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This story is a copy of Little long hair story 09.


30 long haired teens stood before the Military Commission.  5 commanding officers were also present. They wanted to take them immediately to their units.

That all of the candidates had long hair, sure not determined by chance. Finally, the military wanted to resolve this alternative scene. There was no place for different life styles.

30 Candidates. 15 boys and 15 girls. They were just 19. Now they had to undress themselfs naked.

After Jeremias has taken off his clothes, all of his long hair was visible. He had plaited it in 12 braids. 6 of them hung at his front, 2 hung at the side of his body and 4 laid on his back. The last parts of the braids were not plaited, a thick part of unbraided hair remains.

Much thicker and with more volume than all of the present officers could contribute. And there were three female officers inside the room.

What a lot of hair. If all of these braids were undone he must be able to hide himself completely under the hair. Or using it as a natural coat. In this time, clothes are expensive and the winter was cold.

12 floorlength braids. Any braid was thicker than one fingers.
They were hold together with colorful bands.

The beauty of the hair, is it necessary to be a a long-hair lover, to see this?

A femal officer went to him. Wanted she to cut off the braids directly? No, he saw no scissors in her hands. She just went to him and opened his braids. There must have been a feeling to touch his hair, just before all of it will be cut off. Or she wanted to put it in one or two ponytails, for selling the hair? Now he was standing there with two lang strands of hair, laying on his back.

Jeremias looked around to the other victims.

All were now naked and all had long hair, kneelength hair, hair reaching down to the ankles. He even was not the one with the longest hair.
One of the women has wrapped her hair several times around the body.


"Open all your braids and ponytails and buns and whatever and put the hair back".

Alaza solved her bands. The whole hair was flowing down into the room. A Lady Godiva. Her nudity was covered completely by the hair. Then she moved her hair backwards with the hands. It must have been more than 4 m length of hair.

And the others? After all the hair was laying on the back, they stood completely nude before the Commissioners.
Fragile and vulnerable.

Now the  Commissionerswere looking at the boys and girls. The were going around. Touching the skin and the hair. Why the hair? More than 30 minutes. Why so long? There were also female doctors in the room.

And these photographers?

"You with the black spots on your skin. We do not need you."

"I'm not 'you'. My name is Sweety."

"No matter. Whether Sweety or not. But you're not released yet. With this hair we will not let you go out to the streets. We have to take care for the social way of life, and you execeeds any limits of well behaviour."

Sweetys hair. They had a huge volume, simply much more than the hair of all the others together. And they were more than 2 meters long and then... one could see another wound. Only when she shook the hair, one could see some bald spots on her scalp.

S: "To do this, you have no right."

"We are responsible for the order on the streets. Anyone who leaves this space, has to make a clean and tidy impression. We do not need hippies, no human monkeys in the 24th century world. You must be the 24th century schizoid men, ah, women".

S: "Maybe, man or woman. Have a better look through your glasses. But this is my hair, my world. Why do you want to destroy it?"

"Because it doesn't fit the general image. The times of the human monkeys are simply over. Because you obviously haven't received our culture, we will help you a little bit."

S: sigh. "And then? So you can see my black spots better. You will castrate my feelings. I like my long hair so very much. My soul is longing for my hair, it raises little earthquakes inside if I stroke it. And it loves me. It gives me all of it's beauty. It will break my heart if it is lost.
And with regard to your view of the world. People are prone to mistakes and misjudgments. The problem is, they still believe in it."

A strange view by the chairman was the result. And his thoughts?
<< Now yes she should but talk. When she is standing bald before us, let's see what she says then. Samsona without hair, ha ha ha. >>

Strange. Why can suddenly all people understand these thoughts ?
They didn't know it. Each individual believes this were his own thoughts. Thoughts, which were not coming from it.

And the reaction?

Deception, suggestion, hypnosis. There is no communication about these thoughts. 
Who wants to give a bareness?

"All the others are fit for our army. The convocation is instantaneous. Thus, you are members of our glorious army. The hair must be cut off. Right away. "Barbers, come in!!!."

