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The story written in English differs slightly from the story written in German.
Both are love stories. Love between a young man and a witch, a witch, that shall be burned.

Josua and Johanna

A group of riders moved to the north. In their middle they hold a women, she had to move by foot, tied to a horse. On a stony way. The others sat in their saddles.

All of them?

With the exception of the Ironman.

He walked beside her. Was it possible that he has thrown an eye on her? Or that he defended her against these men who liked to see her in pain?
But why did he not allow her to sit on his horse?

There are rules, that can not be broken, but beside these rules ... if someone will give pain to her before the final punishment takes place than he first had to pass the Ironman. And that could cause a lot of trouble.

He even gave her his shoes.  He had to harden himself, he declared,  and shoes that are not used, it is not in coincidence with the rules of God. That's written in the 34th order of the first book.

The more important thing, he took the pain from the woman and suffered for her, and this is allowed after the 65th order of God.

The executioner and his fellows opposed, but it didn't help them. First they had to overcome the Ironman, and there was no one who tried it first.

Most of the riders were individuals. They followed the rules, but they had there own meaning. Why should they support these guys longing for giving pain to a woman? They all had very long hair and beards, and they appreciated long hair very much, especially for women. So they wanted to see the woman's hair, until ... Well, at the end it is not so clear what will happen. If one of them will stand up for the woman? Maybe the Ironman?

The woman had exceptional long hair. It was falling down to her feeds and surrounded her body. So if she was naked no one could see her skin, and what was more important, no one could no see the sinful parts of her body.

The hair ... it was blonde like the sun and red like blood. The reflected colour depended from the in falling light.  But there are some bloody spots on the hair!

Not so bad. The jailer used blood from a pig to deceive the executioner who was responsible, that the witch got her pain. And the Ironman continued his work.
So the woman was never hurt, only softly handled, but the outer world may have a different view.

That's revolutionary! If the first judge will know this!

And, what? Who is the first judge now?

She had red hair strands between the blonde hair, it looked like blood. But the hair was so beautiful, red like a ruby and blonde like the sun. And it reflected the light like a diamond. How can such a beauty not reach the heart of all men here? Instead of this some of them are longing to give her pain and to destroy her life.

That's the fear before the devil and his witches.

This is the discussion that happened between the Ironman and Johanna.

Ironman: "Are you really a witch? I can not believe that the hell creates such a beauty."

Johanna: "No, I am not. I did not want to give myself to these ugly old guys, who believe that they rule the world. But it is difficult to have an own will, if you are considered as a slave."

Ironman: "I think so. A man can fight, but a woman? She needs to be protected."

Johanna: "And you will protect me now?"

Ironman: "I believe in your beauty. And I do not want that you will be hurt. So I am here."

Johanna: "I thank you very much for doing this. I love my life and I fear the pain."

Ironman: "I do no know if I can take all of this from you. If the other believe you are a witch, they are too many. Maybe they will kill you, to fulfil the laws, but until the final place is reached, I will protect you. Do you feel any pain?"

Johanna: "My feet, it hurts."

Ironman: "I see. Come on, use my shoes. I am hard enough to withstand this pain. Currently it is not possible to sat you on my horse, I am sorry about this."

Johanna: "Do you love me?"

Ironman: "I do. But I am so old and you are so young ... and I am already married, so I can not proclaim you as my wife. I love my wife and I can not betray her. But you remember me so much ... it is as if I defend her."

And the other men?

Maybe they did not want to destroy her beauty, but at the end? Was there a hope that this end will not happen? Only the executioner and his deputies were longing for punishment. But the other men are what they are, and who knows what will happen on this way.

It sure was no coincidence, that they have chosen a place of execution which was so far away, that they need a week to reach it.
Different sights of view. The executioner want the witch to have pain as long as possible, wounded feet over days, and the force to go and to go with them, and the others, was there another sight of view? For a delay in the execution as far as possible? Looking for ... what?

They made a break. It was dark and they laid down to sleep. Spread over several hundred meters. Then, in the middle of the night, one of the servants of the executioner approached the woman. He kept her mouth close and started to rape her.

Who was the Ironman?

He had some problems with his feet. They were seriously wounded and he could not go any more. He needed some rest. So the woman was alone, hardly tied, so that she could not flee.

All alone? Really?

A scream in the darkness.

"Leave her alone", coming from the youngest and weakest member of the group, Josua.

What did the rapist care about this weakling. He ignored him. Lets look behind this hair. He put the hair to the side and found clothes, no naked skin. No problem.
He took the women's clothes off and put some of the shreds in her throat. That he could kill her doing so, he did not care.

A stone, ouch, that he felt.

"Are you crazy! I will tear you into pieces!"

He let the woman alone and ran to the youth, beat up him until the boy had stopped moving. Well, he did not kill him, because any man was needed. Man? No, not any male being is a man. But there are services a man did not want to do.

Then he went back to the woman, intended to continue his work. Work? Well, he had to do what has to be done.

A shot. The bullet ended just before one of his feet.

What the hell ...

Josua hold a gun in his hands. He was bleeding from many wounds, but he had no problem to handle the gun.

"Leave her alone, otherwise I kill you!"

A dead threat, if he would get this crump into his hand ...

He let the woman alone and run to the teenager. A second shot, it touched his arm. The third certainly will met him. He stood still.

The leader of the group rushed to these cocks.

"Are you crazy?  What happened here?"

"He should not hurt the woman, NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! He should do nothing to her."

The boy screamed as loud as he could. He was shaken all over his body.

The leader understood. The woman, with this hair she looked like a girl, like a teenager. And this teeny must have been fallen in love with her.

