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Hairflower on cloud 7 looking at the world below.

Hairflower saves a witch for being burned

Yes, it was a soft beautiful bed, in which she laid now. With all the long hair around. The cloud was just big enough to take them all. 40 meters long hair.

She has set the hair to this length.
Strange. Did the length of the hair depend from her will? Let's look around.

Curious she peered over the edge of the cloud.
Down there, what did she see? She thought about it. Then she remembered. Houses, she saw houses, and people between the houses.

Did she ever need so much time to understand things? Where did this knowledge come from? And anyway, who or what she was?
Doctor Who? Now, there was no Tardis, only a cloud. Where did this thought come from? It seemed to be her own thought but she not even knew what a doctor was.

There was a language around her with words flowing into her head. If she thought about them she understood the meaning.

And ... the cloud slowly dissolved.

Oh. The hair felt down. From underneath probably nothing could be seen. 2 kilometers over ground. Kilometers? What does this mean? And what is a ground?

But ... she saw one people down there with binoculars ... does this mean she could separate herself into different parts? And the common unity, could it be her mind?

She looked through the glass and saw long hair hanging down out of a cloud.

What now? Her ghost could act separately. One part on the cloud, an other part jumped down. But now all together need a new home.

The moon? No no it was too far away. Although, she could see very sharp, if she wanted.

She wanted to get them all together ... but ... one part of her left the present time and moved inside the past 300000 years ago. Another part explored a potential future, more than 100000 years away. No! So much independence she did not want to grant her parts ...

Now they found all together and there existed only one unit, her self. Her name was Hairflower, she did not know who made that up ...

The new home, the nest of a stork. It was empty and she now got the shape of a stork. Gradually she felt heaviness in herself. Matter. The beginning of a material existence? Many questions. But one of the basic questions was still unclear. Who or what she is? Where did she come from?

She just jumped into a world she did not understand. And has there been something before? There was no memory of the past. Is her self a materialization out of nothing? Well so what. Is she an elementary particle that arose spontaneously and then disappears again? No. She felt stable. Nothing tugged at her. Nothing? Did she come out of nowhere?


She could fly as a stork. She flew in circles and watched the world below. Everything seemed to be a little bit chaotic, few order, actually the world was just a huge mess.

And what was this? A nude human being tied at pole. A woman. With long red hair. This made her sympathetic. Straw piled up around her. They wanted to burn the woman! What a mischief, no, she could not let that happen.

Hangman Archibald the 13th ignited the torch and set the straw on fire. But what the hell happened there? There appeared a stork just in front of the fire ... he/she/it blew it out. Then she grabbed the torch and flew away.

But that was not all. She came back, bit the shackles and ... and she took the woman with her.

That does not work! She was naked!

She rote on the stork.

What a stork! This could not be a usual stork. So much power a stork did not have. And a stork is no horse! And as big as a horse certainly not. And a female stork? Is this a feminist action?

Why not.

"Shoot him off!"

Arrows flew through the air ... and became deadice, which melted immediately afterwards. Deadice?

How did this term come from? There was no glacier here ... What a strange world. Or were there several of them? The real world as interference of multiple probable worlds?
With an amount of magical worlds? There were such stories ... These fantasy worlds, existing only in thoughts ... did they have a counterpart somewhere? Or not. After all, she had no counterpart herself.

And last not least, where did all these words come from, floating through her  mind? Why did she understand the meaning of these words? An understanding without any root in the world. Strange. Understanding without a relationship to an own existence. But ... she must exist. Give me a mirror ... and she saw an image of a human like being with long hair always around.

Well, I am not a vampire.

Am I a human being? Or is it just a frame? I must me more ... a human being including all their wishes and hopes and imaginations ... and pain.

Am I goddess? Related to their emotions? Existing in a multi valued sense? Now, I am an individual, but with multiple paranormal possibilities. I can follow the thoughts of all human beings and distinguish them, all together at one time. And time? I can follow it up and down and ... sideways. Oh, parallel worlds. Multivalued existences. I must find a home or I get lost.

She felt like a force. She could move matter in this world, from place A to place B. Was there no counterforce? Impossible to exist in the content of Newton's world. But she was.

It seems more to be like a dream ... and even there she could move things. A dream with a reality touch. She dreamed her self  and had a dream about this dream.

Was she jumping into a world of thoughts? This could not answer the question where she actually came from. Or is she raised by a complexity of different items? Including movements in the brains of beings.

Maybe she was an origin. Then she did not need a before. Should these worlds turn around her.

She set the woman down in her stork's nest. No, that was not a suitable place. But, we can talk with each other first.


