Arianne 109 En - Rapunzella

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Rapunzella and her super long hair, more than 101 feet long.


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Rapunzella, where will you go with all of this hair? Braids, which are more than 100 feet long!

A question of her classmate in Magictown.

"Oh, let them yet. They are self-own little creatures. Look, they move always that they do not disturb myself.
And they take care of you, they depart from you, that you do not collide with them."

"Yes, but they take so much space. Today they have hew me down already three times. Cut them off yet, than we can move closer together."
"Oh please not, please don't say this. It makes me so sad. All of you have your special things.
The hair, they are not quick enough yet, they still need to learn. In a few years these things will not happen again.
Then they will learn to contract themselves. Between the atoms there is so much space still."

"Yes, we all have our special things, but not so voluminous hair. We are small and we do not take up so much space.
If we are in the laboratory, all around us is hair and they also move permanently. If you cut them, they grow again.
Cutting the hair at the knee, that should me enough, the shorter hair will learn too."

"If I cut the hair, then I will kill them. They will lose all their magical power and then they are only dead strings, hanging down on me.
But why should I still be here then? I can conjure no longer."

"Hmmmh, this is an argument. But isn't it better if you live alone then for yourself? I may conjure you a tower."

"No, I do not want to be alone, I need you. I do not consist only of hair, I need living beings around me, that I like and who also like me a little bit.
The hair, they can be very lovely, you can touch them and stroke them, than they give you a little bit of their energy.
You will feel it. But if you deny them completely, than they are very sad and they can give you nothing."

"I do not like hair. Do you see any hair at my body? But ... okay, yes, I should try to understand you. Where is the hair now?
Ah, here, beside my right foot a braid is passing and direct over my head, another braid and at my back, three braids side by side ..."

"It is only one braid, frequently rotated and twisted."
Hexania took a portion of the braid gently in both hands and stroked them a little."

The hair started to glow from the inside and suddenly Hexania felt common with the world, a feeling of happiness, as she had never experienced before.

Trouble with the hair

The authorities were concerned about the reputation of the school. With her 32 meters (1 meter = 1.0936 yards) long hair Rapunzella was no longer acceptable for the school. Where will this lead to, if you can not walk 2 meters without stepping on the hair? Whole areas were sometimes full of it, no one could come in any more. And to let them hang out of the window? No, than the birds will build nests in the hair and it will lay down on the meadow before the building. Cats and mice would play with it. No! And how to clean the dirty hair? This will last a whole afternoon.

Only the afternoon?

At the morning she has to learn, and in the night she has to sleep.

Oh, everything is well thought out.
But if the hair can defend itself alone against cats and mice and spiders? It is magical hair! And this is a school for magicians!

This is not a ghost house entangled in hair. It will look like a spider web.
She has to cut it off or to move into the tower. Cutting the hair she will survive. The wizard will ensure this. A wizard at the eighth level of spell. Hair at length 1.50 meters is more than enough.
And if she will roll it up and put one layer on another one there are 6 meters of hair length possible. But not 32 meters, that exceeds any rationality.

Oh, you don't have heard anything about irrational numbers yet?

What ... are you talking about? Nonsense.

She will survive ... and the hair?

Hair is not a living being!

But it will loose it's magic, and than she has to leave the school!

If she has no magic any more than she may get another job ...

As a cleaner? Or shall she carry the books of the authorities then?

Enough said!

No,no,no. She never will give up her beloved hair. Not any single centimeter.

(2.54 centimter = 1 inch)

And a millimeter?

(a millimeter = 0.1 centimeter)


To take the hair away with power? This was not the kind of school, then more likely an exclusion.
But to let her go with the hair, outside into the usual world? No, the school was responsible for what they let out.

She felt so dirty. The hair, it was her part of the magical world. They belong to her. If she enrolled herself in the hair, maybe she was one yard thick, but with this she did not take the other their habitat away. Only, because she did not represent the spirit of the school? This was a magical school, why was representation so important?

Enrolled in the hair, then she may look just a little chubby.

No, the hair belong to her.

This girl had no insight.

And so she had to move, into a tower. Isolated from her friends and outside the school, deep inside a magical forest. From there she never will find back ....


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