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The being of love, it appears in the frame of a beloved being.
She encouraged the archivist to find his love.

The love entity

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The fourth level of infinity

Love can perceive herself. She is an entity with a consciousness. She comprises everything around love. Therefore she also knows the pain and sadness, that love gives sometimes. And she knows that love can be asymmetrical.

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Only a figure of fantasy? It happens that love arises and fails afterwards. Can love be blamed for this? Maybe, no entity is really perfect, but is there any one outside who thinks, without love an existence is desirable? Love requires to try, don't be tired, don't give it up.

If a love disaster occurs,  makes it sense to look for a responsible entity?

Who knows.

Think about the omniscent Arianne. She also has her problems.

There are people trying to blame love. But is it her fault if the affected beings relate everything with love? Love is a gift, she can create jewels, she drives the life. She can make dreams real and she can overcome any limits. In this sense she is already infinite. Don't care if poets and other thinkers have a different point of view. Give it another try.

Thinking about fairy tales. Why exist all these tragical fairy tales?  Isn't it enough,  the pain in the real world?

It seems so that infinite and finite beings love sometimes tragical situations. But not any love ends tragical. Otherwise many living beings wouldn't exist.

Sometimes she helps to find her. We know already that higher cosmic beings occasionally influence the destiny of the world.
If your beloved friend stands in front of you, are you sure that not the love entity is smiling at you?

Sarah and Akadia, the two Janines in love. They are lovers and cosmic entities. She loves them so much and she gets a lot of force from both. If they wouldn't exist, she had to invent them.

Not only Arianne is protecting these Janines.

Love can not be fixed. She has to fear nothing, not even higher cosmic entities.
But they probably don't know it. Often they think too much in terms of power.

Love needs no power.

For living beings she appears only in the frame of a beloved one. Otherwise she is invisible. But there exist so many beings for whom she is invisible. If she stands in front of them, they can not see her.

This makes her very sad.

But the evolution of beings has not stopped, in Arianne's plane. She gives her part to make the future more lovable for them.


The archivist was working. Something disturbed him. He looked up and saw a light, then a being behind the light, Jasmin :-))). His heart was beating, a little earthquake happened inside his soul.

Love entity: << No, archivist, I am not Jasmin. But you see her in my frame, because you are loving her. Who I am? This is not so important now. Go to her. Do not wait in the darkness for her. She is the light entity. Say to her what you are feeling for her. Just tell it to her >>

Yes, he will do it. He still was waiting too long for her, here in the darkness. << Thanks, whoever you may be. >>

The love entity, from the view point of  fantasy, in reality she appears in the frame of a beloved living being

love entity