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The goal of Hypatia's journey through the after world.

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Transcendence 02

A light appeared sudden in the far. Slowly it grew.

Persephone: "I will leave you now. There is my port for leaving the underworld. I will go back into life. For you the journey goes on. I don't know where it will end. This is the frontier of the Hades. The domain behind is outside my world."

H: "Thank you Persephone for having accompanied us. I would love to embrace you :-)) but without my body it is impossible. I am so sad :-((.

Persephone: "You only have to try to touch you. Your fantasy will give you your body back.  Don't think about that, just enjoy it."

Hypatia looked down, she could see, touch herself. Joy came up, her soul was shining. She embraced Persephone with love and was stroken by her very softly.

Then they seperated.

Jesus: "The journey goes on, but not for very long. Our goal is the frontier of the transcendence to the plane of Arianne. Jasmin will receive you there.

Jasmin, the light entity. She will bring you to Arianne."

H: "And what about you? Where are you going?

Jesus: "I have my own area in the transcendence. The living souls who believed in me collect themselves there. Hypatia, you have your own network in the transcendence. Nobody will threaten your living soul there. Arianne fairies will protect you. You will meet the beings, who loved you."

H: "Jasmin, who is this?"

J: "Jasmin designs reality, she builds up the laws of nature, which you scientists try to understand. But you should know, everything is unlimited. There is not only one world, which has to be made. Also my area in the transcendence is infinite, but it does not comprise everything. The infinity of the transcendence is much greater. There is enough place for all."

H: "And the beings, that kill and destroy?"

J: "That's nothing we have to speak about. Don't think about that, it doesn't concern you here."

H: "Then there exist punishment in another world? Something, I wanted not to admit in my own philosophy."

J: "What happens here, it is not relevant for the existence. The sense of life doesn't lay in the afterworld. Punishment, no. There exist different worlds for one being, in which it has a consciousness. Parallel worlds in which the environment can be quite different. A being can only be estimated in it's completeness. So it is possible that it fails in one world, passed in another one. How punishment shall look like?

But there exist beings who fail in all worlds. You are just the opposite.

Your whole self consists of all these different beings in the multidimensional world. The individual beings in general are not aware of it.

Believe me, the transcendence has no rules, no punishment, it only looks for understanding.

But if it is necessary, however, it creates a compensation for what happened. This can result in something like hell.

Arianne is the being of existence. She covers everything which existed. She has dreams and nightmares,the transcendence is a part of her nightmares, life is a part of her dreams. If you no longer want the transcendence you can rise in Arianne. So as you can see yourself here. Believe me, this is something very special. The other parts of your self would merge with you after dead."

H: "Why is Arianne doing this for me?"

J: "She loves you. You are a being how she wanted it for the existence. She has cried for you."


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