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Arianne 272 En - The Characteristicum

Sally's death fight and the help from the other side.

Loving the body

Sally loved her body and her very long hair. But there must not be a difference, the hair is me, she answered, if someone asked her why it is so long. Oh, it was very long. Down to her knees and ... she twisted it up at the knees because she did not want the hair to clean the floor.

And she felt her self as a part of her body. Feeling the body very deep inside her mind and she loved it so much. She could spend hours with her body thinking in feelings. Loving the flesh and feeling it in her consciousness. Moments, that should never pass. Then she has no wishes any more, only happiness. Standing outside the time, loving and loving and loving her body and the body loved her self. She lost her soul in a heaven of feelings.

Sometimes she wrapped her body inside the hair. It protected her so much. She could be naked under the hair and no one could see it. How this beautiful hair softly stroked over her skin.

There was so much love with the body and the hair ... she felt so happy.
And she could share her feelings with her beloved girl-friend, Amanda.

Then there was a heaven 2. Or 7? Don't know what is the highest one.

Being together, embracing, kissing, caressing the naked skin and reaching the soul of the beloved friend.

But it wasn't the time for individual happiness

The civilisation was very strong in it's requests for conformity. A lot of death executions were enforced already against dissidents.

Someone made a video of their being-together, and how Sally handled her self, if she felt unobserved. But she wasn't. Both were accused to be lesbians and for their unrestrained lust.
There were also boys involved in this amoral life. Boys with age 14! And this young girl of age 11, hasn't she told ...

This gave the prosecution of child seduction.

A big public excitement was the consequence. These girls should be stopped. To live in lust and being always happy... Yes, they should feel pain. And not only on the bare skin with some strokes. Wasn't there an unknown murder ... and these witches with their red hair ...

That's the point. They are witches! And they must be stopped finally!

And last not least they called the Big Leader a whoring wichser. Whatever that shall mean. But it was a very strong insult.

If no one understod it?

Both were accused, imprisoned and now they were waiting for their execution. They should be hanged until death.

For the fun of the accuser, the judge, the hangman and his deputies?

Accused for no reason?

That was the reason. To give pain to someone who really loves the life. This gives joy for some other ticking characters.

Folk decomposition! A very strong accuse. Pain is important to make the crowd follow.
An estimation that was not discussed in public, but it was an internal topic. The powerful wanted an end.

The audience will apply. Appreciating the death fight and it's final end. They should feel all the pain that life can give, the pain that they have refused to share.

Sally and Amanda in her common cell, dissolved in tears.
Both were kissing the face of the beloved being and sucking in the flowing tears. Then they opened their mouths and put their tongues deep in the throat of the beloved friend, drinking the wet.

And all of this was filmed. The observers wanted to the see the forlorness in love, waiting for the finale fate that was unavoidable.

What a strange culture.

Culture? Have you said culture?

What an amount of feeling would occur if one of the couple will see the other die. The auditorium  was longing for this moment.

Aren't there some pain eating entities in the background?

Who knows. You think about the paranormal ghosts in Twin peaks?

Maybe. It is not clear how far this story is reaching.

The cynical way of life seemed to be the favourite one for a lot of people.


The execution day

Sally: "Please, please let us live on. We love our life so much, so infinite much. We love, love, love ..."

Hangman: "Enough pleasure for you. Now we want to see you in pain. This is the kind of versatile culture we have. And it is fair for all the poor people who have so much pain and never felt happiness in life. The judge has made his judgement. And do you really thing a hangman has any possibility to change the rules?"

Amanda: "Please not, please please ..."

Hangman: "No mercy, it's our fun. And we should begin to find an end before the lunch time is coming."

Sally and Amanda let their tears run down. They couldn't see anything, the tears were burning their eyes.

A deputy took the arms of Sally and took her out of the cell.

Why I haven't shot the deputy?

"We will prepare you first. Amanda shall witness your hanging until death, before she follows."

Sally felt so helpless. Why couldn't there be a Goddess to help her? She wanted to live and never will give it up, she loved it so much. Why must she go through this?

She said nothing and let her bring to the gallows.

"Please let me live ... please ... I love it so much, so very very much, it's the most beautiful gift that ever has given to me."

But makes it sense to ask a hangman for life?

"It's time to pass. Life has a begin and an end. The end for you is coming now."

