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Alana, the long haired girl in discussion with her girl-friend Heidi.
Thinking about God and the world.



Alana had super long hair, they reached far behind her knees. Beautiful long blonde hair with a lot of volume. With this long hair she was alone. All her class mates had extremely short hair or they were bald.

Yes, such a long hair exception, that was something very special.

The other liked her.  If there were any hostilities, they formed a circle and put her into the centre. Envy against long hair or lack of understanding, it happened. But individual freedom was allowed, it was even prescribed by law. Maybe only because most of the people behaved, as it was expected.

Even against the teachers, she was defended. Oh yes, people like it to defend, if they are convinced. Ms. Sailer had once attacked her. Everyone stood up spontaneously before her bank. The old began to scream but it did not help her. She did not dare to go to the director, because she feared the reply. Loosing authority, not being able to enforce her self. There were so many unemployed teachers, who will make this job with enthusiasm.

She continued with her lesson as if there nothing happened, and the other took place again.

Alana never was alone on the roads. All wanted to be her friend. If she went to the city, almost a whole group accompanied her, protected her against street rowdies.

Yes, Alana was loved, for her being and for her long hair. The last dream of long hair, which remained in this short haired civilisation.

Alana and her girl-friend Heidi were walking in the park.

Heidi: "Alana, why do you have such a long hair?"

Alana: "I love it. The hair frames me, strokes me, carress me, like a being around me."

Heidi: "But they are simple hairs, which you do a lot of work. We have already so little time, because we have to learn so much."

Alana: "Yes, but they also give joy. There are so many things I do not need. The hair, I like them so much. Do you not have also work to keep you hair so short?"

Heidi: "With the razor, once a week for a few minutes, and you?"

Alana: "I need some hours. The hair must be untangled, washed and I have to protect them against friction. At night I have them braided usually.

Heidi: "I like to look at them. Is it allowed for me to touch the hair?"

Alana nodded.

Gently Heidi took the hair in her hands and stroked them softly.

Heidi: "Yes, it is a beautiful feeling."

Alana: "Can you not let grow your own hair?"

Heidi: "Oh , all the relatives around me and their notions of beauty. My friends, I don't know, I will look a little bit antisocial, what I did not want to be. With you it is different. You are accepted, because you are unit with all of you hair and because they are so long and beautiful. But what will you do later, if you are looking for a job? No one is forced to employ you. Do you want to live on welfare, because of the hair? Then you will not get it."

Alana: "I don't know what I will do then. If I have to give up my hair? No, I can not imagine that. Maybe they let me how I am, it works here in the school. Or I begin to study something. At the university they will let me my hair, I think."

Heidi: "Maybe, at the university the things can be different, but there are also rules for clothes. Rules for hair do not exist, because all look already the same. But you see, what a competitive pressure here is. At university it is much stronger. You can only hope that you can sleep there still.

Maybe it depends also from the job what you are doing. Some may like your long hair, but any deviation from conformity, usually they do not accept it. It could distract the other from what they should do. Already the discussion between us, some business representatives will consider it as senseless, because it does not increase the knowledge about business connections and therefore the potential for further employment possibilities."

Alana: "Yes, I know. I see the problem. A little bit individual happiness, which is not ruled by the economy. So I deprive them already something. At least they think so. But I am not revolutionary, I want to be just a little myself."

Heidi: "The others have also something from your way of life, otherwise they would not protect you. A little bit you are living what they want for their selves. Maybe the authorities let you your hair, because they fear the protest, if they force you to cut it. But I fear for you if the school is over, then your are completely alone."

Alana: "I have a boy-friend, who accepts me how I am."

Heidi: "Okay, than you two. But are you sure that your boy-friend has not to move to an other city, to get a job?"

Alana: "Will I lose all my friends?"

Heidi: "We will be distributed over the whole country. There we must find new friends and that with so much competition. Everyone is everyone's enemy, running for the best position. I do not know. But you need friends with your hair. They are so crazy attractive, for some only to cut it off, to get it for their own or to have pleasure with a makeover."

Alana: "I am not alone. I believe in the being of existence, I believe that she protects me."

Heidi: "Arianne? No, that is only an imagination, a fiction. She did not even has a foundation in the world religions. She does not really exist."

Alana: "But she helped me sometimes. If I asked her for something that was very important for me. It could be a coincidence, but I believe in her and it feels so good to me, it gives me confidence."

Heidi: "A little bit I envy you about your believe, but if things change really hard?"

Alana: "I hope she will protect me. If I so alone in the world, it scares me. Without the protection of higher beings. I know about the terrible fate of many people. Then I beg her to help me not to rot in this world.

I have trust in Arianne, that is trust in the existence. Not everything goes wrong in our civilization. But if I look around, it looks like Metropolis. Everyone is looking for his place in the big machine and there are good and bad places. We have to fight to get one of these good places and then?

Heidi: "Alana, you are revolutionary in your mind!"

Alana: "I only think about the daily needs, and the things behind."

Heidi: "Arianne, if she exists, whether she will protect you? Is this not a little bit too naive?"

Alana: "You know, Arianne is everywhere. She appears to me if I look at other people. Sometimes, sometimes a door opens, it happended with you, when I look at you, into your eyes."

Heidi looked her deep in the eyes and hugged her then spontaneously.

Alana: "Do you see, in this way I perceive the being of existence, I see her inside you. So lovely as you are now."

Heidi: "If you see it in this way, there is nothing wrong about it. You are looking for something in other people that is for you."

Alana: "See, if so many protect me spontaneously, even foreign people, if they see me. Isn't this a little bit coming from Arianne?"

Heidi: "You are so sweet, your whole being, the people see it, and the hair of you, it belongs to you. It is not describable, I feel it so."

Alana: "Then let us love the life, whenever we can do it. More we can not do. If a being like Arianne really exists, maybe she helps us also if we urgently need it."

A ray of light hit the two girls, coming from a lack inside a big cloud, which had been formed incidentally. It was beautiful, suddenly everything was bright and clear.

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