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A graveyard in the night
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A little eternal light in a graveyard. Someone had set fire on a candle during the day, now it burned and was shining in the night. It was not the only light. Many little lights burned in the darkness.
It was quiet, no one disturbed the peace here and no one looked at the little lights.

A white spiritful feature appeared from inside the grave.

It was hovering over the grave, warmed by the little light in the cold of the night. The cold, it was not the temperature of the air and the heat, it was not the heat of the burning light. The history of the white appearance, she was floating in space and time. She was so sad, so sad, that the universe had to cry. Big tears suddenly felt down everywhere. But strangely, although they were falling everywhere to the ground, they didn't hit any of the little lights.

The lights continued burning in the night, warm the little white shadows. They told their stories for those who could hear, but there were so many who were just numb.

So the stories were floating through the night, in search of a being who could hear them.

There was something else, something that does not belong to this place. A figure all in white, wrapped in body-long snow-white hair. She heard the stories of the little white ghosts, and her tears wetted the graves.

Another appearance. Black shadows were floating through the night. To be recognized only vaguely. They wanted to approach the white apparitions, but something seemed to keep them away. Yes, the white woman with her ​​long hair. She was protecting the little white phantoms. She was shining from the inside, warming the little white phantoms with her light.

The little ghosts gathered around her, dancing through the night, as if they felt joy. And the black shadows? They did not dare to approach them. ...

The dawn was raising.

The white shadows returned to their graves, and the black shadows? They stayed away from them, because they feared the white woman.

The first rays of the sun. All symptoms disappeared. Just an ordinary cemetery remained. But the little eternal lights, they were still burning ...

The White Woman