The hangman put the rope around her neck and tied up her hands.
The hair, what doing with all of this hair? Cutting it later. There is not enough time.
Already too much time wasted to hear all these begging. Begging for love. And asking a hangman for this. What a stupid thought.
He put the hair on her back and ... the twisted up part was falling down. Now the hair was cleaning the floor.

"Any last word?"

No, Sally was only crying.

"Then, go!"

Sally lost the ground under her feet.

And the hair covered her body again, as if it tried to protect her. No one could see her naked.

She felt terrible pain at her neck, as if someone had torn her head from the shoulders. So much pain, she never thought that she could endure such amount of pain. And her consciousness, it refused to go, it fought for her life. In a hopeless battle.

She felt the rope very strong around her throat ... and ... she couldn't breath. She felt panic and pain increasing in an inflationary sense. Her foots tried to find a halt but she couldn't find it. She moved her legs in the air.

The pain, it was increasing at infinity. But ... she was a finite being. How much of this could she endure?

How can a being in a situation like this raise questions or be curious?
She felt that she died. But she refused. Her consciousness was fighting and fighting, she wanted to live, she would not give it up. So much beautiful life, no, no, no ...

She felt darkness coming up. Her eyes couldn't give her any input any more. But this kind of darkness was much stronger, it came from the inside.

She was mental crying. No, I will live live live ... I Love it ... I want to live to live to live ...

Obviously she did not surrender her fate. But ... what can change it? At the end ...

Something changed.

Inside her universe of pain a circle appeared, just in front of her. She could see it although her eyes gave no input any more. The circle formed eyes, a mouth, a nose and ... began to speak to her!

Hearing the Tubular bells.

She understood the words, in all of this pain and the almighty bells inside her ears.

"Please give up this battle. You can not win. You will die and I carry your soul."

<< No, no, no, no, ... I love this wonderful life ... I can not ... give it up ... I want it, I want it, I want it ... but all what I find is pain ... >>

She answered ... in a non trivial sense, and that in such a situation. How can this be possible?

<< I, I, I, I feel so much pain. It is so big ... I want to ... live to live to live ... >>

And a second thought came up inside her consciousness, that was swimming in a river of pain.
Unbelievable. She formed another thought.

<< How are you >>

"I am the Characteristicum."

Then she felt a spiritual touch. Much deeper than the painful universe that was her self now.

"Please try to endure the pain for a moment longer as you may believe you can do it. It's your connection to the life that you love so much."

She felt a light, it outshine the pain ...

"Now you have done enough for your life. I will help you."

On the gallows.

Hangman: "... she is disappeared! How can this happen?"

Sally felt no pain any more. But a thought. A thought which was asking. Where I am ... am I still?

That is the question.

If there was a thought she must exist.

And ... her body, her life ... was it gone? She got panics. No, panics is a feeling ... my body ... my beloved beloved beloved body ... comes it from you?
She tried to move her arms ... and ... it worked! She touched her naked skin.

My body ... my life ... or is this only an illusion?

She felt another thought.

<< You are alive. And you have come into the afterworld with your whole living body. Such a thing ... it is impossible ... but you are here. There is not a sphere around you which contains all that you need to live. The Characteristicum must carry your living body directly.

What a Goddess can do!

She has taken you from the existence. Not only your soul. Your whole living body!
Now we have the problem to give you an environment that your consciousness is able to understand. >>

"Amanda, where she is, my love, my beloved, beloved, beloved Amanda?"

<< You can not get enough? Amanda ... she has been prepared for hanging ... >>

"No, no, no, no,..."

<< Your love. We understand. We can not hold your life without your love .... but still another impossible thing? That is an inflation. >>


<< Here she is. >>

A question: "Where am I now?"

Sally opened her eyes ... and she saw Amanda. Regarding her frame, she must stand 10 feet before her.

Amanda looked at her ... and ... her face changed ... there was an understanding ...

"Sally, my beloved Sally. You are here!"

Both run to each other and they hugged each other.

Sally: "Amanda, this is another place. A Goddess has helped us. I can not believe it. I never thought that they waste any thought about us ..."

Amanda: "Another place? I see nothing that I can understand, but I see you in your completeness.
What happened? They have killed you ... and now ... I ... begin ... to ... imagine ..."

Sally: "It is true, but different. We are here with our living body, picked up by the Goddess of the afterworld."

On the gallows the hangman has to wonder. The second girl to be hung, she disappeared. No one would believe such a story.
He looked at his deputy and saw only a stupid face.
What to do? It is better to say nothing. Let the things go ... There will no one ask for the corpses ...

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