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The end of the hair story 


Both released from each other and looked at Annemalie (our little witch).

"The history between you, it had finished with a happy end, also without us. Rapunzel, we are here because we want your hair not to be cut. You can also become happy with your hair, there is no need to cut it off. But if you want to get rid of your hair?"

Rapunzel: "My hair. Why should I get rid of it?"

Annemalie: "After you know that you have never been loved by Gothel, that she only loved your hair, because it gave her eternal youth. After you know about your real parents, that you are cheated around dear for so many years, cheated around your youth, locked up in a tower. Maybe you don't want it anymore, to be released from it, because you are finally free."

R: "Flynn, shall I cut off my hair?"

Flynn: "The long sheds, it isn't so important for me like you, Rapunzel. We had experienced so much together, in these few days, one time it saved our lives, in this excavates, as it started to shine. I love you, not because of your hair, I also will love you with short hair."

R: "But you don't hate it? I don't hate it too. It was always around me and it is magical hair, it can heal people. Isn't this somewhat valuable? It is beautiful and it shines in the darkness, if I give it a song. In my lonelyness it often was a friend to me. A new life, yes, this was my deepest wish. If the hair is lost I don't have anything which I can carry with me out of all the time inside the tower, something, that is also a part of my life."

Flynn: "You can cut it shorter, not really short, so that it is still long but it doesn't hit the floor."

R: "If I cut it, then it will lost it's magic. But if it remains magical hair, isn't it possible that other darken powers will claim it for theirselves? Isn't it better if we are completely normal?"

A: "The special thing of the hair, it can heal people. I don't know if other darken powers want to get it. The problem is, that it is beautiful, but it can not defend itself. To cut it off, doesn't it show that beauty can not survive, if it isn't able to defend itself?"

Fairy: "Then we will come back and protect you."

A: "But then we need the devil. It isn't good to be dependent on his assistence."

Rapunzel looked at her hair.

R: "Then it is better to cut it."

She catched a scissor with one hand, the hair in the other hand. The hand moved down, no, she didn't want to cut it so short. She stopped at the length of her knee. A tear rolled down from her left eye, another from her right eye.

If the hair will change it's color to brown, she still has long hair. Then it is not so terrible, if it will never grow again.

And then ... something started to change.


Fairy: "Please, Rapunzel, wait a minute. A visitor is coming for you and your hair. Let us first hear, what she has to say."


A shape in the form of a human body appeared, framed by bodylength hair. The end of the hair was diffuse in some way, as if there was a continuation to infinity. Then a beautiful long haired woman could be seen.

<< Hello lovely beings. I am Losty, the cosmic entity of existence in this domain of space time >>

Annemalie: "Losty? You are our goddess?"

<< I am not a goddess, I am a higher cosmic being comprising the existence here. We live in a finite island in the infinite domain of the negative worlds. Negative in the sense of energy. Also  a lot of magic appears in this area. My domain is a part of the positive worlds, but lost, because the whole neighborhood is negative. Your witch had strong power, much more as you believed. A being of the negative worlds, she wanted to get eternal life and youth. The speer of the devil has broken her force. Ennaira has told me about these things. She has much more power than all the other beings in the negative worlds, she even has infinite more power than the devil. Ennaira will protect you before the influence of the negative worlds.

Rapunzel, you were a lost being too, but you never gave up, you never stopped loving the life. The magic power of your hair, it is a lost spark of a Janine. This hair is much more as you believe. You and your hair, you have the potential to become a Janine >>

Rapunzel: "A Janine? And what about my family, my kingdom, what about Flynn?"

Losty: "The hair can give you eternal life, if you want it, and if you will be tired and the eternity is too big for you, I will get you inside me."

Rapunzel: "So much the hair can give? Isn't it to big for us?"

Losty: "If you cut the hair, everything is normal for you as for all the other beings in your kingdom. For not being confused, I can carry your memories with me."

Flynn catched a strand of the hair, looked at it. "Eternal life. I don't have anything to say against it."

Losty: "Flynn, you are special too, but your destiny is still open. You have the chance to do something for it."

Rapunzel: "The hair is too big for us. Can't we give it back?"

Losty: "If this is your decision, it can leave you and your roots will produce new hair, in the brown color of your family. It doesn't grow so long but it will have enough growth that you can be happy with it."

Annemalie: "Then we didn't have to come?"

Losty: "No, but the will to preserve something, I appreciate it."

Losty waved the hair to come but suddenly she looked astonished.

Losty: "The hair, it didn't want to go. Rapunzel, it wants to be with you."

Rapunzel: "The hair has a will? I never realized that."

Losty: "It even has feelings:"

Rapunzel: "Why does it want to stay with me?"

Losty: "For the hair you are the being of light. So much cheat in your life and it never has broken you. How you love the life, therefore it loves you."

What a hair can do.

Rapunzel said nothing. Then she looked at her hair, stroked it softly. The hair began to shine, it seemed to enjoy it.

Shining without a song. What this hair may have hidden elsewhere.

Losty started to smile.


Losty: "Then the hair is allowed to stay with you?"

Rapunzel: "Yes, I do not want to miss it."

She embraced the hair with her arms. Then she embraced Flynn and all the hair laid around both.

Annemalie smiled.

"Thank you, Losty :-)). Fairy, let us go back.