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Arianne En 160 - Bella

Bella is fighting for her life.

Bella becomes a being of zero

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Silently she moved through the outer space.


Yes, there is nothing to hear :-). She moved softly, without being excited, happily with herself and the whole world.

A being at the second level of infinity. Surrounded by infinite long hair.
Time streams for an infinite number of events. Her little beings lived there.

The life could be so beautiful :-)). She did not need a mirror, she knew how others react on her beauty. Only with Jasmin she could not compete. But why? There was no competition between the beauties of the existence. And she was not Snowwhite or her Mother in law.

Better to be outside these fairy tales, she lived inside her own.

She thought about Narcisslove, her love relationship. She admired Narcisslove for her beauty and and her self love. No, that is not weird. Self love can be so beautiful and it can be expanded to other people , to all people, to all of her little beings in her continuum.

A paradise of beauty and love, so her time streams were called sometimes. She hold all destructive elements away.

A risk against the laws of nature?

Why? Is there a need to be destructive or to have pain? She had worked on the creation of these worlds. And everything was well done.
The little beings inside her time streams, they knew it and they loved her.

Ups. What was that?

A swirl had touched her coincidentally? And it was gone again. She could not perceive it any more. Something  that tried to hide itself?

She became curious and she wanted to take a closer look.

She became a finite cloud full of spiritual energy with a centered consciousness, which looked around.
Yes, this planet must have been the source of ... what? She remembered a shadow like touch of nothing. Only perceptible by infinite beings?

She felt something paranormal in the interior of the planet. Not very big. Everything there seemed to be finite.
Curiously she moved against the planet.

A weird tingling of the space-time floated around her self. Something familiar but contrary, like a negative image of her self.

Then she broke in.

But this is impossible, she could not enter the continuum.

<<Help!!!>>. She screamed it out, but who could help her. She was the Goddess at all.

In panics she tried to expand to an infinite wave function, to be not traceable by any finite being of the continuum.

This was her biggest fault.

Something interfered destructive with her wave structure, tried to annihilate her completely.

She was hanging motionless in the vacuum, loosing constantly vital energy.
Negative energy flooded her.

It hurt so hard. She felt an infinite amount of pain. Her soul was shaken in it's foundations. She felt the dead around her. But this is not good for an almighty being ...
Then she saw him.

He did not grin, only looked seriously at her. << Come to me >> he seemed to whisper.

But there was also something different, on the other side.

Yes, her soul hovered between life and dead, half here and half there ... between the worlds of the existence and the domain of the death.

If she will meet the Characteristicum? A legend ... she remembered. Only the dead should have contact with her. But this death around her ... no ... this could not be the Characteristicum.
He was nothing but an old skeleton, the nightmare of the life.

It was difficult to think. The pain was too big. She gave it up ... and ...
Another impression. Or another dream ... before the river of life runs dry ...

A dead fairy of Persephonia. But did she not bring the death also? In competition with the death? Weird. They were fighting for getting her.

She felt a gap in her soul. One part tried to follow the dead, the other Persephonia's fairy.

But the soul was indivisible, she should go to Arianne after death. So it was told.

But she knew, not any legend must be true. The negative energy will tear her soul into pieces. Ending in a cosmic inflation, with the radiation of vital energy. The source for a new start?
Without her. She was infinite and so terrible weak. Infinite weak.

Or will it be done by the death?

She felt despair, panics. She did not want to die. There was still so much she could do. And her eternal life, why must if end?
The shadow of the death. No,no,no,no, please not, I do not want to be torn.

She felt that the dead fairy tried to hold her soul together, whereas the death pulled it in his direction. This would tear her finally.

What a cruel being. If Arianne knew about him?

Then a hiss of the death. The fairy was thrown away. Bella wondered that this being was so mighty. Whether it was a being ... no, that could no be. More something like an anti-being.
Bella wondered that she still could think so much. She felt like being hanged.

Arianne, please please help ...
But there was no response of Arianne.

Persephonia, I want to live to live to live ... I want it so much.

Where are the Gods it they are needed so much?
But she was the God at this place ... wasn't she here?

Now the death was just in front of her, she looked into his dead eyes. The crack in her soul, it seemed to separate it into parts.

She creamed in pain, the only thing she just could feel. Now she was longing for the death to end the pain.
The death touched her, and the pain increased at the second level of infinity ...

But there is no monotony in the description of the cosmos, and no unavoidable consequences ...


