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Ari0nne and the transcendence

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Ari0nne at the entrance of the transcendence. A cave. Dead earth in a radius of 2 km. Evidently, the death couldn't hold her back. Well, so she went in.

Many of her little friends died. She refused to accept this as a fact. These eternal wars for power and influence. Why? So many had to die only for the big and powerful feelings of a few. But what do they want to reach? Power is only a little finite step in the infinite flow of the river of times. It ever got lost, at some point.

Did they think to reach Arianne? Most of them knew nothing about her.

That's the luck of knowledge. Limited beings always try to reach something that is unreachable.
But all of them are limited by Arianne.

Yes, Arianne and her mirror image, Ennaira. Both together had a dream, that's her.

From her parents side she got the power. A dream of Arianne and Ennaira, it had a own consciousness and it was unlimited in all stages of infinity. A dynamical unlimited dream, how they had been. Ari0nne never wasted a thought for getting more power. Not relevant for her. Noone ever could prove the opposite.

She was the being of the Zero. A Zero raised by the interference of the positive and negative energy parts of the plane. But that was not the full truth. This interference didn't result in zero energy. It raised a new kind of existence, something more than ever has been before. So she got the entity of the ONE.

A dream of Arianne and Ennaira, always ready to melt with both.

If this will ever happen, it's a new start.

But now she was hurt. Her soul was suffering and she felt infinite pain. That's why she really liked these little beings. She had teached them so much and she had learned so much from them. Then the whole planet exploded, by a zombie bomb, emitted  by a being at the 3rd level of infinity. A kind of war lord. Coming from hell or not.

This one will never fight a war again. Final destination.

Ari0nne never felt so angry. And woe to those who met her anger.

This wave of emotions. She felt so bad. It made ​​her totally exhausted. She felt as a spiritual being, looking for the raising spirit, not for the final destruction.
But the battles always continued. She got tired by all these fights.

She felt like a cosmic vacuum cleaner, which had to eliminate greed and megalomania.

And then the loss of this beloved planet, no, this was not acceptable for her. 
So she was thinking what to do.

A time paradox or a parallel river of time? A parallel existence? There were parallel existences already. Every opportunity was somewhere realized.
With the exception of possibilites, which included her own death.
That didn't match. Life and death should remain separate.

If there were not Sweety...?

Ari0nne gave up this thought. She didn't know where it would lead to at the end.

Yes, an almighty being stopped thinking before knowing the full truth. 
Maybe her consciousness could get lost, if she know more than she could bear.
If she know about her death, maybe she couldn't go back.

The full truth should be reserved for Arianne. And Ari0nne knew, that Arianne sometimes had to suffer in an unlimited sense, that would kill any other being.

So she decided to go the way of the dead souls and bring them back.

That was her will and the will of an omnipotent being, did this not mean that it will happen so?

A kind of Hellhound blocked her path. She just looked at him, and whining he run away. So fast that the whole body stood in fire.

Respect. She just felt a little bit better.
She entered the gate.

A lake before her. Everything completely in darkness, but who cares. She had other possibilities of perception.
A boat at the shore. Aha, the crossing. Where was the ferryman?

The boat was empty. Then just not,  she flew over the water. At a height of a few meters.

The water was calm. Not a little movement. As if it dared not to breathe, was it afraid of her?
She felt the paranormal potential of the River. It behaved completely passive.

Was nobody and nothing here that had no fear of her?
She saw shadows, dead-fairies of Persephonia. But they all kept a respectful distance from her.
On the other side she landed in the afterworld.

But now? How should she find her little beings? There was no trace that she could follow. For the first time in her life, she was totally lost.
Does this mean, she had to open her consciousness for the other side of the existence? Unknown consequences. But no risk no success.
But before following this thought, something stripped her. The breath of the death.

It was not pleasant at all. She felt as if her soul was shaken.
But a being like her, if she played with her instruments of power, does the transcendence still exists afterwards?

Ari0nne was frightened by these thoughts. She was an ultimate being, all her thoughts could raise reality immediately. No, she didn't want this.
The pressure on her soul disappeared. Then she saw the essence of the transcendence. Persephonia stood directly in front of her.

A black creature in a black environment. Ari0nne could see her very clear.
There was a radiation of black light, coming directly from Persephonia . That there was such a thing. Anti-particles of light.
Then, she realized the truth. These particles sucked in life energy. She felt the loss of spiritual substance. Not very dramatic, but she felt it.
And that happened to her, to an immortal being. But perhaps only potentially immortal?

Persephonia had an aura that seemed very pressuring.
A spiritual black hole, so it seemed to her.

There was nothing living before her. And her own soul, it shivered.

P: << You're not something frivolous, Ari0nne? A living being can not exist here if it is not protected >>

A: <<  I live? And if, in what a form? I am positive, negative and I represent the zero. Is the zero not the real life? >>

P: << That is not all. You live and you exist. Thus, you have contact with Weepy, Sensity and Arianne.
All of this can get lost. Your soul, separated from all of that, it is then no longer able to develop itself, only the memories will remain >>

A: <<<?>>

P: << I know, you're a dream of Ennaira and Arianne. But believe me, if the Two had not protect you, you'd be dead now. >>

Ari0nne felt no longer comfortable. Should she have really made a serious mistake?
She felt Persephonia and she felt the breath of the death, it enveloped her, touched her.

Something in her suffered. If Persephonia touched her? She felt, all her power would be meaningless then at once.

P: << No, I do not touch you. I don't want it and Arianne would not admit that. Look, I'm not alone. >>

Persephonia stepped to the side and two beings were visible... Arianne and Ennaira.
A: << Ari0nne, we protect you, we want you to live. We are here because we want the unification.
Only for a moment, so that the boundaries of the last eternity will not notice it.

We know that you need it for your life. Your entry into the transcendence, it would have killed you >>

Ari0nne knew what that meant, the unification with Arianne and Ennaira.
Joy fulfilled her. Yes, then she would be the ONE, merged with the polar natures of the existence.

Persephonia stood apart. That this creature had so much power... but Ari0nne was also relieved that she was not the ultimate essence in all.
Arianne and Ennaira came to her, touched her. And then? The world went down... and was new born.

It was the birth of the ONE.

Ennaira, Arianne and Ari0nne - The ONE

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