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Continuation of the infinite love journey. An imperial wedding.
After reincarnation the lovers of eternity met a stringa, an infinite being between the first and the last eternity.

Love between the worlds

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An imperial wedding. Yes, it was an event for the whole world. Jeronimus and Jana, they lived what so many human beings wished for themselves. That they would govern the country for more than 30 years, who knew this already, in this moment. It became a time of the renewal, of love, peace and freedom. Their country was named the kingdom of love.

But then? Everything changes. Nothing remains like that as it is .

Jana sat beside him, during his last hour. Her tears made her dress completely wet.

And in the corner of the room, wasn't there a breath of Weepy to be seen? An infinite being crying along the time line.

Outside, reporters from the whole world were waiting. Waiting for what? All the human beings were weeping.


Hanus in his loneliness. He had not found her, in this life. Without knowing exactly what he was looking for, he felt that he was missing something. He passed only the time. Living adaptation to social conditions, in order to be able to survive.

But why to survive? What are the goals?

The inner force of life, he felt it, but he was missing something important.

It could not be the lack of relationships. He lived with friends and he also had partner relationships, but at the end everything dissolved.

Was something wrong with him? Did he expect too much? He did not know it.

So he passed his time.

Maybe he would appreciate the end of it all.

Now the time allowed him to finish this business life, to go into pension. Maybe scientific work, independent from foreign requests, will give him some satisfaction.

The last day in his office, the end of the working day, the elevator, the output door ...

She came in, from the outside. From one to another moment he felt himself in another world.

She seemed to feel that with him something changed. She looked it into his eyes and then ... << love >>. They had found each other.


A new life, in another time.

They sat together at a table, in the pub of heaven. Yes, this was the name of the pub. A high level civilisation all around. Flying carpets, humans, cars, everything seemed to move through the air.

There were star ships flying to foreign galaxies, even foreign universes could be visited.

And there was a large amount of different species. Intelligent beings with an exotic appearance. But what does it mean, exotic, it depend from the individual point of view.

Gratefully they enjoyed the instant of the peace.


A human looking being was approaching their table. It looked so beautiful and it smiled at them. It had a lot of charm and it touched the souls of our love couple. A little earthquake happened inside, it made them feel lucky. And they didn't know if it was a man or a woman or somewhat complete different.

It looked timeless beautiful, as if a part of eternity had found them.

<< Hello, I would love it to sit beside you. Please, it is possible for me? >>

"Yes, very gladly, you make us happy, if you will sit down beside us."

All three smiled. They did not need words, in order to express their mutual sympathy. Thus they sat there, over hours, and stroked themselves softly mutually with the eyes.

It was beautiful. Even the waiter passed on tiptoe and did not dare to disturb the three. And that in a tavern, where the sales was everything.

<< I am an observer, I see, what happens. An observer at the end of the last eternity >>

"The last eternity?"

<< No fear, beginning and end form a circle, or a ball, depending upon the dimension of the view. But the inside is not static, it expands and pulls together again, depending on, which happens there. Any cosmic inflation is possible, unlimited in speed. And also the collapse to a black hole. It is a very big domain,  comprising not only universes, I speak about the whole existence. There is no frontier in time and no limit for the inner part, to expand. And this although everything is enclosed in the first and the last eternity.>>

"And you observe the inside?"

<< Yes, I am a Stringa, I cover the last eternity of Arianne and therefore also the circle to its beginning.
Let us read a little in your memories, I open a door >>

"A beginning and an end and nevertheless no limit in everything? Arianne, we remember. She invited us once, into her homeland. An absolute Paradise, no other can ever reach it."

"But what we are in all of them? We are simple human beings, nothing special, no higher beings. We even don't have any paranormal skills. Why do you come to us?"

<< You are lovers of eternity. Thus you are an infinite size in the existence. I observe you already for a very long time, it is this love, which makes you unique and which re-creates you as a love couple again and again. It is fantastic that the existence is able to raise something like this. Even for me, and I am an infinite being. >>

"We know that we had different life. But only very little impressions remain for the afterlife. Any new life is different. If we are full inside a life we forget the past. Only if it is time for a change the memories came back, and it happens in this moment. We know about the pain, the loneliness. But if we realize all these things we see that there is no end, it is the beginning of something new."

<< Yes, your love is so strong that it overcomes the dead. Now I have learned about you and I am enthusiastic. I feel all what is inside you. Believe me, Arianne is very lucky entity because you live in her existence. You will never fade away as long as she exists. You are what the Janines want to reach but what they can not represent for their own. >>

A new life in another time.

Aria and Janus. A love couple, that was merged so strong together, that any separation gave them pain. So one could see them almost together, touching themselves.

They loved their bodies, their faces, their eyes, their naked skin, any movement, the speech, all in all, what they could perceive about their beloved friend.

And they needed no mirror.

The life of the other part, it was like a fulfilment of the own I. Deepest feelings, wished so much. That a soul can feel so much longing and that it can be fulfilled. They didn't think about it, they lived it.

So they could embrace each other for days and forget the world around. That love can give so much security.

But isn't such a love not a drug?

Sure it is *grin*. But it is not destructive, sometimes it has enough of itself, than they endure the physical separation. But they are connected together, in a mental sense that is natural, not even paranormal.

So the time passed. They loved each other with all of their feelings and they created a world around them that reflected the inner happiness. Not without problems, love is not only an eternal touch of luck, but the confidence in love, it helps to overcome so much difficulties.

And it expanded to the outer world. The plants, the animals, the beauty of nature. It opened views that they otherwise may have ignored.

Maybe, only someone has to start.


Image: the Lovers of Eternity


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