Arianne 81 En - War

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The red sphere of love.

Love and War

A young man and a young woman, naked and fragile, embracing each other on a mattress. Giving security to each other, and love.
Both had super long hair. It covered their nudity, stroked the skin. They loved their bodies with all the skin and hair and they felt the life deep inside their souls.

It was a touch of body and soul.  They forget the war and they were so lucky. And this, although everything around was burning and felt into ash.
But what could they do? They hid themselves in a cellar under a cellar and hoped that no one will find them.

The house above was already shot to pieces and burned, a ruin.

So they spent the days and they hoped so much that all these occupation troops will disappear.
But not every wish will come true.

A soldier kicked the door open. His task, to arrest all male beings. They should be gathered together and than killed. He could do it also immediately, if he will spare the effort.
Any man is a potential enemy, so it was proclaimed by the military leadership.

And the women? One would deal with them  later, if he let them alive.

Probably they will be used for the male pleasure. And they will be killed later, no witness, no revenge at a later time.

Before doing this the diabolically pleasure of some men will take place.
He wondered in what a kind of world he is living here.

He didn't believe in God, but the devil, he surely exists. This seemed to be very evidently.

What the hell he saw here? Two lesbian, covered by hair? No, if he looked more detailed, one of them was a man, or boy. He looked feminine, but ...
With all of this hair, his feminine looking face, an androgenic man?

Maybe a lady boy, who knows.  Very long straight hair. And then in this length. How is something like this possible? Wasn't he never in an army?  Maybe, some of the longhairs hid their hair, but if they are completely naked?

"Hey you, come with me."

No reaction. The man embraced his love still. As if he tried to protect her. What a nonsense. Naked resistance against an armed soldier, who as well had experienced of a lot of hand-to-hand fighting technologies.

She looked at him so strangely pleading.

The soldier hesitated. If he shoot he maybe also met the woman.  He couldn't do it. She was so beautiful. If he didn't believe in God and knowing the devil near to  him,  no, to this absolute beauty he couldn't give pain.

And to shoot a hole in the body of this feminine looking man? Or to use his knife?

Then the woman would be left alone, with all this blood around instead of her  beloved man. No! The devil shall create his hell alone.

Both were standing up. And ... the woman kissed him softly direct on his mouth. He felt like heaven. Now he knew, he loved this woman, deep from the inside. Only for her beauty? Yes and no. He liked all of her. How she looked, moved, smiled.

She looked at him and then she opened his clothes carefully, asking him for allowance with her eyes.... Yes. He wanted it. Love in an area of war. Should it be possible? Why not, the paradise is not disappeared completely. And if it comes to the human beings ... What a risk to lay down all his arms. But no risk no life. And it was not so easy to find this cellar under a cellar...

And the man?

In this space-time event it really raised no problems. So love could take place. And the devil had to stand outside.

The three spent some time together ...

After half a day, he wanted to go back to his company, before the night started. Otherwise they will consider him as a deserter. And that means dead. No, not after this beautiful experience.

Inside the destroyed flat above the cellars, he met two of his fellow soldiers, not the finest one.
"Hey, where do you come from. Just from hell *grin*. What have you done there? Yo stayed there a long time."


"Nothing? Just to philosophize? We do not believe that. Now we will have a look there. Clear off!"

These characters, longing for blood. They will carry up the young man and hung him up, at the next tree. Nude, as he was and take delight about that.
Then they will rape the woman, after her witness of the whole thing and laughing, if she had to cry. And after that. He refused to thing about that.

He lifted his gun. "Go!".

"You will threaten us? Got to hell." Both tried to fire at him and they shot already while moving their guns. A bullet almost hit him.

But he was faster and a master in handling his gun. So it happened.

He brought the arms of both down to the love couple.

"No, don't refuse it. If some stupid will find you, than you need it. You are too precious to be killed by an incident. Use it only in emergency and hide yourself in the cellar, until the war is gone. In one or two days the whole army will travel to it's next destination. And I don't think that anyone will come again to this house. I make a note at the door, that it has already been searched through. And the two dead in the house, that is not unusual in these times."

