Arianne 236 En - The tears of Arianne

Arianne's tears and the evolution of beings.

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The tears of Arianne

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A young woman, hidden in one of the temples of the countless deities of the universes, somewhere in the depth of the multiverse. A multiverse, from which one only knew, that it's greatness was unknown.

She fled there, before her torturers, whatever they want to do with her. She looked slightly attacked, bruises in her face, little rivulets of blood. Her body was veiled. If there were also wounds?

She had dark spots on the clothes and she could barely stand on her legs.

Now she crouched before the big statue in the front area of the temple. Whether she was kneeling or if she was collapsed, an observer couldn't see the difference.

The big statue, that must be her Goddess. A veiled female being. One could see it on her face. She was not naked, as it could be seen often by statues of Goddesses.

Nude, because a Goddess did not need to wear clothes? Or only to fit the fantasy of some males?
Or to blame a woman by presenting her in this way? Who knows. Different views are possible, and which possibility is not realized?

She remained in silent prayer, forgot her own self. A little bit of her soul already floated above her.
Then, suddenly, there was an apparition. If one looked more precise, a woman, veiled by white clothes. She stood directly in front of her. A real living woman, not a dead statue, where did she come from?

You must not always ask for the ground of the things. Take it as it is.

What for thoughts! Often her thoughts struggle only through all this toil, which she has to master every day. But she never gave up her love to the life and to her Goddess, which she owed her life.

Instead of this she should have must cursed her Goddess every day.


What is the value of a God, if he never helps?

We speak about a Goddess.

Oh yes. Are they so different?

The apparition gave her his hand, lifted her up.

All the pain disappeared. Then the foreign women kissed her directly on the mouth. Foreign? She looked like her Goddess.
And she felt the tears, which run out of the eyes of her Goddess.

Noise in the background of the temple. There they were already, the true rulers of this planet.

"This one there. Take her. Tear her the skin from the bones!"

A repetition? Why must all these things repeat themselves? In an endless sequence?

The woman in the white clothes, she was not seen by them.

One tale, but there are also many other stories ... the annihilation of thinking beings through people like they are. But, are they really people? Men, women and children, burned, cut into pieces, they have done it also with beings which fled into the burning temple of a Goddess.

Not that this was already the full stuff. Wars, covering planets, destruction of worlds.

But what do you complain, this stuff is used widely as entertainment, from many of these civilized persons.

<< How ended this story? >>

A thought to the Avatar, coming from his favourite being.

<< Jasmin, you know, it were the tears of Arianne which caused the continuation. >>

J: << The tears of Arianne? >>

A: << Yes, if she cries, then she does not change a destiny, although she would do so gladly. >>

J: << But all what is, it is because she thinks it.  If she wants to change it ... why she did not? She only must think different. >>

A: << She sees and experiences everything in it's entirety. Without her intervention, in 20 million years the barbarians had developed positive, in love and harmony. And all these stories about blood, destruction and death were history. But she lives with all the beings in all times, she shares their pain and luck, the misery and the death, and this single being, she had so much enclosed her in her hearth. Don't forget, she has her own self with feelings and with a will, which can fight with her self. Like it happens by all beings with a consciousness. She must cry often and if her tears match an evolution line ... >>

J: << What happens then? >>

A: << See, what the rivers of time told me. From one to the other day all the thinking beings of the planet, who got an own consciousness, disappeared. As if they never had existed before. And it disappeared also the whole evolution line, including the parallel worlds. >>

J: << Did the tears of Arianne cause this? >>

A: << Arianne has ceased to think them. >>

And so we do not know exactly, about whom Arianne was weeping. Was it this single being, who had to suffer so much? Or perhaps those whose happiness could never unfold, because she did not think them any more?

The tears of Arianne
ariannes tränen

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