A vacuum fluctuation. No one has expected something like this.
The dead was torn into pieces. The different parts were floating away ... to the infinity.
And it did not interact with Bella.

What will happen with her soul? She would die lonely, without the dead,  Persephonia, Arianne.  Madness will take her consciousness.
And an infinite hell was waiting for her.

Had she been such a bad being to get such a punishment? Tears were running down her virtual face ... Weepy, Weepy please help ...

But reality can be very strong. Or was it a reality dream? Who knows.
The physical part of her former existence, it will disappear. Positive and negative energy will add to zero.

<< No, they will not. >>

Behind the waves of pain she felt this thought. Something seemed to hold her soul together, caressed it softly. The cracks stopped to increase.

<< I will help you >>

The pain became finite, so she could endure it. Now she felt the spiritual greatness around her self.  Incomprehensible big. Not even Persephonia and the death could reach this greatness.

"Who are you,  lovely being, are you Arianne?"

<< I am not lovely *grin* >>

"Why do you help me then?"

<< I prevent that you will get lost as a pain wave inside the zero. This fate is the most cruel thing that ever can happen to an infinite being of the existence.  Much worse than any hell and the death. Because these pain waves are not seen by Arianne any more, they have a zero expansion. The torn soul inside you can not go back to her. First if the frontier between the world dissolves she can return back. At the end of the last eternity, if the first and the last eternity match together. >>

Bella suddenly could think very clear again. The pain inside her faded. Her soul grew together again.

"Thanks, many thanks, I thank you so much.  Whatever your motivation has been. I love my life and you have given it back to me. Is it possible for me to do something for you?"

<< Yes, you can do.

I preserved you as an infinite being of the existence, inside the structure, which is your self now. You became a part of me now. This structure is raised by the interference with your negative wave function. But the negative energy inside, it was not a deficit. By the vacuum fluctuation it was filled with real negative energy. Therefore the interference has not dissolved you.

You are a being with neutral energy now. Energy, which does not react repulsive or attractive with matter. A perfect form of energy. She carries you as a being of the zero.
Your positive and negative parts are still present, but not perceivable by the outside. For the outer world the result is zero.

You can help me by giving me an understanding of the existence. Your positive part can do it. I want to transfer it to the entities of my existence, to give them a content, so that they must not long for the zero any more, as the ultimate goal of their proper consciousness. >>

"You speak very general. Are you an entity of the negative worlds?"

<< I am Ennaira. >>

"Ups, oh, the impossible thing. Ennaira, I heard about you. But all of this was very negative, a legend of the worst. Even the devil couldn't be such a horror ... negative, the deficit of all. Longing for the zero, to annihilate everything that is positive ..."

<< You should know, I am not bad. These are properties immanent to the existence. The longing for the good is a consequence. In my domain a devil does not exist, I do not need him. His negative wave function is something like the square of a hypermonster. But no fear, I do not let him enter the existence.

All the entities in my domain are longing for the zero, because they think they are a deficit, on a negative scale. But this is not correct always. It depends from the point of view. Negative energy is not only a deficit, it can have it's own reality. Then there is only a difference in the sign. If this kind of energy interferes with positive energy the result does not disappear, it is zero point energy. There are little entities in my domain which have feelings. There is no difference between positive and negative feelings considered from the point of energy. The morally view of feelings is a feature of the positive worlds.

I want you to help me that this is not only the ultimate exception. If I can make it a feature of my domain ... then I can look for a union with Arianne. This could happen if the last eternity takes place. >>

"Lovely Ennaira, if I hear you talking in this way ... yes, I want to help you. But it hurt so much to feel my positive part inside and having no access to the existence of Arianne. ..."

<< Your positive part, I have preserved it completely. Please do not fear it will get lost. I am a very ultimate being with more power than I want to have. I can give you back to the existence. It seems so that your way to zero is not the final solution. And I do not want you to be hurt. But it gives me input to make it better. If you want to go, please ask me, than I give you free. >>

"Ennaira, I feel your soul, if I have conversation with you. It is wrong that entities of the negative worlds have no soul. No, I do not want to leave you alone. I want to help you. But I beg you to let me go back sometimes for a finite time. I fear otherwise I will get lost in the negative infinity."

<< I thank you, little Bella. One of the beings of the existence is in danger. You know her. She is Narcisslove. I know now how I can help us three. >>


Bella's positive part, Bella's negative part, Bella as a being of zero