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Narcisslove in touch with Bella

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Alert! It echoed through the halls, even the latest finalist was kept away from his thoughts.

What the hell is going on?
<< One of our bases report alarm, it's about 2000 billion light years away >>

On the holograms was nothing to see.
<< No approaching space ships? They cannot be camouflaged so well! >>

No, there were no spaceships.
<< Something Spiritual approaches. Female. She must be an infinite being >>

An infinite being? She cannot detect us. We are only finite and vanish from her perception.
<< But infinite beings sometimes exist an infinitely long time, so the probability to discover us can change to a quantity greater than zero >>

For us they appear as extended wave functions that cannot be localized in space and time.
<< Not if they are looking for something. Then they restrict their existence to a finite area. In this case, the space-time expectation value of their consciousness can be determined. Or they materialize as a quantum in a very limited space-time domain. In both cases their self can be localized. Our being moves on to the galaxy-N211110056 987556AAAaaxvz, where we have a hidden base. The extrapolation of her motion vector leads exactly to our planet. >>

Can she be identified?
<< It is Narcisslove >>.

Narcisslove? A being at the second stage of infinity? I wonder that she is still interested in anything other than herself. She must not find us.
<< Do you want to eliminate her? No!!!!!!  She's so beautiful. You can not do that. >>

Her quantum structure is known. We can use an inverse wave function and thereby neutralize her.
<< No, please,  please not. >>

What do you resist? You know the infinite being must not find us. That would be our end.
<< Are some shadows so important? Which even did not exist in reality? Dimensioned zero. She is a creature of the existence of unlimited beauty. >>

We have a self-consciousness, that means we exist. In addition, we can materialize, so we have energy.
<< Yes, zero-point energy, imperceptible for the rest of existence. They might think about  quantum fluctuations, if we intervene somewhere. >>

 So much sentimentality. But Narcisslove is superfluous, focused only on herself. That already tells her name. No one will miss her.
<< I'm going to miss her, I love her beauty. >>

Love? What is this? We are math-realists and look for the final realization. Love, a sense of anachronistic times. Something is wrong with you. Now we start the construction of the destructive wave function.
<< This requires negative energy. If Ennaira will recognize that, then we have no self-confidence anymore, not even as shadows. >>

Ennaira, she  cannot develop self-awareness, since she is not closed, not even in the description. If you want to capture her mathematically, she escapes by simply increasing her size. Her power sets explode. So we don't have to worry about her. The countdown started, 10, 9,8 ... ?

No, I do not agree. I am a part of the whole gang and contrary to your intentions.

Crash. The wave transfer station exploded and with it ​​half of the Galaxy. Only expanding solar plasma remained. Thus, all existing civilizations there had been destroyed, which were needed to trigger the wave accelerator.

What you've done, you're insane!!!!!!! We will throw you out of the collective. Materialization start!

The explosion was not the worst thing. A station could be rebuild again. And finite beings of life, they grow back. What can be worse than that?


But there was actually something worse than that. He had warned her ...


28 of the finalists materialized. With zero-point energy. 27 of them formed a tribunal.

Number 28 in their midst. The other 27 planned to break the positive and negative energy components of the "outlaw" and send it out to the relevant parts of the plane as entropy.
That will raise death for him. And also for his soul. It will be torn into pieces.


"Why are you so cruel?"

Who speaks there at all with us?

A fugitive white figure was visible and a breath of eternity touched the finalists. There must be an infinite being materialized. Narcisslove? Narcisslove. As you come in here? This is an area of zero point energy!

"You know nothing about the hyper monsters? Natures of negative existence, which were transformed into the positive worlds. I copied one of the space-time tracks and used it for an inverse change.

Then you have discovered us. But this is our domain. Bad for you.
Concentrated paranormal energy was thrown towards Narcisslove. She stood right in the focus of a fictitious mirror.

"Let it be. In the form I choose now, you cannot touch me."

The finalists gave up.

"How can you produce a destructive wave function of me?"

We do not construct the negative wave function, it exists already in the negative part of the plane. We carry it in the positive world. This is possible by using quantum holes. Every being in the existence has a mirror image in the negative part of the plane.  We abstract  from the concrete form of the functions to their common identity.  A mathematical-physical problem that was solved in hundreds of billions of years.

"So, how old are you, anyway?"

We are ancient beings, our proper time is older than the lifetime of many universes. They all had a beginning and an end, but we survived them. And now we are able to question infinity in the whole.  Sometimes we had been successful already and the longer we exist ...

