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This story is a copy of little long hair story 08. Losty 02, Losty 03, Losty 04
are only available in German, currently.
Link to Losty 01: Arianne 105 Eng

The last dream

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Loud echoed the call through the Hall.
The door opened and the incoming was ... oh, one could not see who came in. Someone who was completely covered by hair. Very long hair reaching to the ground. Perhaps even longer, the lower ends were bent inward. What a kind of hair!!! It was shining like diamonds. Even the sun will become envy for this beauty.

The hair was breaking and reflecting the light in different colors. A natural prisma.
Like a rainbow she was standing there. The hair was shining on the background of a natural blond.

Breaking the light? Yes, a very special situation. The hair must be transparent, like glass, but hard as diamond.

Hair so hard? They usually are very soft and fragile.
Not always. It happens in the small areas. For a photon it is enough. But the person behind the hair, one can not see her.


You will see her, wait a moment:-)

Is it ... no or yes ... is it Losty?

Who knows *grin*

"The hairdressing chair is waiting already."

What a dressing? Butchering, that will be the result.
Reality. Primitive as it is. Someone will buy this hair. Beauty is only allowed for poor people, if they sell it to the money guys.

The being was waiting at the door. She didn't dare to come in. Annala went to her, catched one of her arms through the hair and then she took the being with her.
A being? Are you sure?


"Come with me, there is no other choice for you. The school order requires a bob style."

No response.

"The hair will be sold, and this gives enough money for you to buy several floor length hair wigs. For your private use. Isn't this a good offer?"

Thoughts. A wig? Never. Without the hair she will be bald for all times or dieing. Simple dieing.

Lisa was fighting against this pulling, she hated it.

Lisa? Yes, the call was for Lisa, and who is coming in? Lisa!

Now Emaelia and Beada came to help Annala. The three persons were setting Lisa into the hairdressing chair.

And now? Will she bound now?

Lisa behind the hair. High heels were reaching out.
Lisa was sitting in front of the big mirror, the victim should see what happened with her. For the cameras and then for the people, longing for seeing tears running down.
All these hair fetishists, a festival for them.

Could she look through the hair? Or did she want to see nothing more?

Suddenly two arms appeared and they took the hair before the face a little bit aside. An eye could be seen.
It was wet. Has she cried?

The great Master Harlos grasped at the hair. He put the hair to the back of the chair. But ... what the hell ...
He saw naked skin. The girl was completey naked under the hair!

He took the hair back. No, not in this evening show. This will raise trouble. Pornographic sightings in an evening show!

So Lisa's hair was saved for the first time. But really?

Master Harlos was thinking.

If a brain like this could produce something like this.

Should he cut off a strand of hair? To make a beginning? If a part is lost the rest will follow.

With one hand he was catching a hair strand, in the other hand the scissor.
Diabolic guy!

The moderator Maurizia intervened.
"Now, we need the whole hair, undamaged, not in peaces. Lisa, you will go to the cabines and you will take clothes on. Immediately. Otherwise you will be thrown out of the shool. And you have to pay for our costs. You know, what this means.

Yes, she knew. In the prison she will lost all of her hair.

Master Harlos seemed to be deaf on both ears. He tried to continue, but suddently he got a cramp in the arm. "Ouucch". The scissor was falling down, yes, not the hair, the scissor was falling down to the floor.

Bless you.

Someone had to sneeze.

Lisa left the chair alone. A very special moment. Noone ever left this chair with her long hair.
Changes, happening in the modern times now.

The crowd began to murmur.

"Cut the hair! Cut the girls hair!"

The girls hair? Noone could see a girl, only hair. This hair seemed to shine from the inside! Sure an optical illusion.
Lisa went to the out door and disappeared.

In the room behind the door she was welcomed by Hanna and embraced with love. Now both girls were sitting on the floor, covered by their hair. Noone could see them, only the movement inside the hair. What were they doing?

From the outside one could hear the showmaster.

"Who is the next?"

"Hanna with her floor length wavy hair. A contrast to the straight hair of Lisa."


Nothing happened.
Then she must be taken manually.

No, not again the same stuff. All the 28 girls were naked. They had thrown the clothes outside the window, from the 38th floor. Only the hair was covering their nudity.
There were no further clothes available.

They were sitting together, touching each other, stroking skin and hair. Both seemed to be the same thing. Unity of skin and hair.