"Habaras, did I give you allowance for this? We need her unharmed and untouched. She shall be burned as a virgin, and she shall feel the pain completely. To get the punishment as she has earned it. A witch has to be done this way. So we let her also this crazy long hair, the flames shall eat it up. Let her alone. And Josua, take this gun away. You are now responsible for the woman. You will supervise her, that she can not flee. Habaras, let him in peace, until the things passed. We need him still. Josua, give me the gun."

So it goes on. Josua wrapped her up in a warming blanket and laid himself beside her, without any protection against the cold night. It was his blanket, which he gave to her. He could not sleep, it was too cold without a blanket. No, he protected her. He laid down beside the woman and softly he took her tied hands and kissed them.

She rolled aside, touched him with her body, looked  at him. Now he was very near to her.

"I love you", he whispered. And she smiled. It was dark but he could see the eyes of his beloved woman.

Johanna whispered back: "You will love a witch. Did you not fear the hell?"

Josua: "And if the devil will take me, I love you so much. All of me is longing for you. My soul, she wants to caress you, to stroke you. I love love love you."

Johanna: "Please, please touch me carefully."

One of the guardians approached the both. He had a second blanket with him, laid them above both.
That some of the others had so much understanding! He must know that this will be a night of love. Maybe, he liked it to be. She was not despised as witch by all of them. It was this dammed religion and the holy preacher and his fellows who wanted her to be killed.

Josua took his arms around Johanna. What happened under the blankets, no one could see it. The bonds he could not take from her, then she would try to flee. He approached her very close and she did not resist. Than their lips touched carefully and shy. She opened her mouth a little and ... It was a feeling like heaven.  He could not let from her.

They kissed in love.

Josua whispered. "Please, promise that you will not flee." She nodded at him. He took away the bonds. And love took place.
Johanna took her indescribably mass of long hair around both.  Now they warmed each other and they felt no cold any more.

Together they felt in sleep, not even naked and unchaste. Just in intimate contact. No offense to the holy commandments of faith.

On the other morning, he sat her on his horse, went by foot himself. Leading the horse with a line in his hand. The other looked at both, but they said nothing. They even did not complain that he had taken away the bonds. Now sitting on a horse without any bonds she even had the potential to flee. And this horse was very quick.

But she did not try.

So they went on, for miles and miles.

And the Ironman?

He was sitting on his horse, just behind the both.

Yes, someone has to keep the punisher outside.

Has he given up the woman?

Who knows, maybe he had an understanding for the youth.

At the end the boy had wounded feet. This torture he had taken from the witch. And because someone has done it, the rules were fulfilled.

Finally they reached the execution place, the pile of enlightenment.

Pile of enlightenment, because the witches were burned here. Every year at the big day of sacrifice. Today it was Johanna. The most holy had denounced her, whatever he may have seen with his almost blind eyes.

Maybe she had refused him. This ugly old bag. No one believed him.
But all of the men here were god-fearing, and they followed the rules.

She rose from the horse. Waiting.

Josua went to her, embraced her in tears.  "Please, please, please, please do not harm her. I want her as my woman, I love her so much, so very very very much."

Tears run down his face. Never the other had seen a man crying so hard,  with such a lot tears. One or the other pulled out a handkerchief furtively.

A disputation with the God interpreter and the hangman seemed to be unavailable. And there were also these deputies ...

G: "She has to be sacrificed, we have to burn her, because she is a witch."

One voice out of the crowd. "He has declared her as his wife. And a men's word must not be contradicted!"

Another voice: "A man? I have to laugh. This boy here ... ." The confrontation last evening, he had an enemy now, before him he had to be careful.

Mmmh. Three guys approached. Servants of the holy ghost. They tried to pull him away from the woman. A fourth took the woman and dragged her to the pale. She kicked him in the eggs.


It did not sound so holy.

He let her alone.

The surrounding had to grin. Somehow they felt no hate against the witch any more. The scene with the crying boy, as he held her clutching desperately, the public confession of his love, his walking with wounded feet, the thing with the blanket, everyone has seen it and it has touched them.

The Bearbiter looked very darkly. But if you had looked closely, his gaze fixed on the God interpreter.

Josua developed forces, nobody would have given him credit for this. He tore himself and suddenly two of the three were laying on the ground. Then he kicked the third off.
After doing this he run to his Johanna, embraced her. "No, please not, if you kill her, then me too. I can not live without her any more."

This was a serious statement. He would die together with her? Now, if it had to be, than it will happen. That was the meaning of the God interpreter.

One out of the crowd: "Stop now. If a man loves a woman, it has priority. And where are the proofs that she is a witch?

G: "The judge has stated it. And did you not have seen how he has pushed aside three men? She gave him supernatural forces."

The Bearbiter: "That were the forces of love. Something that is normal in his age, love is all for him. Should we therefore kill the both? If we kill her alone he will kill himself later. And both together in the fire? No, that is not allowed after the 78th order of God. Orders of God, that the Most Holy has proclaimed to us. This man is innocent within the meaning of witchcraft. And ... she is so beautiful, it gives so much joy to look at her, isn't it so, Ironman?

Something was heard, a grumble, it sound like an agreement.

No, we will celebrate a wedding instead of this sacrifice ritual. It gives more fun.

He has spoken the last word. The God interpreter tried to contradict, but the Bearbiter shouted at him. "Shut up!" It was so loud that the ears of the surroundings got pain.
After all about the Bearbiter was said, he could lift a stone with a weight of 220 Kilogram.

And this light weight of God interpreter, even if he is counted together with his deputies ....

If God had anything against this decision?

The love entity was standing outside the group.

She was wondering that she had not to intervene. The things cleared itself alone.

Really? And the wounded feet? They are seriously wounded. It needs a wonder to heal them.

The love entity smiled.

It is not so serious as it looks. If you look more closely, you will see, that healing already started.

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