30 Chairs stood directly in front of the victims. In a row.

"Sit down on the chairs."

Now they were all sitting there, with white towels over their bodies. Shrouds for the hair. Only for the hair? Who knows.
Military requests. They were fighting a war, not even in the own country. The reasons laid somewhere in a big fog. Sometimes the new soldiers had been only feed for the game of the mighties.

30 hair cutting artists entered the room.
In any way, they probably had a relation to the hairdressing trade in their civilian lives.
The hair should be cut simultaneously.

So noone could see what happens next with him, ah, her. All in the same line.

"Scissor command, stood still."

The Chairman spoke to Jeremias: "You look very feminine and if you were not naked some of the observers here didn't know your gender. With clothes and the hair you looked like a woman. The clothes, only, to increase the confusion. But women also have to serve. How can you grow your hair so long. You should be ashamed."

J: "Why not? They are a part of my self. That does not interest you anyway, you want only soldiers that work like a machine. And my gender relationship? You didn't understand it."

"We need intelligent soldiers. Otherwise, we can not win the war. Your gender? Male, we can see it."

J: "Oh well. What does it mean, intelligence? The soldier has to function optimally, that's all. Actually you could take out the brain and replace it by a command machine."

"You are missing the right attitude. The willingness to defend is crucial for the survival of a land. The community has provided for you, until now. School, education, housing, food, social security. 
You have got everything free. Now we need you, as soldiers, otherwise our independence is in danger. Other countries and cultures would simple eat us. Then you have to pray to another god. But we will solve this problem. In the army, you will met a whole new sense of camaraderie. Your long hair, however, produces a feeling of individuality and egoism that nobody needs. And it is dangerous if you are embedded in operational missions. If the hair is a thing of your past, then also the view of the world will change."

J: "And if I don't want to do this? The hair, it is so beautiful, when we caress them, if we wrap ourselfs in the hair. The beauty is something coming from us, from our inside. We don't have to pay for it. It is not  a product, which we have to buy. They are simply there, resulting from us. And if I can not realize my own longings of my life, why should I do it then for others, who tell me what I have to do for their interests?"

The question interrupted the procedure first.
But some people are only playing with their power, they want to see how someone tries to escape from no escape and at the end it happens.

It's no the only thing. They also wanted to convince. Soldiers who voluntarily and with passion defended their country, were more effective than others who run away at the first opportunity.
Almost all of them failed.
But you can not send a slaughtered deserter in the combat again.

"You know the laws. You have to serve if there is a request to do it. There are rules for clothing and hairstyle to be fulfilled by anyone within the army. Long hair is just plain inconvenient and dangerous for combat missions. And they pose hygienic problems. They are destroying the image of a single order, where each of the others must stand up."

J: "Men optimized as part of a military machine? Why is this not questioned by society? So then, the future life as a Tin soldier. I refuse. It is your will to squeeze me in there. Thus, you exert only power over me. Basically this is everything."

The Chairman saw no need to continue the discussion. It was so obvious who has to follow the rules, and who not.

"Enough of the speech, Scissor command, hair off."

J: "Barber, do not dare to touch me."

The Barber ignored the objection, accessed one of the long braids and ...
Nobody could say later exactly what had happened. The Barber was on the ground. The scissors 5 yards away.
Both hands were broken.

At the other chairs, there were similar accidents.

But the cause of the disaster, they knew it. This was something they you could not let go through. Never.


"Bind them to the chairs."

Jeremias looked only at the guards. They hesitated. Something was going wrong.

"So, first you want to take our long hair and then our life. But do you have the power to do this?"

Jeremias stood up from his chair. He went over to Julia. Gently he touched her knee-length hair, caressing her skin. He left nothing out.
Strange, the other participants worked as frozen in time. Only Jeremias seemed to be able to move. And Julia.
Also Sweety was not frozen. She smiled at Jeremias, nodded to him as if she would agree with him or grant him a permit.