"But how will you ever learn to understand infinity as finite beings? Infinite beings grasp the infinity in its entirety. You never can reach such a thing. Do you have any idea how cruel you are, if you destroy an infinite being? The pain is immense, infinite, you cannot imagine such a thing! I now understand what happened with Bella. You killed her! I loved her so much * sob *.

Narcisslove started to cry, a weeping goddess. A river of tears filled the entire environment. Suddenly all finalists were wet completely. But that was not all. After a few minutes, the finalists stood up to their necks inside this strange fluid that didn't allow them to swim.

If that does not stop, we will drown.

"Yes, and that would be so bad? What have you done with Bella?????"

Bella? We remember. She touched one of our bases incidentally and was curious. We had to do something to be not discovered.

"You are so cruel.

You planned to destroy me with the justification that self-love has no value. My love for Bella, it is in your eyes only an extended narcissism. It is love for beauty's sake. Yes it is. What is wrong with that? One of the most beautiful nature of existence, you've just eliminated her because she disturbed you.

I must now think of Jasmine, the most beautiful and endearing being that ever existed. If you will approach Jasmine, I know, I should not threaten ... but ...  Take care. One thought of me and you are history. But this is not my job. Others will remember you when the time comes. I will show you what happened, after your murder, with Bella's continuum.

Many beings died. They couldn't give up her beloved Bella and they couldn't live without her. Even the buildings were whispering their sadness into  the world.

<< Bella, what is about you, where are you, please, please, dear Bella, sign up. >>

And the beings in her continuum are crying: we are all dead already, the yearning for you, it has killed us.

See the deserts, that raised up. Whole rivers of times are dust in the wind now. Unlimited wars, no one stopped them. See the burned worlds. The diabolic network has covered a part of the continuum. You are responsible for this hell, but I know, the word responsible exists only for yourself.

And you, what are you? No emotions, no love, only abstract structures with self-consciousness, which must constantly expand. Yes, mathematics is inconsistent or incomplete. This is the dynamics of yourself . But all of the problems you are chasing, they all have been solved. Every infinite being knows the answers."

You know the solutions of our mathematical problems ?

"Yes, here you see your current status and how it will go on."

Now it was the finalists to learn. Awesome they looked up at Narcisslove.

"And you wanted to kill me, without knowing anything about me. I also have little finite beings for whom I am responsible and who love me."

Another fleeting shadow was visible.

"Who are you? I recognize an infinite being around us. Something very big, much bigger than I, if I expand into the continuum. It must comprise more than one continuum."

((I'm not the very big entity. It is Ennaira))

Panic flowed into the consciousness of the finalists.  Also Narcisslove seemed to be  shocked.

"Ennaira? She can absorb me. Will I find now the end of my existence here in this place?"

((No No, no, dear Narcisslove, do not be afraid of Ennaira. She will not hurt you. She wants to end these finalists. It is not the right way to zero ))

"But who are you?"

((You do not know it? Look at me, with all your senses, you have as an infinite being))

"Bella? Bella! You are Bella! You live ???!!!"

(( Not as it is known in the existence. Inside me, the positive and the negative wave functions added. Ennaira has saved me from disappearing by this interference. Otherwise I might have become something like these shadow beings.

They fail if they think they are composed of zero point energy, there is nothing inside. Only a spiritual memory. Therefore the lack of emotions, but not completely. One of them had a touch with zero point energy. A quantum fluctuation. He saved you, Narcisslove, from my destiny.

For me, the negative energy was not a deficit, Ennaira added real negative energy. Therefore the energy parts added to zero point energy. I became a part of Ennaira, but she gives me my independence as a being of the zero. And inside me the positive part still exists, it is complete, but it hurts sometimes very hard knowing, that it is separated from the existence.

But even the pain hurts how it should, it preserves this part of me of getting lost. The whole zero seems to be empty, but it is not, it's because I have problems with my identity. I still love my positive part. The negative part has found its paradise, there is no movement anymore, I fear this part of me, it is similar like death ))

"Bella, it hurts so much that you have to suffer. Ennaira, can she not return your positive part?"

((Yes, she can. But she needs my help now. She has a gorgeous plan and I will not leave her alone. Maybe at the end of the last eternity, everything will find its goods.))

"Bella, I love you so much. May I embrace you as you stand before me now? "

((Yes, please. Ennaira neutralizes all effects of the negative energy))

Both beings in close embrace. Two lovers, united only for themselves. Ennaira put her hair around them. No, they shouldn't be disturbed, for a finite or an infinite time, as long as they needed it.

The finalists felt so unnecessary, and really, they were.

If we see ourself as a mathematical contradiction, will this end us?
Yes, we should do it.

It happened. The finalists ended their conscious existence by a single thought, 1 + 1 = 0.