinity usually she should have no physical body.
But that was not true. She was physically.
So she was very special. Isn't it also true that a whore can be holy if you change the point of view?

<< Hello, lovely Erotica >> A message was sent to her. It was telepathy. She felt the thoughts inside and there was a lot of sympathy around.

E: << Who are you? I feel your body and your spirit, you must be something very great. But the higher cosmic beings almost have no physical body. >>

<< Some of them have. I am Arianne, the being of the existence. >>

E: << Arianne? Oh, I heard from you. What a great surprise, I love you. >>

A: << Yes, I believe you. I want to have physical love with you. >>

Erotica forgot to think. After a while, she came back again, to the world. And she felt so much. It made her so happy.
Love with Arianne? Ohhhh... She never dared to think such a wish.

And ... if Arianne she accepted as she was, why to take care what some others said about her?

A: << You're such a lovely sweet being and you make so many others happy, I love you. >> ...

A: << Do you know, why you have a physical body? >>

E: << No. I always considered it as a gift of the existence.
I loved my physical body very much and I thought, maybe this wish was granted me, the deepest longing of my soul.

It made me so happy, and all this happiness, I wanted to share it with the world, to show it the other beings.
To show them, what they carry inside without knowing it very often. >>

A: << Do you remember the red body jewelry that was given to you long ago?
From a sweet lovely being that you made so happy? >>

E: << Yes, but that was a long time ago. Not expressionable in billions of years ... maybe in terms of infinity ... >>

A: << She was the love entity. Her gifts preserved your body as you go through the cosmic Stages.
Now her energy is completely inside you. You stay physically, no matter how far you develop...>>

E: << The love entity? Yeah, I remember her, her gifts, but I did not know that she was a cosmic being. >>

A: << More than this. She is not limited to my existence. The idea of love. Wherever it is. She takes care about.

With your physicality you have made a lot of beings happy. It's love that you're giving.
Therefore she loves you so much. Let us belong to us. I love you and you love me.
And there is no one to whom we have to justify that.