"Hello, I am a stork."

"That I see. Thanks for saving me, I am Redflower."

"Redflower ... I also have a name ... Hairflower. This may come from the long hair ... ah, you can not see it. I will change my frame. Now you can see me as a human being with 30 meters long hair."

And the last 10 meters? Lost in time and space?


"Hairflower, are you a God?"

"I feel more like a Goddess. I do not know it exactly. Not yet. I have no past, just a spontaneous presence. Like an elementary particle from nowhere ..."

"But you can change your frame. You can do magic, transform arrows in deadice."

"Deadice ... yes, I can turn everything into deadice, and it melts immediately afterwards. "

"And what will happen with this afterwards? "

"It turns to something like strange matter, into strange neutrinos that do not interact with the environment."

"Then it is lost for the world?"

"I do not know yet. Matter can change it's appearance."


For being a Goddess she did not know much. She was only there. If she had created her self by her own? But all the things around her, not everything could be raised by her self. Things flowed into her mind as if the whole universe was her memory. That's how she understood the world better and better. And she could turn things into deadice. Should that be all ?


"Why did they want to burn you?"

"I ... was accused of being a witch. And found guilty. But I'm not a witch, I can not do magic. And I do not know what happened here. There must be a gate to another dimension and these aliens came into my world. "

"Mmm. I can do magic, so I am a real witch. But there is no counterforce. Maybe you had to pay for that? It's complicated. If that's really the case, there is something somewhere that demands a balance. And it does not matter if you're guilty or not. It just has to happen."

"Then should I be burnt as a witch because you conjured?"

"Yes, that's how I see it."


"But you have saved me!"

"Another magic, at least from the outside it can be seen that way. A normal stork is far too small to let you ride him."
"And ... the compensation for it?"

"I don't know everything, although, I should do so."

"Maybe there exist higher beings?"

"Those who do not tolerate my interference with the world, they can not catch me, but they just take others for it."

"Like the senior partners may do."

"Senior partners?"

"Oh, you did not know Wolfram and Hart?"

"I am new in this world."


A noise. What was that? There seemed to be a vortex, aiming at this poor woman who had just been saved. No, Hairflower did not want to let that happen.

"Don't be afraid, I will create a sphere around you which will reject any impact. That includes natural laws and any kind of magic. Not even your Senior Partners will have access. But this is another story."

Now the woman was inside the sphere, still naked.

This did not work in the long run. Clothes were needed ... but another magic? ... No, not so long as she did not know the consequences or side effects. Well, as long as there are no clothes, the hair is enough. Whether she should push the hair growth a little ...

"I can not give you clothes at the moment. But your hair, did you see how long they are? You are very beautiful in your natural frame. Wrap yourself in the hair, they protect you from the cold and some other things. And how are you now?"

"I see a sphere around me, inside all is full of hair and I do not feel cold. I am well. So much hair and so thick ... have you done it? I like the hair."

"The sphere protects you. And the hair, it will replace the sphere. It is like a cloud of security. No one can attack you and hurt you. You can even fly with the hair, if you want to the moon. It will give you oxygen and protect you from the outer space."

"And if I want to fly into the galaxy? Or in other dimensions?"

"If you want it ..."

"No, no, that was only a thought. This hair is a living space ship."

A sound explosion. Someone or something seems to believe the sound can reach into the sphere. Only because I talked with you. And this one  is about to kill you.  ... I'm getting angry, how can anyone be so eager to kill you? "

<< Well, I just have to see a little more than I can see as a human being. >>

Hairflower transformed into a cloud of pure energy and she expanded, touching any point of the continuum. So nothing could be hidden before her spiritual eyes. Then she saw him.

A skeleton. That must be the Death ... how it appeared in her mind. It, she or he? It does not matter. The dead does not exist. But he can annulate existing living beings. Strange. And she, Hairflower? Maybe she does not exist so the dead has no access.

But she thinks, so she must exist somewhere and she has an impact on the existence. Difficult questions.

Hairflower dissolved the anchoring of the Death with the real world, whatever that may be.

"Let this woman in peace, she is mine."

A conversation with nothing.

Resulting in an answer from nothing.


"How dare you disturbing my will?"

"I want it and I do it."

The Death tried to catch her ... and found only emptiness.

"Yes, that makes us both different. I can kick your ass and you can not."

The Death had never experienced something like that. A something that seemed to live, it could have an effect on reality and was not tangible to him.

"It's enough for today, disappear, or I'll blow you up."

The first ultimate action of Hairflower inside the world.


Well, she had driven the Death away. If anyone else wanted to get involved?

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