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The Archivist, looking at the light.
He is thinking about the rivers of time and his beloved Jasmin.

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The second stage of infinity

The second stage of infinity has the mighty of the power set of the first stage of infinity.
It is the mighty of the continuum.
A continuum comprises the endless rivers of time of the first stage of infinity.

The archivist is an infinite being of the continuum, a spiritual connection.
Jasmin is another spiritual connection of the continuum.
They follow different tasks.

Both are spiritual parts of Arianne with an own consciousness.

The Archivist

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He looked at the endless rivers of time.

He saw the Janines moving inside up and down, and he saw cross movements between different rivers of time.  He could take all the rivers in its entirety, because he was an infinite beeing of the continuum, comprising all these rivers.

He knew where they lead to.

The Janines are moving up and down?

Yes, they move to the future or to the past.  Sometimes the cause must be repaired to be consistent with an effect.


It depends from what happens first, and it depends from the interaction between parallel rivers of time. They contain all the parallel universes of the origin. Nothing is really static, everything is in movement. If the future is quicker than the past, the past must be made compatible.

It sounds complicated.

Yes, really it is :-). But that's not all. The free will of the beings allows interactions, that are not predefined.

But how can you know where the rivers lead to, if not everything is predefined?

Think about physical and spiritual existence. The physical part is determined by the structure of the continuum. I say continuum, that means, a river can change it's flow inside.

The spiritual existence allows views about the existence, that can not be foreseen. That's the essence of being an individuum with a consciousness. And there is a probability constructor which prevents a static determination of a river of time. And last not least, there exists events to which no reason can be fixed, an example are quantum fluctuations in the small and in the large. The reaction of the infinity to avoid an infinite monotony.

Think about a physical river on the surface of a finite planet. Usually it will end in a sea or an ocean, driven by the physical law of gavity. But the rivers of time are endless. They are similar like non rational real numbers. As an example see the real number represented by the square root of the natural number 2. It's description in decimals has no end, although the square root of 2 is a comprehensible item of imagination, it represents a real number which square is 2.

In a similar way the rivers of time are endless and non periodic. The evolution of time will never run into circles. This  is the essence of the evolution inside, it always gives something new. And this is the force behind the time which gives it a flow from the past to the future.

And what about you?

I archive all the events that happen there. Space time events. And I store the spiritual contents of beings which lived there. That is possible, because I am a spiritual entity comprising all the living creatures with all their feelings inside the continuum. So nothing will get lost. Even the cross interactions between parallel streams will be stored. They even can lead out of the second stage of infinity. In this case I only know the roots. And there are incomings that are not traceable. It leads to the imagination that there may exist higher levels of infinity and maybe higher cosmic beings.

Or interactions between different continua.


And you know about all living creatures. About the animals, the plants?

Yes, any living creature has feelings and a consciousness.

I think about a plant or an animal that will be eaten by an intelligent higher being.

The so called "higher beings" are not always aware with the fact that they have to kill to survive. That leads to moral paradoxies. But as long as it is limited to a finite existence, it will cause no higher problems. The "higher being" kills the plant or an animal for his food. That's the appearance of the existence. There is suffering and joy. For the finite beings everything is limited and they got it, sometimes like heaven, sometimes like hell. They should remember that heaven is only a gift.

And I see a cosmic being that is visible if the life ends. It must be the death. I don't know if it is a higher cosmic being or not. I am not looking for contact, because I don't know what will happen with my soul, if this being is touching me. I see the life energy transformed into a radiation, which can be absorbed by matter too and then gives the start of a new life.

Under certain conditions, that are determined by the laws of nature.

But what I do not understand. What happens with the souls of the living creatures? Are they absorbed by the death? Is the death collecting souls? I don't see spiritual radiation. The souls disappear from my perceiption, if they are dead.
Souls appear, if a new life is starting. But I don't know where they come from and where they have to go. First they are very small, then they grow inside their proper time and finally they disappear.

Most of them disappear as quick as they appear, only few have a chance to grow. If I compare all the dead cells with the few constituing a living creature, for a single cell the probability to get a life is zero.

But it happens. I think infinite many tries overcome this situation.

Approximately. It appears infinite often at different localizations in a river of time, and these domains didn't have any causal connection.

You know about Arianne?

No, it exceeds my limits. The second stage of infinity has no frontiers, so I can not look behind them.

But you know about Jasmin!

Oh. He didn't think anymore. That's private. Jasmin, his hidden love, his beloved cosmic being. Jasmin, the light of the continuun, and he, he was standing in the dark, looking at her. If she knew about him?

But he was in the dark, and "what is in the dark, you can not see." At least that was his idea. If he thought so, he felt so lonely. An infinite being, it can feel very lonely, indeed infinite lonely.
His destiny. Every being had to bear his fate. If he only knew, why?

He loved her so much, any part of his infinite existence was longing for Jasmin.

But that's another story. What he didn't know, no love can get lost, if it is true by the heart.

He wondered how far the stored knowledge can grow. A question that he could not answer. He archived since an infinite long time, so the knowledge exceeds already any limits. If the knowledge itself can reach the state of an infinite cosmic being? He didn't know it. And the knowlege was not only a static database, it interacts with the different items inside and it produces new items. So it grows inside.

Let it grow. Infinity is not a limited place.

The archivist, looking at a flare of Jasmin

the archivist
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