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Julius met the little light and the Love Entity in his dream.
Jasmin helped him the next day to keep his knee length hair long.

Long hair for a young man

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Julius and his floor-length hair, he was just 18 years young.

He stood before the mirror, put his hair back. He looked already like being short-haired.

He stroked his long hair with the fingers behind his ears, and fixed it at the back. Now he had a super long ponytail.

Looking into the mirror, he couldn't see his long hair anymore.

Yes, he would always look in this way after having cut his hair.

In public, he wore his hair mostly hidden under clothing. Long hair for boys, many people disliked it. Especially the young men themselves, if they occurred in groups, they would not accept him in that long hair. If he was unlucky, they would chase him and cut his hair.

But when he was on the street with open long hair, he looked like a girl. He sometimes has fun deceiving others. But then he has to deal with the puberty behaviour of young men.

How he made it, there were problems everywhere. Nevertheless, he was so happy with his long hair. Even if he had to hide it often. Especially in school, some teachers seemed to be founded in another century.

The scissors were ready.

Tomorrow he should be drafted into the army, as a short-haired guy, this was obligatory. They were fighting a war. He did not know exactly why.

Actually, he had now to go to the barber.  Yesterday morning he was already standing in front of the salon.

But he couldn't. Strange hands on his hair, only for shaving it. No, this he could do by his own.

He took the scissors in one hand, in the other hand the long ponytail.


He loved his long hair. The military, this is not his war.

Civic duties. Good for the state that future soldiers almost are short-haired, this will raise no problems with the discipline.

But had he to do it alone? No, he put the scissors away. Perhaps spontaneously during the night.

He lay on his bed, naked, half covered by long hair.

It stroked his skin, if he moved his head.

How much he loved that feeling.

He wanted to lose himself in feelings for his hair, his body.

He could feel the life in his skin, as it flows through the body.

He relaxed, gave himself up to the feelings. They were so beautiful, he loved those feelings and his body.

The military wars. How dare they try to end this beauty?

Tenderness, sensitivity, life could be so beautiful.

He forgot everything around him. He felt the deep longing of his soul to physicality and he felt that this desire was fulfilled. He was resting in this feeling, being one in his soul and his body.

He laid there for hours.

Should he cut his hair now, to transform himself into a soldier?

He did not know what to do. He didn't want it. He loved his long hair. Why to cut the hair to fight a war for old men, generals, rich people, politicians, others, who thought that they could win something? As long as they had not to fight it for themselves, it's easy to let other die.

He felt his body, the beauty of live. All of this to be destroyed for nothing?

He decided to lay there until the sun was rising again.

He would ask his father to cut the hair while passing, standing already in front of the out door. He disliked the imagination that the others will laugh about him.

So he felt asleep.

The dreams, they opened him a door to a different world.

A little light appeared above his bed.

"Hello human being"

Julius: "Yes, hello, who are you?"

"Oh, just a messenger, collecting information about life, the world, yourself, your feelings."

Julius: "And for what are you collecting it?"

"I don't  know, I dissolve myself if I reach am addressee."

Julius: "This sounds so sadly, you're such a nice soft light"

"Thanks :-))). Maybe I am not really allowed to talk to you, but your story, it is so sad."

Julius: "Not as sad as the history of others who are already at war."

"Unfortunately, I can not do much for you, I'm just a little light, can't change anything, just collecting information. You tried to deal with other people telepathically, out of curiosity."

Julius: "Yes, but that doesn't work, at least not correctly. Sometimes I have an imagination of foreign thoughts, but it is lost too quickly. I understand nothing"

"You are not very far away of reaching your goal. But you do not know how dangerous it is. If you fall in the thoughts of a dying being, you can get lost in death"

Julius was frightened. He thought of the nightmare last night. A deep black hole that would devour him.

Julius: "It does happen so often."

"Yes, it happens, and it is just as horrible as in your nightmare. Please, give it up, you need guidance by a higher being."

Julius: "What are you talking about? You are a already a higher being."

"No, no, I'm just a quantum information for the higher beings. My own existence is nothing."

Julius: "But you speak to me and you say" I "."

"That's true. I even have not noticed it :-). Uh, I violate the rules. But what could happen to me?  If a higher being perceives me, it takes me away."

Julius: "That is  cruel."

"I don't know."

Julius: "You have your own feelings."

"They are a part of the information I collected. They continue to work inside me."

