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Arianne En 273 - The Characteristicum 02

Sally and Amanda forming a love couple on the other side. Being carried by the Goddess of the afterworld.
Exploring the perceived environment, they were contacted by the dead.

Sally and Amanda in love

Sally and Amanda in deep hug, covered by long hair. They did not move their bodies very much, they were in touch with each other and kissed and stroked their naked skin and the long hair,  and never got tired doing this very very softly. They felt love and love and love ... and forgot everything outside their frames, more than 72 hours long. Time measured in the proper time that their brains understood.

So long was the hug? But they are living beings, not transcendent ghosts. They need to go to toilet and to drink and to eat ...

Not necessarily. They are inside the frame of a Goddess. She carries their lifes and she cares about their needs. Both have been saved from being killed, and now they can feel their love without any restrictions. There is no need to take care about the toilet and the food.

This is infinite sexuality.

No, no, only 72 hours.

Only ... but ... a world record.

There is no world which could perceive it. Only the proper time that was saved together with their lifes.
Otherwise their rescue had been static. But that was not the intention of the Characteristicum.

She wanted that the life will go on. She loved the feelings of Sally for her living body, and such a feeling can not be static.

Love is present there, on the other side?

Yes, it is.

Saving Amanda

And Amanda, why she was saved too?

Amanda belongs to the life of Sally. To separate her would give so much desperation to Sally, that she would die although just being saved from being hanged.
The Characteristicum revealed her self before Amanda and asked her directly if she wanted to be saved. In a frozen time so that no other people could perceive this.

And she asked for the life of Sally. This would be very important to her. She loved this girl and did not want to carry her soul without being rooted in this wonderful life.
So she wanted to save both, together with their living bodies. But she needed the wish, to be saved.

Amanda was confused. She had problems to accept the fact that a Goddess spoke to her. And she was full of fear being hanged and so sad about the destiny of Sally. So sad that she wanted to die. Strong feelings that threatened to tear her into pieces.

The Characteristicum softly stroke the soul of Amanda and Amanda begun to feel secure in the arms of the Goddess.

Yes, the Goddess wore the naked, fragile body of Amanda ... and she kissed the skin of Amanda with her lips.

Another lesbian kiss?

Why not. Both are female characters ... at least in the frame view of the observer. And they feel love for each other. And to love a Goddess is so much more than to fear her.

The other side

Sally and Amanda separated from each other. Only physically, not in mind. They felt so much love and now they wanted to think about it, a little bit from the distance. It's the wish of the brain to consider the things also from a point that it not completely involved in the matter.

"Sally, I love you so."

Another start of ...

"Amanda, it is so beautiful to see you. My soul is so much longing for you ... and .... you are here. What a wonderful Goddess this ... Characteristicum, it is a complicated name, let's call her Chara."

They were looking around, to explore the environment which was their new home now.

It was a little bit strange. They saw grey trees with almost black leaves. No birds were singing in the air. Everything seemed to be dead. The two seemed to be the only living beings here.
And there were shadows, always shadows, moving from here to there.

Suddenly a hairy monster appeared.  It looked like a wig with braids on which it could move.

<< Hello you two. I see you have finished your love session now. I am a help answer sent by the Characteristicum and I choosed this frame because I am so much impressed by your hair.  The first thing I do is to raise a question. How are you? >>

Sally: "We ... are so happy, that we have us ... and our bodies. We love them so much. But we are a little bit lost, this environment, it feels so dead ..."

<< It is dead. You are on the other side. Here no life can exist ... with the exception of you, but this is only possible bcause the Characteristicum carries your life. >>

Amanda: "Please, can we call her Chara?"

<< No problem. The first question of you directly found an answer. Chara knows that it can be difficult for you to exist in a not existing environment. She can give you illusions or dreams, but then you are not here with your consciousness. We will construct a world that fits your needs. But this needs a part of your propertime, so I beg you to be patient. >>

Then it disappeared and the two were left alone again.

But not really. Two of the shadows around their selfs started to form a frame.

<< We are Ally and Fury. That were our existing names. >>

Sally: "You are beings?"

<< Former beings, now we are dead. >>

Amanda: "Dead, what does it mean. You seem to be able to communiate with us."

<< Our memories, they found a longing for life ... and you are what these longings tell. Never we found something like this here. It is so much. Imagine, we lost all weight and matter and collapsed to a single point and you, you have all ... a space, a time, a life. It is so great, so very great. >>

Sally: "But if you use words like we, our, I, it means, that you must have a consciousness."

<< It's similar as if a spin of an elementar particle started to be without this particle. There is nothing, but a memory what has been lost.  In this domain only memories exist and questions. The answers try to terminate what has not been completed yet. >>

Amanda: "But ... if you are dead, isn't this already a termination?"

<< The falling has no end. >>

Sally: "It seems to be terrible."

<< The Characteristicum, you call her Chara, she can give a life view back. But all of this is simulation, real life can not exist here ... with the exception ... you really don't know what a change of state you have caused. All of us can feel that there is a life and our longings found a goal. So please, please, little beings, carry it on. Your life is so wonderful, so beautiful, in an infinite sense. >>

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