Arianne 206 En - Whity

Whity in the temple of chastity in the frame of an unholy woman.

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The unholy

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A great amount of Moral Guardians had gathered themselves in the temple. Together they wanted to pray to the Goddess of the all holy chastity. Her statue in the temple was perfectly wrapped in all kinds of garments. Even the face was covered. No deviant thoughts should come up.

A Goddess must be beautiful. But how does this fit the unholiness of her eroticism? All her physical appearance must be hidden before the eyes of the human beings. As a divine example for all the other women.

Women were not allowed there. How can they perceive it, if they are not allowed to visit this holy hall?

And why did the men pray to a Goddess?

An insult, a blasphemy. A naked woman suddenly stood directly before the holy altar. Where did she come from? With long hair reaching to the ground. Just before the sacrificial bowl. It was now cleaned perfectly, but ...

Sighs of indignation were heard, getting louder. From the reverently atmosphere remained not very much.

"Take her to the ground! Sacrifice her! Tear her skin from the flesh! Fill the sacrificial bowl with her blood!!"

Something like this happened, at another location at a different time. Memories of another murder. Should there be a repeat?
But ... this victim seemed not to be helpless.

And hasn't she provoked it?

The special about this situation, the woman in front of the crowd, she did not show any fear.

Somehow they perceived it. So the mob stopped five meters in front of her. As before an invisible barrier. The crowd seemed to be baffled.

Standing still.

And they did not know why. Only because the victim had no fear?

No movement any more. Dead silence in the hallowed halls. They felt the special of this situation. This woman was not anyone else. All the bloodthirstiness was gone. How was it possible? This could not be true. A naked woman in the holy halls of the absolute chastity, in all of her unveiled erotic?

However, she radiated pure erotic. With an intensity, that the genes of the men must refuse the murder? Who knows, how human beings tick.

<< Everything here is a little different. I am not Hypatia and you are not Christian. >>

"But ... who are you?"

<< Maybe Erotica *grin*. It could be a possible incarnation. No, I am my own self. >>

"And ... are you a Goddess? Our Goddess? Or just a whore?"

<< I could be your Goddess, if I wanted it, and also your whore, it's not your decision what I want to be.  >>

"Why do you violate our rules? This temple is holy for us. Nudity is sin. You make it to a hall of the fallen women."

<< Fallen women? Are I fallen because you can see  parts of my naked skin? My arms, my hands, my legs, my knees ... and my face, my mouth, my eyes ... but almost all of my body is covered by my hair. >>

"You are nude under the hair!"

<< And you, aren't you nude under your clothes? >>

"This is completely different!"

<< Oh yes, it is. But isn't the physical body the most beautiful gift that we have? And the beauty of the hair, can't you see it? I ask you, am I unworthy, how I stand here? >>

"You are beautiful, but the sin ..."

<< Is it sin to deny the beauty of life? Chastity for what? Why is abstinence so desirable? Do you really believe, through abstinence you will get an option to something worthy? Maybe a permit to the paradise? If I was alone with one of you and if I was a whore, you did not have any problems to take me. But inside a crowd ... in public ... and because you don't know, who I am, whether I have magical power or not ... you hesitate. My appearance here ... it shows you the fear in your thoughts and the contradiction between longing for unchastity and celebrating chastity. >>

"You talk wisely. But who are you really? You profane our temple. Why did we not catch you?"

<< You can not do it, because I appeal to your deepest longings. For me it is simple, but there was an another being, she was torn to pieces, before a holy altar. From beings who were similar like you. Blood and pain to the glory of God? What do you understand about Gods? If you want to have pain, then have it. But don't expect a reward. If you want to live, then celebrate the life. Only in this case I am with you and inside you. >>

"You talk like a Goddess, and we do not understand why we feel that way. But we feel so."

<< Some minutes ago you wanted to tear me. And you had done it, if I was not stronger than you. >>

"But ... we stand here."

<< Because I want it. >>

"But what happens with us now? >>

<< You are like animals in your feelings. Who should judge over you? It is the spirit, which should awake. But it is only the power, the invincibility, which shows you the frontiers. You did not want it different. My appearance here, it is a gift to you, to give you a touch with a real existing spiritual world.  What comes out for you, it's you work. Do you want to follow the spirit or do you want to live and die like an animal? An animal which uses it's intelligence only to get lost in an ecstasy of feelings? >>

"We do not understand you."

<< This is a true statement. Therefore you have made something good. I will not punish you, I will not change you and I will not help you. It was a need for me to give you a message, to give you a hint how I think. I also have a consciousness and a soul, I feel and I think. >>

Somehow the gathered people felt spirituality. They fell on their knees and prayed. Individually, every man for himself, alone with the Goddess, which he has found now.


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