Arianne 24 En - A little Janine

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A little Janine looking for her destination.
She left her planet and before getting lost Jasmin appears.

A little Janine

She was a Janine, a very young Janine, but nevertheless she knew what she was. A being with a cosmic destination, but she didn't know anything more. She had long hair, it wrapped her body. The hair was important, she knew it, but why? Well, she loved her hair, she wouldn't cut it.

The long hair, it was difficult in these times, to let it survive. Times, in which short hair was almost a must.

She went her own way, with her long hair. In a strange way, she was accepted, although otherwise for any small hair someone has to fight for it's existence.

It was so nice to play with the hair. It whispered softly to her. This was already very different from normal hair, which almost tells nothing.

<< Janine, Janine, we love you. Get into the flow of time. Let yourself be taken over by the river of time >>
The river of time? Where she could find the entry? In her familiar world she didn't know anything about an entry to the time. She knew, however, that a Janine could swim in the rivers of time. Where does this knowledge come from? It was a knowledge that comes from the insite. It was just there.

Today, there was a new decree about hair. Hair longer than 5 cm was forbidden. Who stood behind this crazyness?
This short-haired military dictator. Many soldiers were travelling on the streets.

She hid her hair under clothing, used a short hair wig. Then she went out on the road, wanted to buy something to eat.

"Hey you"

A military approached her.

"Stand still! Hair control!"

What should she do? She stopped.


So, that was it.

No! But what could she do? Well, she was a Janine.

Suddenly, the soldier did not know what he wanted. He wished her a good morning and departed.

Unfortunately this situation was observed by others.

A group of armed men approached her.

"Why didn't they check you?"

Janine: "You can not control me, if I do not want it"

"Oh, really?"

One of the guys wanted to grab her, but she suddenly floated three feet above him, just in the air, looking down.

"A witch! Put it down"

Oh yes, witches were known already.

The others turned their guns at her. But suddenly they began to drip, burned their hands.

"Au, damned witch ...!"

Janine: "I am a really evil witch. Do you want something more?"

No, they had enough. But from now on she was the most famous witch on the planet. They would hunt her.

She had to constantly watch out now that nothing unexpected happened to her.

So fast it can happen that you have to reveal yourself.

She decided to leave the planet, floating towards outer space.

There she found a spiritual being, which spanned the planet. It tried to absorb her!

The hair was whispering to her. << Janine, it can not be harmful for you if you enter time >>

She wanted now, but how to do it? She had an idea and screamed: "go, Satan, go!"

What a surprise, it worked. So much power. She couldn't believe it.

Then it attacked her. Telekinetically. The attack took away her breath, she threatened to crush.

In herself something happened, a movement, it felt like an inside ghost wanted to go out. She let it out.

A mental cry was the answer. The telekinetic stranglehold stopped abruptly.

So, such a spirit couldn't be dangerous for her.

She had no interest on further "communication",  floated away.

<< Janine, I greet you >>

Yes, please tell me who greets there?

<< The Planet >>

The planet, a living being who could greet?

"Thank you, dear planet, you too get greetings from me"

She felt a sudden emotion of the planet. It was sad about what happened on its surface.

What should she do? She felt that she could change things, but did not know what consequences this would have.

Planet: << Janine, please follow your destination. Then you will know where you can make a difference. I am so happy that you have been born on me. There are only a few from billions and billions of planets which have such a great luck >>

Yes, that was perhaps more important. Although she still had an emotional relation to this world. Whether they simply should not return as a white witch?

Planet: << No, Janine, the thought is so beautiful, but please seek your destiny >>

She was a little sad as she left the planet.

She was so young and she knew so little from the outer world. She had a cosmic destiny and was longing for a being that would help her to understand it.

So she floated lonely and sad through the cosmos. What exactly are she doing here?

"Hello Janine"

She stopped. A telepathic contact in the darkness that surrounded her.

Janine: "Yes, hello, thank you, but I do not see you"

Suddenly there was a light, light that caressed her, stroked her. She wondered what a light was able to do. Then she saw a shadow, it looked like a human being. A woman. Yes, a beautiful woman with long hair.

"Do you see me now?" I'm Jasmin. I will help you "

She felt at once so safe and happy, that she had to cry.

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