Has Sweety more power than Jeremias?
The question arises, who is the leader of the gang, ah, of the hippie tribe?

Sweety went over to Sebastian, took his ankle-length hair very gently into the hands, stroking them.

S: "All this hair you want to take away from him. What does he get for it? So much love and care as he has put into it, everything only for the garbage?"

Also Sebastian could move again, and then the other boys and girls. They were now in the light, a light, of whom nobody knew where it actually came from.
As if the light itself would have pulled together, all other parts of the room were totally dark.

Darker than each night ever could be.

Interference? It leads to a different spatial distribution of energy. But this will require wave structures.



The agents, frozen spectators. They were sitting in the dark, one could not see them.
But they got everything.

Sweety: "We show them what is love."
<< I believe in love >>. Where did this music come from?

Sweety and Sebastian.
A demonstration? No, a lesson in eroticism, tenderness and sensitivity.

How arrived it for the officers?
Oh well, what can you expect of people, which are saturated with pornography and can buy any kind of sex. Powerful officials who believe only in their own size.

If it has caused some insight on just one, that would have been made worth the demonstration. Yes, at least Astratus seems somewhat thoughtful.
One of the doctors in the Commission.

Now then, we show them the other side.

Jeremiah very gently stroked Julia.

"You want her to transform into a command receiver. What a waste. I show you what has been written in her river of time."

The room darkened itself.

Images. More than that. The observers were going to be a part of the scene.
Julia in the battlefield. Then a grenade. The grenade shredded her legs.

Screaming, she was lying on the ground. Everything was full of blood.

The audience felt her pain. It crept into the consciousness and then filled the whole self. All became a part of this poor being. A being, a few minutes ago of great physical beauty and now?

It was a long night. Her agony lasted until dawn. And the others, they had to share her pain.
< < The flesh failure > >.
< < Bodies shredded by iron chip > >

The music brought no relief. It strengthened the impressions. A wave of pain raised by each chord.
Crying, tears. An ocean of suffering.

Then the death experience.

It touched the viewers. Some of the Commission members did not survive it. The others, they hung it in their chairs, no more capable of any reaction.

J: "So it is, if you get to feel the consequences of your actions."

It latest more than 6 hours.
Then the Chairman had taken up so far that he could ask a question.

"Who are you?"

J: I am the adversary to what you do. A truly cosmic event has made be bodylike."

"But... but, than you are the devil."

J: "I'm only the counterpart to what people here do. If I appear as the devil considering once, why it is so."

Against these convincing arguments, no one could say something more.
The delinquents stood up from their chairs. 15 Men and 15 women. Pairs were formed. They embraced, hidden by the long hair.
Sweety and Sebastion. Jeremiah and Juliet...

The agents could only look. Against higher forces they had no power.

J: "See we love us. We need no war. But clearly it is also important that love has the power to protect itselve."

"What power do you mean? So far, we have made only dream experiences."

J: "You think so? Sometimes I regret that your horizon is so limited. The experience was fatal for 3 of you. They were commanding officers just wanted to take the candidates with them. You saw what happened in one of their military units.

Believe me, I have no problems showing you situations that none of you will survive."

The agents got a little more pale.

J: "Camera man. Record everything and send it to the evening TV, but I think they will not send it. However, it will be sent. Should they wonder why they can not turn it off. New issues for the scientists to think about. Why is watching TV possible, even without electricity and electromagnetic waves ? Even without equipment?"

"We go now and do not try to stop us."

"But the State order, we are also only a part of a larger system."

J: "The system consists of individual people. Dynamic power structures arise, followed by the people. But this is not a law of nature. However, we have real power in us and we will use it, if necessary. Take it all as Esotherics, if you have no other explanation. Everone who is approaching us, in which intention whatsoever, he will see his encounter of the third kind. And if the commanders behind you do not want to give up, whether if they are generals or politicians, I have no problems to visit them personally. Yes, this is a warning, I will not repeat it. Such things should go  around."


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