"Please, let us our long hair. We love it so much. Our souls are longing for the hair"

No, that was not possible. The authorities requested short hair. Since thousands of year men and women had very long hair. It didn't fit the Modern Times.
The men already used to have short hair, now the women had to follow.

To get a civilization full of business people?

A camera men has come into the room. So the whole country could see the scene. All the girls, sitting together and begging for their hair.
Somehow, it did not fit now and here to enforce the cutting of the hair with violence.

<< Let them this single day. At the end they will go home alone, then we will find a solution >>


Then they were left alone for the last time.

"They will take away our hair, they have won always."
Klara looked so sad. She hold her knee-length braids in the hands.

"Are we not the last dream of our civilization? We with the long hair? A Fairy tale for the other people, something they have already lost?"

"If they take this last dream, then what remains?"

"The last dream. Yes, we are the very last dream. I can feel it, the last dream of a civilization that no longer wants to seize us."

"Or can."

"Maybe, maybe there will be once a time, where the last dream can do something for others."
"As long as it still gives him"

What they didn't knew, the words, they were recorded and sent to the big dictator, the dictator of the modern times. He himself cared about this theme.

For such a minor event?

No, it is not insignificant. He wants to break a thousands of years old tradition, like the tradition behind the cripple of limbs and organs, for whatever reason.

But can you see everything under the same aspect?
You can, but you do not have to do it. It depends from the point of view of the observer.

And who can foreseen the dictator, the views of such people?

On the street. Some dark figures in dark edges, armed with scissors and knives. They were found by the elite soldiers that suddenly were everywhere on the road. Collected and carted away.

Weird things happened there.

Is there something protecting our rapunzels?
Or has it something to do with the last dream?

The astro physicians have seen it first. The comet Hartrud raced against the planet. With a length of more than 20 km and a velocity of 200000 km per hour. It will hit the planet in 2 hours.
If there something remains ... sure it is not able to think. There was no time for reactions.

A military convoy stopped before the great hall. Soldiers were coming in, moving straigth forward to the room in which our girls are sitting and loving each other and their long hair.

Knock, knock,knock ...  always knocking.

"Please, we ask you to enter."


"Yes, please come in. So many soldiers. Does it need an army to cut our hair?"

"Hello, I am general Marissimo, the commander of all the military forces of our country. I come to you because we need your help. The last dream of our civilization, we need it urgently. Otherwise our time is over. We only have 90 minutes."

How shall they stop the comet? With parakinetic energy? But they didn't master it. This little playing with lights, small sorceries, alone with this they can not stop a whole world!

So, and why not?

All the girls heard it. And no word was spoken.

The soldiers observed a change. The girls seemed to be high concentrated and completey absend.
They dared not to disturb it, they even restricted their breathing.

One could hear a pin drop.
Also outside, everything was quiet. People knew what happened there.

Deathly silence before death?

Or not.

<< Dear Losty, we are your children. Please, dear Losty, please help us. We can not do it without you >>

A honest prayer. And if this Losty doesn't exist?

You will manage it alone. You only have to want it.
Again another thought out of nowhere, all the girls did not know whether they had thought it or not.

Lisa: "We should handle all of us by the hands, let us move together closely". The result was a big ball of bodies, with hair all around. "And for all the people outside, please, think with us. Love us so as we love you. Embrace anyone that you can find, excluse noone. We need all of you. Please, transmit this scene with the cameras in the whole world. If we all become one Unity, then we will hit him, with a single thought."

Inside 30 minutes, it was a wonder how this population was able to run into one thing.

Astronom Archibada didn't believe his eyes. The comet burst into thousands of little peaces, all of them got an impuls away from the planet.

They received the great dictator in his Office. Yes, not a Palace, just an Office. Not even very large.

"I thank you, dreamers. And I beg you, let us together manage the fate of the world. Let us go to the big conference room. I have video connections to all important presidents, chancellors, kings, queens, empresses, warlords and to dictators like me. And all of them are waiting for you. We know your faith in the incomparable great Losty and we want to share this belief with you. Please help us."

Lisa: "Losty doesn't want to be considered as a goddes. She just wants that we develop ourselves, from our own self. That we overcome our animal past and that we learn and give the growing spirit the space which it deserves. Then she will help us, usually we will not even notice it."

Lisa, now one could see something of her, the face, the eyes, a beautiful young woman, surrounded by a sea of glowing hair.


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