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Save the hair

Annemalie, the little witch and her devil fairy (<= Arianne 82). Both liked each other. Annemalie wasn't a real witch related to the devil. People wanted to see her so. Bodylength red hair which framed her. A nice face. Where did she live from? The devil himself gave her a flat and bread.

This was the opinion of the people.

The devil, we know him already. His warning was clear. This witch was protected by him. Everyone respected this law.

Even the preachers of hate became silent. Who knows. And this little fairy? She looked nice with her great transparent wings. Sie was so beautiful. She came from the devil but she was untouchable. No one wanted to incur the wrath of the devil.

They lived free in the small village and without being threatened. After some time the people talked with them again. This happened after the harvest has been brought in, no companion animals died and also otherwise nothing terrible happened.

If the weather was bad or storms threatened the small village, or dryness tried to destroy the harvest, then the little fairy helped them.

The people were pragmatic, they wanted to survive, and if the confidants of the devil helped them, it seems to be okay. So the religion changed. The devil got the role of the patron and the evil attitudes of people, one could observe sometimes, the people itself were responsible for that, not the devil.

Then the day came where the devil talked again to the little witch.

He needed her help. In a parallel para-world a fantasy story got real.

However, if such a world ever can be a real thing, but that is not the problem.

It happened that the story became a living part of this world, the story of Rapunzel. In this world a real witch exists, which uses the diabolic power in a selfish way, that he couldn't accept. He wanted this witch  to be sent to hell if other solutions are not possible.

Why did he not solve this problem?

It requires changes in the world of fantasy, he didn't want to do it. His thoughts would make everything to be a part of him. Then he couldn't learn anything about that.

It only affects some hairs, not a really important thing, but some beings have a different point of view. She probably will unterstand it better, because she knows more about these hair feelings. He thinks so, why? If he has a short look at her, he sees nothing but hair.

But he has long hair too.

That's a cosmological need, not a biological thing. A point of view in Ariannes world, that she prefers sometimes. He doesn't consider himself as a hair fanatics.

If she and her fairy clarify the problem, they will do something for Rapunzel's hair, for all the feelings and the passion, which is related to hair.

What has been said already, it's not really important for the existence and also not for him. But he disliked it if witches follow their interests too selfish. This can raise problems that he didn't want to have.

A Fantasy World, what does it mean?

A finite being of the existence created a story, which was read and perceived by many other beings. Also from some higher cosmic entities. These entities always want to know anything and to change it in their sense, how they think it may be the best.

There was a Janine between those beings. And how things go, Janines arrange the cosmos. So the contents of fantasy transferred into a parallel world and got real.

It was a Janine with infinite long hair. She was fascinated by this Rapunzel story and didn't think about the consequences, that could appear. You may know, Janines are infinite beings, they distribute life and they have paranormal skills, the source for creating the foundations of the spirit.

And what happened? The spirit of this story transferred into the basics. So we have a witch and a Rapunzel how the story tells us. With some special additions raised by the local environment where it happened. These additions, that's my problem, because they allow access to the diabolic energy, which is reserved for me.

But how shall we go to this place?

That's not your problem. If you agree I will transfer you, in a moment. Also I can get you back immediately, if you want it. Don't think about this, I am an infinite cosmic being. These are facilities that all of them have.

Then he got a speer from the devils's special Hyper Space and gave it to Annemalie. << Please take this speer, it can be used against the witch and will break her magical power. Maybe you will need it >>


Annemalie and her Fairy in the Fantasy World. Inside a wood they materialised. What shall they do? They were looking after a tower, the tower of Rapunzel. The devil gave them strong time limits. They must intervent just in time, not too early, not too late. But first they had to find the tower.


Flynn catched the hair of Rapunzel with one hand, as if he wanted to strike it. But his intention was to encompass it with one hand and then cut if off with the other hand, using a splint of a mirror.

<< Flynn, wait a moment please >>

A telepathic message. He stopped. Gothel was screaming: "What's that?". She realized that this message was paranormal. Rapunzel perceived nothing. She embraced Flynn and started to cry. That her tears already helped him, she didn't know it.

One of the tears felt on Flynn's face.

The Devil Fairy made herself visible. She flied through the room and set down on Rapunzel's shoulder. Then she looked at Gothel, straight into her eyes.

Gothel saw her, realized that there was a fairy on Rapunzel's shoulder and that she was not friendly. Gothel attacked her with diabolic energy.

The fairy created a security wall around Rapunzel and Flynn. It reflected Gothel's energy. Now the little witch throwed the speer against Gothel. It hit her. The magical power of Gothel throwed down.

The fairy pushed her back, with paranormal energy, just in the direction of the great window. Then she disconnected the flow of energy between Gothel and Rapunzel's hair.

That was Gothel's end. She got older inflationary.

Then she felt out of the window and changed to dust, just before she met the ground.


Flynn recovered. He let the splint of the mirror fall down.

Rapunzel: "You wanted to cut off my hair?"

Flynn: "Yes, to save you before the witch. I wanted you to be free."

But only with the magical hair Rapunzel could save him from death. And the hair was only magical as long as it was attached to the roots.

Rapunzel: "You had died for me, for saving me from Gothel?"

Rapunzel didn't think about her hair. She kissed him with passion.

The difference now, Rapunzel still has her long hair.

The story may continue without loosing it. << Sure, it does :-))) >>
But then it has a different continuation. If the hair was able to give Gothel an infinite young life, why not for Rapunzel, Flint and her parents? And is it reasonable that some people never die? What are the social consequences?

The hair was able to recover wounds. So maybe Rapunzel changes to be a doctor for her people.

Different aspects of a magical hair, that survives.

Let's see. In this website the story is included in Ariannes fantasy story. So it will find a solution inside.

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