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The prisoners should be killed. They were already on the ground, tied to each other.

The commander pointed with his arm to them and ordered in this way that they should be made down. 500 young people, think about men and women, almost children, teeniees and twens. Beautiful young people. About 300 yards away from the ramparts of the mighty castle, which they wanted to storm today. 30 000 heavily armed men were ready.

28 of the fighters drew their swords, but then ... a figure materialized in front of the prisoners. Long flowing hair, which covered the body, she looked like ..., no, just out of nowhere emerged as a witch, she looked like the statue inside the sacred temple .... Losty? That could not be. Sure it's only such a little witch who wanted to make herself important.

She tore her clothes off and stood there completely naked and unprotected, covered only by the hair.

<< If you want to do this then kill me first >> She knelt down and bowed her head.

The commander did not recognize her, he was not very pious and religious. And with her tousled hair ... Then she knelt before him naked too, what a blasphemy against morality.

"Witch, what do you want here. Yes, we are going to put you out of the way."

One of his advisers seized him by the arm.

"Commander, for God's sake, you do not know who that is?"

The commander looked at his advisor. The fact that he had dared to touch! But he was not in vain, the commander. He controlled himself and looked at the woman more closely, it dawned on him, so he was not completely stupid, yes.

"Losty? She looks like Losty!"

The call echoed through the camp, far above the plane up over to the armed castle.

Losty, he was within himself and on his knees, head bowed humbly.

The whole army did the same. Even the defenders of the castle followed suit. There was dead silence.


Losty rose again. She now only saw kneeling prayers and sunken fighters before her, as far as the eye could see.
However, the eye of a cosmic entity could look very far behind any horizon.

She picked up her robe and covered her nakedness with it. Now she looked like the goddess in the sacred temple.
What could she do? Words alone often couldn't end military conflicts.

The lifetime of the finite beings was already very limited. What do they want to do with all this stolen wealth?

The slaughter of intelligent beings to triumph's sake, she hated it.

If this world was only a little more stable! Witches, wizards, dark forces are constantly coming inside this world. Why do they wanted to destroy everything and at the end theirselfes? As if the existence itself raised it's destruction. Maybe, something coming out of nothing always tried to go back?

It happened again.

A powerful winged creature suddently appeared from nowhere, distributing fire, wide open the huge voracious mouth. Full of paranormal energy. It had the potential to destroy the whole army and the castle too.

Losty fixed the creature. Alone this view fixed the monster in its place, it was almost unable to move.

The monster screamed, recognized the cause of the defense and sent a jet of fire in Losty's direction.
If it were only fire. It also contained all kinds of fire spells.

Losty raised a hand and caught the beam of fire with it. It was gone.

The monster looked quite puzzled. Yes, such a dragon could look really stupid.

Losty raised one arm, and the monster understood, it should disappear. It was intelligent enough to follow the good advice immediately.

<<Get up. The danger is over. Why do you need to pray always, and why do you can not just follow my words? Your devotion and reverence to me is not as important as the understanding of what I put close to you. Stop these wars of conquest, improve your intelligence. It's your mind which can help you against wizards and demons, they have weak points. I have to fight so much for you and what are you doing, you kill yourself. >>

The addressed worked affected. But she already knew this * sigh *

<<See, these poor defenseless people, you had killed them, for what? This dragon would have destroyed your whole world. >>

Commander. "All Saints Losty, thank you, that you have defended us, the prisoners are free, we will withdraw. Please forgive us our unrighteousness>>..

<<I like you, yes. You are my creatures. But you must decide the fight against the darkness inside your selfs. If you embrace only the primal feelings and want to live it, then the mind has no chance. I recognize your efforts. But you have to help me, I can not do it alone. See, this is not the only world for which I care about. There are billions of billions of them. >>

Priest: "Losty, could we have killed you as you knelt naked and defenseless before us?"

<<Yes, that you could do. Then for this part of the world I would be dead, but for all the other worlds, I can not make them dependent of the events of a single world. Well, you got me here left alive, so I can continue to serve you. >>

Philosopher: "Losty, we do not know how to thank you. You embarrass us very much.."

<<If you want life, you shall not kill it, and I represent life. If I see so often, how my own creatures tear each other, sometimes I want to give up. It's so hard to defend the existence against the surrounding dangers. You do not know what is lurking there.

But someone seems to protect us before the really big threats. The dragons, wizards and witches who appear here are not the really big problem. I need only to look at them and away they are. >>

Historian: "Losty, you are our goddess who protects us. All spirituality in us is focused on you."

<<I know, but there are more powerful beings than me. Very dark evil entities. Why they have not destroyed us already, I do not know. We must have powerful protectors, in the background. But they do not take everything from us. We need to develop ourselves, as you, my creatures, and I, as your spirit. >>

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                verlorenes kosmisches Wesen