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A hypermonster started to transfer into the existence.

Snowwhite was floating through her continuum. Everything seemed to be okay. She saw only happy beings. Yes, this was her river of smile, a river similar to Arianne's paradise. Why should only Arianne create something like this? Any infinite being has the power of a goddess and she comprised two levels of infinities.

In an infinite distance something very strange happened. A gate appeared in the vacuum, raised by nothing.

Immediately she flowed to the space time domain of this event.

The gate opened. Behind only black darkness. But there was something, she felt it. With a thought she distroyed the gate but the transfer couldn't be stopped. With a crash a dark entity materialized. Oh no! A Hypermonster. Only one thought appeared. She had to defend her continuum.

So the Hypermonster materialized as a quant in front of another being, that refused to let him in. Snowhwite has disturbed the process of transferring it into an entity consisting of positive energy.

So it remained negative, a negative entity in the positive world. Snowwhite got a shock. She felt the negative energy, it was terrible. But she was very quick, run out of this dangerous touch. It has hurt her, she felt that this injury will kill her.

Snowwhite was crying. She cried so deep.

A weeping Goddess.

After no time she got a message.

<< Please, little Snowhite, I am so sorry that this Hypermonster escaped from my part. He has similar problems like you. He will die in no time. His negative enery in direct touch with all the positive energy around, he collapsed allready to a singular point. The good news for you: there was no matter around that his negative energy could destroy and blow up into pieces. You have saved your galaxies! Please let me help you. I see, this injury is deathly for you, but I am an umlimited doctor. The love entity herself gave me 333 of her red spheres. >>

"I feel so much pain, I have problems to raise a thought, in a few moments my life will be finished. Why? :-(((((. I love it so much. *crying* . Before I die, please tell me, who are you? I fear even Arianne can not help me anymore, I hope she will carry my soul. I fear so much to be teared into peaces by the death."

<< Arianne, I don't know. She is almighty but also limited by her rules and she suffers with the pain of her beings. That's the gift and the problem of her, but it is exactly what the plain and the love entity expect from her. She must know what happens here but it is not predictable if she intervenes or not.

But she let me in. 

So my self interacts with the existence. This is not self evident. I guess it is her part for the common unity of us.

I am a little bit different, they call me Ennaira, the mirror image of Arianne. Little snowwhite. I will handle you a red sphere of the love entity. It can give you a physical body with unlimited life energy. That means, it will transfer you in a second level entity with properties like Jasmine. Please flow into this sphere. It only seems to be little, it is infinite in all senses, not only in dimensions, also in power sets. >>

Snowwhite had problems to recognize anything else than pain. The pain was so big, it already covered one stage of her infinity and it started to eaten her up. But this red object began to shine with an intensity that execeeded even the infinite pain. Only one thought of her was just possible, it was the last one, the last thought of Snowwhite. "Carry in."

Then she flowed into the sphere. The pain disappeared immediately. And her soul, it was also inside the sphere. So her life started again. Her first new thought:

Was she catched now, like a Jeannie in a bottle?


<< Jeannie, come out >>

She had to smile and flowed out of the sphere.

"Arianne???. Arianne! I am so surprised and happy to see you here."

<< You got a new life status that I must confirm. A second level entity with a physical body, a real life being. That's not easy to realize. It needs my help. I will allow you to enter the interior of the plane, like Jasmine. Now you have all the properties of her and are able to build a continuum of life.

Before doing that, I will invite you into the school of the Janines. You know? You will get Janines that distribute the life in your rivers of time >>

Snowwhite couldn't say anything more. She looked at Arianne and looked and looked ...

<< Don't forget to live while looking *grins* . You are not alone. I invited Narcisslove and Bella too. So you can learn together. Take care of the Janines, they are the life essence of the existence. As a Jasmine like entity you are responsible for the Janines. >>


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