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Arianne 144 En - The invisible world

Lovers of human beings

A little angel took care of the sleeping men. Gently, she moved into their dreams and changed some bad connections. More she could not do. She liked the people, as they are laying so peacefully in their beds. Yes. Unfortunately they were not always peaceful.

Violence and aggression, she couldn't do anything against it. Interventions in life, it was not possible for her. She accompanied the men by day, invisible, and suffered with them if their lives went wrong. Only in the dreams she could do something for the people. She helped them to heal their wounds ...

The invisible world. The little angel was just a part of it. There were a lot of ghosts floating invisible around the planet. Most of them were just observers. Some, like the angels were trying to help the people.

People, they had so many problems and couldn't find real solutions. The capacity of their brains was not big enough. But sometimes they only didn't know how to use it. The dreams helped to correct the failed tries.

The little ghosts loved the people, despite all their problems and weaknesses. People, for the ghosts they were something very special.
The world of spirits, it was a peaceful world.

All these ghosts, where did they come from?

Sometimes it was the spirit of deceased people who had not found their way to the transcendence. With the time they were fading away. Souls dissolving in space and time. Cosmic dust, just where they were coming from.

The energy that kept them together, it scattered in the Universe. The other spirits felt very sad, because they couldn't hold them together. That's the destiny of a ghost. He has no material facilities to make a basket for gathering something. It's just a ball consisting of thoughts, that interact with each other.

There exists also spiritual beings independent from former lifes. Life energy, self-organized, like a ball of photons forming an object.

You think that is not possible? There exist catched photons. Imprisoned. You can do it by matter. But it is also possible in the empty space time. Frozen photons. Think about Ariannes's Photon-Ship. We will think about these kind of photons in another story.

Back to our ghosts.

Sometimes they were quanta of information, closed to themselves. They came from very different parts of the universe, the resulting ghost was sometimes very weird.
Other spirits appeared, regardless of living beings and independent of imagination. Noone knows were they came from. Some were just fluctuations of the spiritual part of space time.

For the human beings, only in dreams they achieved sometimes an effect. So they reached a kind of existence, compatible with the evolution.


Something incredibly large approached the planet. It seemed to exist half in the spiritual, half inside the material world. Like an infinite spiritual-matter wave with an own consciousness. The spirit world was very excited. They were afraid, afraid to be absorbed, to be forced to give up their little selfs.

The huge creature seemed to feel the excitement, but then she could identify them, yes, * panics *

A mental contact. It identified herself as a "She".

<< Please do not worry, I will not do something harmful to you. I am the Janine of the river of time, where you belong to >>

She took the fear away. Caressed the souls of our ghosts which felt so lost.

This great being was so adorable.

<< I was just curious. It's okay what you are doing here. >>

Then she moved away.