"But ..."

Don't contradict ... yes, this is the hell with a very very very tiny paradise. And that are you. Please let it survive."

Then he left the house.

In the dark edge, at the other side. Was there someone waving at him?
Yes, there stood a woman with super long red hair, down to the floor. In perfect beauty. Where did she come from? Unreal, in this disaster. He scared. Isabella? No, that could not be true.

She smiled at him and gave him a little red sphere, with a diameter about half an inch.

<< This is a sphere of the love, take good care over it. >>

Thoughts, perceived by his brain. These thoughts couldn't be his own. He looked at the red ball. It seemed to shine from it's inside. And ... he saw the face of Isabella, smiling at him. So small and so clearly! Unreal, but there was something, he didn't understand it but he knew, he had seen her.

A fragmentation grenade, directly to him. Suddenly it disappeared and was seen again 300 feet away, as teleported through the air. She crashed to the ground.
Paramilitary resistance fighters. Yes, they existed.

He looked at the woman. "Who are you? You look like Isabella, the woman I loved so much, but Isabella is already dead. Killed by this war."

<< Isabella, yes I know. You will see her again in the transcendence. But there is still time. You are needed, here in this world. With a ball of love you are invulnerable and also invincible. Use the power. And if you are tired by all these years, then make it a gift to a love couple. >>

"A ball of the love? Are you the Love?"

She smiled at him and disappeared.

The red sphere of the love. She allowed him telepathy, and more than this. He could influence the feelings of the human beings. Nothing, that they couldn't find by their own, but they are misleaded so often and forgot to use their brains.

And he used it in war events. Suddenly the enemies appeared as beloved people and the soldiers forgot their orders. On both sides. And it avoided so much pain.
Instead of killing each other they made experience in body love. Not for changing their sexual orientation, it was just another view of the world.

Sure this was not welcome by all the people. The military leaders frighten out. And the big bosses had problems to lead their slaves. But it worked. At the end the people got another understanding of life and they appreciated it.

And if it was necessary to act with power, no problem. The sphere allowed him to send all these guns and bombs retire.

For 856 years he leaded the fate of his world. Yes, the sphere of the love entity made him immortal and gave him eternal youth. But now he got tired. He knew that his self was not created for the eternity.

The sphere helped him to find a shy modest love couple. True love, yes it was present in the world. He asked them personally to meet him, in his little palace.

They really were very shy, in this situation, to be able to speak directly with the president of the whole world. A legend which they loved.

"Don't be afraid. The time has come for me, I am so tired and I want to go and I will make you a present. It is the most precious gift inside our Universe, as far as I can understand it."

And he gave them the sphere of the love.

"Take care of it. She seems to be silent but if she is needed she will talk to you, in your thoughts."

And so it happened.

Now he was alone again.

The night started. He felt this will be the last night for him.

Midnight has already passed. He woke up and heard a noise.
Against the light of the window he saw three shapes, human frames?

Suddenly the moon was shining through the window. But, in this new moon night?
He could perceive two long haired beings and something undefined, looking like ... the death?

One of the long haired being spoke to him.

"Hello, I am Arianne. The being of the existence. You have convinced me by your handling inside the world. I will give you the possibility to determine your fate by yourself.
You have 3 possibilities.

(1) The death. He will give you the eternal piece that you are longing for.

(2) You can choice me, than I will carry you inside me as do it with all the former living souls, without you having made the dead experience.

(3) And now look at the being I brought with me. If you choice her you both will get your own domain inside my home planet.

He looked and ... "Isabella!!!!!!" He started to cry. All the tears of his whole life tried to come out of his poor eyes.

Arianne: " You made your choice. You both are yours."

The death intervened: "Äh... and no one is asking the death?"

Arianne: "No" *grin*. "Not this time. You are not more as I allow to be, a guest in the existence, and she belongs to me."

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