Julius: "Can you feel pain or pleasure?"

"Oh yes, I can. Oh yes, you do not know why I'm here, please don't let your hair cut tomorrow morning. There will be a surprise in the recruiting office for you."

Julius: "A surprise?"

"Yes, I think it will surprising you. Oh, the surprise is already here, I think, my existence will terminate in a few seconds."

Julius saw a figure in the room, she remembered him ... Julia!! I thought I had lost you forever after you have been torn by this bomb. Am I in a dream? I can only dream of you. "

"You're dreaming but I am also real, in your dream. I'm not Julia, it's your love for her, which manifests itself in me."

Light: "It is the love entity, a higher cosmic being. Love, do you want to dissolve me?"

Love: "No, little light, you deserve a life for yourselve."

Julius: "Higher cosmic beings? I do not understand. You look like Julia, I miss her so much."

Love: "Julia, I can not give you her life back. But I do not want you have to go to war. I want to save your life."

Julius: "And all the others who must have died already?"

Love: "It is not so easy for me to manifest myself. It's your love for Julia, this love was never selfish."

Julius: "But I'm not a saint. When I think of what I've done wrong. Love must also be selfish, pure selflessness, it does not work."

Love: "It depends from both parts. You had to suffer much more than most of the people, but you are always looking for the light in the darkness. When your beloved Julia had lost her hair through illness, you wanted to cut your own, making a wig from it, to comfort her. She did not want it, she loved your hair, she wanted to preserve it, also as a consolation for her own loss. "

Julius: "Hair, what does it mean in the face of such tragedy? It's not so important."

Love: "Yes, you are right. But if it is loved by another person?"

Julius: "The hair. It gives me a memory of Julia. If I throw it away? But now it will be catched by the military. What can I do?"

Love: "Let me do it. I'm only the love entity, but I can change world events, like the other infinite beings. If I'm on the battlefield some of the soldiers will see their beloved persons in the enemies . It is not easy for the generals, to give order to kill them. And if they want to apply their law enforcement, well, we'll see. I should not tell everything in advance. "

Then it was quiet again in the room.

Julius fell asleep down for a few hours.

The next morning he ate breakfast, got dressed. Then said goodbye to his father. The two embraced.

Father: "Shall I cut your hair? Otherwise the military will do it."

Julius: "Yes, but wait, I remember a dream last night. It was so realistic. Maybe I should listen to it. The dream told me to not cut my hair."

Father: "Dreams? That's esotericism. The reality is different. Give me the scissors."

Julius: "If I am catched up by reality they will do it anyway. What do I have to lose? No, let me my hair, and if it's just for the few time that I need to get to the recruiting office."

Then he travelled with open long flowing hair in a public bus.

For the others, he looked like a girl.

Arriving at the recruiting office.

"Girls have no access."

He showed his ID.

"What for hair is this? We have a private hairdresser. You see the store back there. First you go down to this place then we'll see. The card stays here."

A long queue outside the hair salon. He stood at the back.

The people before him, most had already short hair, some had their ears slightly covered by hair, however, he saw some horse's tails of medium length.

People who left the store again had extremely short hair, he estimated up to 9 mm.

The people in the queue in front of him turned around, looked at him. Not negative, as he had feared. Rather curious, but also a bit of resignation.

"The hair, you will have to leave it here"

Then he walked into the store. Before him, five people were shaved simultaneously. He thought of his hair and it hurt him.

Then a chair for him was free.

He sat down.

"What we have here? I will do it with fun."

The electricity failed. The hairdressing master could not operate his razor.

"Then we will take scissors".

"Ouch." He dropped the scissors.

The scissors were under electricity power. How was that possible?

It was getting dark. Really dark.

The men left the hair salon, went outside.

A solar eclipse? Strange, it was not annonced for this day.

It was night. No one could see anything.

A light.

It was getting bigger. A bowl, it looked like a flower.

The shell landed. A woman of absolute beauty with floor length hair got out here. She seemed to glow out from the inside.

"Julius, will you come with me?"

Julius felt the spiritual aura of this being. A really great aura, he never felt something like this before. He was surprised that he could receive something that appears so great. He felt the desire to fall to his knees and to pray. He had found his goddess.

"I'm Jasmin, the cosmic being behind the light."


Julius with his long hair, as he saw himself in a nightmare. The black area there, it shows his fear, what will happen with him in the future?

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